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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 10-Aug-19 06:13:07

Good Morning Everyone,
Its windy but dry here in Brackley this morning , will attempt to go out later to my usual haunts .
Had the experience of a power cut yesterday around 5 pm , lasted 45 minutes , ending up having to do a complete first time reinstall on the TV once the power had been restored plus other checks.

Nannytopsy Sat 10-Aug-19 06:18:38

Good morning Mick and all to come. Power cuts always bring out the child in me, with the thought of torches and candles! Bad luck over the TV. We were lucky and were not affected. Leicester is dry, grey and windy today. Shopping and a short spell in the garden today, then another trip to the tip!
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Sat 10-Aug-19 06:32:28

Morning Mick and Nannytopsy and those who follow.

Damp and mizzy in Kent with the strong winds. We escaped the power cuts luckily although parts of Kent were affected. A few local events have been cancelled due to the high winds forecast.
We are starting decorating our lounge-diner today. It shouldn't take long to do but I hate the upheaval and furniture moving.
Have a good day, stay safe and dry.

Resurgam123 Sat 10-Aug-19 06:36:22

Good morning Mick and everyone.
It's very windy here in Cheshire . The two nearly inches of stair rod rain that fell on us yesterday has gone for now.
This weather is seriously bad for us all.

Beechnut Sat 10-Aug-19 06:36:29

Good Morning everyone.
It’s look as to be drying up after a wet night. Power cut here yesterday about the same time as Mick. I just had to put some clocks right.
I think I’ll carry on with my tidying and rearranging things in the house and shed today.

I hope you have a very enjoyable time at the wedding Marydoll and hope everyone else has a good day 🌸

Sar53 Sat 10-Aug-19 06:37:54

Good morning everyone from a very windy Essex by the sea. My daughter and granddaughter are having a joint birthday party this afternoon in Kent. We have to get there from Essex across the Dartford Bridge, hopefully it will stay open but if the wind gets too bad it will be shut and we will have to find another way.
Take care everyone today and be safe.

Pantglas1 Sat 10-Aug-19 06:40:25

Morning all from very wet and windy north Wales- such a change from the last two days. A 30th birthday party for my niece later and making mango chutney this morning so nice things to look forward to. Hope you all have as good a day.

kittylester Sat 10-Aug-19 06:52:33

Morning all from a drizzly, blowy North Leicestershire.

I'm helping on an Alzheimer's Society information stall today. I love doing it and spreading the word but I am totally jiggered by the time I get home.

Had a lovely lunch with the lovely Teetime and her husband yesterday.

Enjoy your days everyone!

NanKate Sat 10-Aug-19 07:15:06

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Grey and overcast in South Bucks.

Got a Sainsbury’s shop this morning.

Some clearing out needs to be done, wish DH wasn’t such a hoarder.

Marydoll Sat 10-Aug-19 07:19:21

Good morning all from a damp Glasgow, with thunderstorms forecast just at the time we will be driving down country roads to the wedding. sad ( Beechnut, thank you for your good wishes.)

Fortunately we have decided to stay overnight, as it is not a pleasant drive back in the dark. The hotel is on the coast and has a very good reputation for its weddings.
I'm so looking forward to it and catching up with friends, as I have been a bit of a recluse since being ill.

For those of you concerned about my fake looking fake tan, it's looking better than it did! The black bin liner over my head, should improve my appearance greatly. grin

Anyway, the fake tan should distract people from the one eyebrow, tinted darker than the other.😫
I have decided to abandon my new career as a beautician!

Wishing everyone a pleasant Saturday, whatever you are doing.

NfkDumpling Sat 10-Aug-19 07:29:09

Morning All

Dry and breezy and brightening here in the north of Norfolk. We seem to have got off lightly again although just to be safe all the hire boats on the Broads were advised to stay put until the gale passes.

DGD2 coming this afternoon for a sleepover whilst her parents enjoy the fun of an Escape Room tonight. Grown up fun.

Fingers crossed for the Dartford Bridge Sar, but it may be an idea to have your alternative route worked out and ready!

Pittcity Sat 10-Aug-19 07:31:58

Good morning from a bright, dry but windy Colchester. Minding DGS3 this morning and staying indoors until the gales pass.

BlueSapphire Sat 10-Aug-19 07:33:55

Good morning everyone from a very wet and windy Lake District, and looks to be set in for the day. A lovely view from my bedroom window if only I could see it. The cottage is way out in the sticks; there is a farm next door, but apart from that no other neighbours for miles apart from sheep and cattle.

We need to do a big food shop today, so that will need at least a 45 minute journey each way. I was hoping there would be a handy pub to walk to, but the nearest is a good car journey.

Looking forward to DS and family arriving this afternoon. I do not envy DD and DSIL having to walk the dogs in this weather!

ninathenana Sat 10-Aug-19 07:36:43

If the Dartford bridge closes they usually have one bore of the tunnel going in each direction.

dragonfly46 Sat 10-Aug-19 07:42:07

Good morning from a very windy Leicestershire.

Really chuckled at your antics Marydoll on the other thread. I do hope the wedding goes well.

I hope your weather improves Sapphire I hate being in the middle of nowhere.

I love escape rooms nfk.

May chance a trip to the garden centre today as I have vouchers to spend. Depends on how the storm develops.

Johnm Sat 10-Aug-19 07:45:46

Good morning from a windy and dull Southampton. Expecting lively 6year old grandson for a few hours this morning,so up and preparing for the day.
Lovely to have joined the new community.

Marydoll Sat 10-Aug-19 07:48:01

Good morning Johnm, welcome to this lovely, friendly thread

Sprout Sat 10-Aug-19 07:48:43

Morning Mick and all. Very windy in Kent rained in the night so damp everywhere. Another quiet day household chores that's about it today. Have a good Saturday everyone.

Sprout Sat 10-Aug-19 07:56:12

Welcome Johnm

Alygran Sat 10-Aug-19 07:56:17

Good morning. Back in North Yorkshire where it is windy and has been raining. Left Center Parcs yesterday in a thunderstorm. Sunshine and showers all the way home. DD2 took DGS home to very excited parents in Derbyshire. I’m off there tomorrow for the last 3 days of holiday duty!
So today is all mine. Bits and bobs to do but mostly taking it easy.
Hope everyone has a good day. Marydoll enjoy the wedding.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 10-Aug-19 07:56:32

Good morning from east London, and what a wind to wake up to. I secured my tomato plants last night and it seems to have worked, as long as the chestnut tree stays standing. Very grateful last night on our choir jaunt to north west London for the multiple travel choices we have in London- tube not working, get a train, train not working, get a tube/cab/relief coach service. Quiet day today, relocating stuff we moved for the builders before we went on hol. Only 2 decorators in today doing DS’s room (he’s currently occupying the living room). Have a good day.

gillybob Sat 10-Aug-19 07:56:47

Good morning from the NE coast where we have torrential rain (just for a change). This is forecast for the whole weekend so a bit of a wash out for anyone who has made plans for outdoors activities.

Nothing planned for me today except a bit of housework and some food shopping later, might cook something nice for supper .

I heard about the power cuts on the news mick and others who were affected. Seems very odd to me how widespread it became and I was wondering if it could have been a cyber attack on the National Grid !

I do hope the wedding goes well Marydoll and that you have a lovely time catching up with friends and relations.

I sincerely hope the weather improves for you BlueSapphire not much fun being in the middle of nowhere in heavy rain.

I have happy memories of the Norfolk Broads when I was a child Nfk would love to go back again.

Welcome to the Gransnet Good Morning thread Johnm enjoy the time with your 6 year old whirlwind.

Have a good Saturday everyone smile x

Brunette10 Sat 10-Aug-19 07:57:37

Good Morning from a foggy Fife, sun is trying hard to get out. I certainly hope it does so we can get out for a couple of hours with DGS's who are visiting today for a few hours. Welcome Johnm. Hope you have a wonderful time today Marydoll and enjoy your sleep over too. Hope today is good to all.

Greyduster Sat 10-Aug-19 08:06:02

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Already blowy in South Yorkshire. DD and her menfolk are flying in from their holiday today so I hope they will not be affected by the high winds. We have food shopping today and then nothing much else if we can’t get out. Welcome Johnm. Have a safe, happy day folks.

MawB Sat 10-Aug-19 08:09:34

Good morning from a windy corner of N Bucks- beginning to feel like autumn!
I have my sister in law staying as she wanted to go to the Paula Rego exhibition at MK gallery near me and yesterday we were going through yet more papers when we came across a very old bundle of letters, the sort where there is no separate envelope but the paper is folded to leave a space for the address and sealed with sealing wax.
The writing was very hard to decipher so we only managed to read a few but what a treat is in store!
One is written by a lady who was one of DH’s forebears and describes the horrific attack on the family house near Wexford by United Irish Loyalists and her escape from the burning property with three small children. The date? 1798!
She wants to take them back with her to try to decipher more but comparing names and dates with our very old copy of the family tree meant the afternoon just flew past.
I had no idea they were in this particular metal box file which has been gathering dust in our loft for the last 19 years since MIL’s house was cleared.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!