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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 28-Jul-19 06:14:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterdays trip out with the weather the flea market at Buckingham was not on, otherwise as normal.
Quiet day today, watching the final stage later of TdF.

Ginny42 Sun 28-Jul-19 06:27:11

Good morning Mick and all who follow. Sorry you missed the flea market yesterday. Saw them getting ready for the final stage of the TdF when in Paris last week.

The rain is pouring down the windows here in Cheshire and I'm having a morning cuppa in bed before the day gets underway.

DD is going for a 'sleepover' with her old school friends in a spa hotel and I have to get her to the station by 9. DGS and I are going to my sister's in Manchester for lunch. I hope to get a rest later as it's going to be a very long day.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.

nonnasusie Sun 28-Jul-19 06:42:25

Good morning from a wet and cooler Italy. We woke up to a terrific storm with a hurricane blowing (well it seemed like one). Several pots blown over and one broken! Hopefully it's blown over now. No plans for today, maybe a trip to the shopping centre later.
Enjoy your day everyone whatever you have planned (or not planned)!

Bellasnana Sun 28-Jul-19 07:06:29

Good morning from Malta where it is already quite hot.

No plans to go out today but have plenty to do at home.

It is the first time I have been completely on my own in a long time. I quite enjoy my own company, but have been a bit maudlin, playing sad songs and having a weep. Must pull my socks up today and stop wallowing.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.sunshine

NfkDumpling Sun 28-Jul-19 07:18:24

Morning All

I’ve just put a load of washing in the machine, but I’m not sure if its worth hanging out. All still, drippy and damp out there as if we’re in cloud. I hate using the dryer in summer.

No plans for today apart from a bit of light weeding.

Nothing wrong with having a bit of a weep Bella. It’s something which is difficult to do unless you are on your own. And I read somewhere it’s good for the complexion and brightens your eyes! May your spirits lift with the day.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 28-Jul-19 07:19:50

Morning all from a very wet South Notts. I was thrilled to see some rain at last and I never thought I'd say that. It looks as though it was pelting it down for most of the night. I feel sorry for families who have begun their summer holidays.
Sometimes it's good to wallow, Bella as long as it's temporary and you pull yourself up again afterwards.
Will do the weekly shop later, maybe I'll get a bit of housework done which I've been putting off due to the heat.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Beechnut Sun 28-Jul-19 07:41:34

Good Morning everyone.
Bright and warm here this morning.
You’re allowed to have times like those Bellasnana 💐
I was up early this morning to watch Gardeners World. I missed some of it on Friday night.
May do some weeding and carry on with my bubble pond area project. I’d like to get it finished by my birthday.

Hope you all have have a great day 🌺

Grammaretto Sun 28-Jul-19 07:43:05

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Thick fog here.
I also think it a shame the school holidays begin so late in England. In Scotland it's end of June to mid August. The Edinburgh festival was always September after the schools went back but now it's just the month of August when the city is crazily crowded but at last the buses accept card contactless payment which will hopefully speed things up.
I plan to visit a friend later today who has the most beautiful garden imaginable.
I hope everyone has a pleasant day.

Marydoll Sun 28-Jul-19 07:45:22

Good morning from a damp Glasgow.

I woke up, with a little person stroking my face. Thankfully she slept all night, which is more than I did! 😁
She brought a tear to my eye last night, when she said "I' m just saying a prayer for Uncle X, he's a star in the sky now," (My late BIL.😢)

Her first words were, "Mummy and daddy said, I can have two sleepovers, gran, I will just stay here, tonight".
Not if I can help it, I need recovery time before the next visit.😂

I plan to take it easy today and catch up on my daily challenge word games, which I never got done due to the special, little person's visit. Simple pleasures, for simple folks.

I expect a full house at lunchtime, as my wee granddaughter is like a magnet and my children usually appear to see her.

Bella, I hope you feel better, there is nothing wrong with a good cry, it can be cathartic, take care. 💐

Have a pleasant day, whatever your plans.

cornergran Sun 28-Jul-19 07:48:14

Morning Mick, morning All from our sunny corner of Somerset. Once Mr C stirs we’ll be off in search of a stake for a wobbly tree then plan a garden pottering sort of day. People wobble too bellasnana, be kind to yourself. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

Sar53 Sun 28-Jul-19 08:03:45

Good morning everyone from a grey but dry Essex by the sea. We had a lot of rain yesterday.
Mick, my youngest brother, who loves cycling, and 4 of his work clients have gone to Paris to be there at the end of the race. He was very excited waiting at Paddington for the Eurostar train yesterday.
No plans today, I'm sure something will materialise.
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Sun 28-Jul-19 08:07:31

Good morning all from Kent.

We have had no further rain since yesterday morning despite the forecast but it is cloudy and a mere 17c.
DH off to the plot shortly. I will be having a leisurely breakfast read the papers and do the large crossword, same as every Sunday. Then I need to do some housework.
Enjoy your day.

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 28-Jul-19 08:12:09

Good morning from East London, dry and cloudy here with some distant rumblings; not sure if it’s thunder or planes. The party last night was really enjoyable, lots of singing, especially with the karaoke band, but back to basics today. Shopping for groceries later (don’t like going on Sunday but the rations are low), more clearing and cleaning then picking up GD from her dad at teatime and taking her back to DD. Little one is going to be as high as a kite as she’s off to Spain on hol tomorrow with DD, first time on a plane etc. Hope everyone has a good day.

etheltbags1 Sun 28-Jul-19 08:14:21

Hi everyone. Its sunny here in northumberland . Hope the heatwave is not coming back. Im just taking my mother to the shops and hoping to do battle with horsetail and ivy later. Enjoy you day everyone.

Lins1066 Sun 28-Jul-19 08:16:18

Good Morning from our part of the S Welsh coast which is sunny.
A bit of prep this morning for our BBQ later to celebrate DS's birthday yesterday.

RNLI are holding a Seafest at the harbour today so will go and have a little walk there this morning.

Have a good Sunday all.
Hugs to * bellasnana*, I had a similar day yesterday.

Brunette10 Sun 28-Jul-19 08:29:42

Good Morning from Fife. It's bright and I believe to be not too a bad day all day. Have Sunday chores to do but hopefully we will get for a walk to enjoy the weather. We all need a little weep Bella - don't feel bad about it, it does you some good I believe. Have a good day all.

Urmstongran Sun 28-Jul-19 08:30:51

Good morning everyone from a gloriously sunny Malaga. It’s lovely to be back and we’re here till mid September. I’m sat on the balcony with my second cuppa looking at the Mediterranean which is dark blue and sparkling in the morning sun.

Washer is on - our eldest daughter and her partner used the apartment for a fortnight last and I told them to leave the laundry, sheets & towels and I’d do it as we’d have plenty of time. Kind mummy.

Only needs a quick mop through later then this afternoon we think we might have a stroll along the paseo into Torremolinos and sit to take in the view and enjoy a G&T.

Hope you feel less sad today Bellasnana - grief is the price we pay for loving someone. Here’s a hug for you ....

Hope Sunday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

EllanVannin Sun 28-Jul-19 08:33:30

Good Morning All x
What a change in the weather. It's been blowing a gale, cold and of course the rain lashing down too. We're in for a miserable day so I won't be going far that's for sure.

D called in yesterday with a freshly baked steak pie which was still hot so that did us with a piece of cake, my orange drizzle, coffee and a chat.

Oleander trees enjoyed that heat we had as one has really burst into flower which is a white one with the pink one not far behind. They grow like a weed abroad !

Half leg of lamb today, and realised I hadn't soaked the peas so it'll have to be the frozen ones----never mind, not the end of the world.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday whatever you all do.

kittylester Sun 28-Jul-19 08:34:27

Morning all from a decidedly soggy North Leicestershire where it rained all night and continues this morning.

Dh and I are going to see 'Yesterday' this afternoon but that is all we have planned.

(((Hugs))) to those having wobbles.

gillybob Sun 28-Jul-19 08:41:33

A bright start here on the NE coast which makes a change, although I expect we will have some rain later, as we seem to every day. I know other parts of the country have experienced some very hot weather but we most certainly haven’t .

I had little Evie all day yesterday and like her older cousins she is turning into a real out “outdoorsy” child who hates being stuck inside. The neighbours must’ve thought we were crazy as at 6pm we were playing in the garden in the rain . She was holding her hands up to the sky, catching rain and screaming with delight . She’s such a happy little thing.

Not sure how this next week is going to work as I have 3 days of “that place” and 2 days of childcare (for all four children) in my diary but my DGS is on day 3 of chicken pox (spots came out on Friday) . I really don’t want little Evie to catch them yet.

Nothing planned for today, maybe a little tootle into town walk later to pick up a few bits for the week ahead.

Thinking of harri and all of those who aren’t feeling very well at the moment flowers

Have a good Sunday everyone x

gillybob Sun 28-Jul-19 08:43:26

Enjoy your time in Malaga Urmstongran. What I wouldn’t give to dip my toes in the Med smile

Anniebach Sun 28-Jul-19 08:56:18

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

I want rain in Mid Wales

Hope everyone has a good day x

Auntieflo Sun 28-Jul-19 09:10:25

Morning Michael, Annie and all others.
It was dull here when I got up, but is brightening nicely now, with a little breeze.

Off to Church shortly, then maybe another visit to the garden centre. I know what we are having for lunch, but as I didn’t delve into the freezer last night, it’s anybody's guess as to tonight’s meal.

I shall sit and crochet this afternoon, and maybe chase a weed or three.

To Bellasnana and Lins1066, {{{hugs}}} and to all those under the weather, get well soonest.
Enjoy your Sunday one and all.

Greyduster Sun 28-Jul-19 09:11:11

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. What a very soggy night we had in South Yorkshire. My garden looks so sad now. Did my best yesterday to make sure all tall plants were supported but they are struggling. We have to replant the trough outside our front door today, weather permitting, and put a couple of newbies into the rockery. I feel a little under the weather today so not a lot else will be going on. Have a good day folks.

Sprout Sun 28-Jul-19 09:14:44

Morning Mick and all. Not raining yet in Kent but overcast. Off to coast for a few days hope it stays bright. Enjoy your day everyone