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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 29-Jul-19 06:21:53

Good Morning Everyone,,
I have woken up to a clear blue sky here in Brackley this morning.
General sort out and clean up today,
Quiet day.

Beechnut Mon 29-Jul-19 06:33:11

Good Morning Mick and all who follow.
Cloudy and warm here.
A few errands to run after breakfast and then not sure what I’ll get up to after. Perhaps something outside as the forecast for tomorrow is awful.

I hope you all have a good day 🌸

NannyJan53 Mon 29-Jul-19 06:38:57

Good Morning Mick and Beechnut and all to follow, from a bright Black Country, after a very rainy weekend.

It constantly rained on Saturday, and Sunday was almost as bad. In the afternoon the rain had stopped so we walked to our local park, where the Rock Choir was performing, it was a lovely end to a damp weekend.

The forecast tomorrow is rain again, my friend and I were planning to go to Leamington Spa on the train.

Today is Walking for Health walk, then a Dentist appointment this afternoon.

Wishing you all a good day.

oldgaijin Mon 29-Jul-19 06:50:11

Good morning from Aberdeenshire...there's a thick haar come up from the estuary and visibility is down to about fifty yards. Hope it clears as I have a date with the oncology nurse in Aberdeen. The mutt is going to his favourite 'auntie' so he will get a good chase in the woods. His favourite playmate is backl from holiday.
I had a burst of energy yesterday and finished the ironing, hurrah!
Have a good day everyone.

Bellasnana Mon 29-Jul-19 06:58:41

Good morning from Malta where it is hot and getting hotter as August approaches. We could do with some rain to clean up all the dust, but usually it doesn’t rain until September.

Nothing much planned for today, just a couple of errands.

Hope your visit with the nurse goes well, oldg, and that everyone has a good day.sunshine

Grammaretto Mon 29-Jul-19 06:59:15

Good morning from a dreich Scottish Borders. Yesterday started like this but got hot later on and we had the nicest, midge free, evening meal outdoors with some lovely friends.
Today I have someone collecting my bookshelf. I don't know where the books will go but the big shelf doesn't fit my new minimalist room!
Have a good Monday if you can everyone.

kittylester Mon 29-Jul-19 06:59:54

Morning all from a very grey North Leicestershire.

Collecting 2 dgc this morning for a couple of days. We also have the plumber coming to replace the shower unit and change a radiator - timing is a bit rubbish but we are lucky to get the plumber before he goes home to Greece for a month!

We saw Yesterday, er yesterday. I loved it. A weird concept but it was fabulous anyway.

BlueSapphire Mon 29-Jul-19 07:04:16

Hello everyone from a bright and sunny 🌞Northampton. Nice to have some brightness after two days of continual rain.

Yoga this morning, followed by coffee and chat. Then return a book to the library. I am wondering whether the grass will have dried out enough for me to get the lawn mower out this afternoon.

If not it will be tidying up the place and hoovering. Nothing else planned for today.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

ninathenana Mon 29-Jul-19 07:07:19

Morning all.

It's a bit fresh so far in Kent this morning but we are forecast sunshine all day so hopefully it will improve.
A day of pottering for me, enjoy whatever your doing.

Newquay Mon 29-Jul-19 07:15:06

Morning all
Quite bright and sunny here in Staffs. Good weather forecast today after pouring rain all weekend. Did washing last night so as soon as the sun is a little stronger will put it out.
DH and I spent another hour yesterday going through “stuff” in our loft. Threw out a load of rubbish and a pile in garage ready for Hospice shop too.
Keep Fit this morning. Hope everyone has a good day

Lins1066 Mon 29-Jul-19 07:23:23

Good Morning. Lovely blue sky and a sunny morning here on S Welsh coast.
Some shopping this morning and a visit to a shopping outlet.
Hope everyone has a good day. Hope all goes well with the nurse oldgaiijin

cornergran Mon 29-Jul-19 07:30:53

Morning Mick, morning All. Mix of blue sky and cloud this morning in our corner of Somerset. Physio later, hope to get to the beach afterwards assuming I can still move. Tomorrow we’re threatened with storms all day so best go out while we can. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Mon 29-Jul-19 07:33:51

Good morning all from a muggy and damp Glasgow. I was woken by the torrential rain, bouncing off the conservatory roof, during the night. It's 63°F at the moment, (for Urmonstongran, 17°C 😀)

My sister in law is coming round early to try and sort out her broadband etc. We need the router number, as of course don't know the password.
I woke up during the night worrying, about our own funeral plans etc.

We may be going into town to visit a certain building society, as they were less than helpful on the phone. sad. That was all she needed, in the present circumstances. angry
I'm not quite sure whether she wants to do it today or not, understandibly she is all over the place. We will just go with the flow.

If not, I'm off on my own for a few hours, just need a bit of me time.

Good luck with your appointment, oldgaijin and anyone else with appointments.
Enjoy your day everyone, whatever your plans.

gillybob Mon 29-Jul-19 07:37:51

Yet another grey start here on the North East coast and even more rain expected later.

Not sure if I ever mentioned how much I hate Monday’s, well I do. Off to “that place” for fun and frolics in just under an hour but enjoying a cup of tea and Gransnet until then.

Not sure how this week will work out as I have a couple of days childcare but DGS has got chicken pox so we don’t want him to come in contact with his baby cousin. My DD was seeing if she could shift change or else my DS might need to take some unpaid time from work which they can ill afford. The long school holidays are very hard for families who only have 4 weeks annual leave.

I hope everyone has a good Monday x

Mythbirtthedragon Mon 29-Jul-19 07:40:42

Good morning from East London, bright and sunny today and pleasantly cool. Very quiet for the moment; DS had friends round last night and they were still going strong when I woke at 6, so they’ve either collapsed or gone home. Builders here in half an hour, need to get shifting as at some point, they’ll be blocking the bedroom door, finishing off the new staircase to the loft. Tennis at lunchtime, lots of bits to sort out in between times. Have a good day

NfkDumpling Mon 29-Jul-19 07:46:33

Morning All

High cloud here in Norfolk and cooler.

Nothing planned for today apart from getting the washing dry. Have a good one everybody.

EllanVannin Mon 29-Jul-19 08:00:56

Good Morning All x
Nothing else to say about the weather except that it's rubbish ! Rain Saturday ( all day ) Sunday ( all day ) and the forecast for the rest of the week up to and including next Sunday-------is rain !!
No wonder we in the NW are a miserable lot. It's depressing.

Woke earlier with the noise of the seagulls overhead squawking their heads off, what a din they make. I'd much rather listen to the blackbird.

Some phoning to do today and also D will be popping in on one of her rare days off so we may have a browse around the shops. I need another " stick " electric mixer and also a shredder as these are two items that seem to wear out quickly.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Sar53 Mon 29-Jul-19 08:04:45

Good morning everyone from a very bright and sunny Essex by the sea. Food shopping this morning. My husband's eldest daughter's birthday today so it will be a family gathering later this afternoon. Her husband's family from Argentina are holidaying here at the moment so there will be lots of Spanish speaking adults and children in the mix. Should be interesting.
Have a good day everyone.

gillybob Mon 29-Jul-19 08:06:51

The weather is the same here in the North East EllanVannin . No point in planning any summer outdoor activities as you can almost guarantee they will be spoilt by the rain. I have had heaps of washing this weekend and had to dry it all over the house .

Pantglas1 Mon 29-Jul-19 08:12:23

Lovely morning here in Spain and I’m on my second cuppa contemplating my navel! Off for afternoon tea at a local bar later on but just pootling this morning - have a good day peeps.

Grammaretto Mon 29-Jul-19 08:13:58

Hope the appt goes ok oldgaijin DH is seeing the nurse for bloods today too.
You are brave Marydoll to tackle broadband and passwords! I would get someone in who finds these things easy.

harrigran Mon 29-Jul-19 08:34:48

Good morning from a damp NE. More of the same weather that made our Air show a non event as far as flying was concerned.
GD with us today but at a loss as to what we can do in the rain especially as her Dad said we were to make sure she ran around to burn some energy hmm
DD rang me yesterday, from her home overseas, a lovely surprise and cheered me up after an iffy week.

Greyduster Mon 29-Jul-19 08:35:31

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Heavy rain here in South Yorkshire overnight by the look of it - my plants have their heads on the floor again, but we are promised a dry day! Hmm! I have some laundry to put out, a big pile of ironing to do ready for our forthcoming few days away, and I think that will be enough for me today! We usually have GS on Mondays, but he is off on an outing with friends today. Have a happy day, folks.

Sprout Mon 29-Jul-19 08:40:55

Morning Mick and all. Lovely day here in Essex. Busy with my friend today she has jobs to do around town then lunch by the sea. Hope everyone ok have a good Monday.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 29-Jul-19 08:50:28

Morning all from a sunny South Notts. I think it will be warm again after a wet weekend but hopefully not as intense as last week.
I really must, must, must vacuum the sitting room as I've been putting it off due to it being so hot. It really is a disgrace.
Hope all is well with everyone.