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What would you do?

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Littleannie Thu 22-Aug-19 14:12:21

If you could do something you have never done before, and be guaranteed to succeed, what would it be?

GagaJo Thu 22-Aug-19 14:13:29

Get married again. But I have no faith I could make it work so... single unto death.

KatyK Thu 22-Aug-19 14:30:13

Learn to swim.

SueDonim Thu 22-Aug-19 14:32:04

Win the lottery.

Namsnanny Thu 22-Aug-19 14:42:41

Guaranteed to succeed eh?

Well that opens things up a bit then! Here goes:

Train to become a singer/actor/garden or interior designer/architect/writer/painter/child psychologist and general Bon vivaunt (sorry can’t spell french words-should just have put hostess with the mostess!!) that’ll do for now😆

catladyuk Thu 22-Aug-19 14:50:36

Start my own business. I had several ideas (some since opened by others!) but was too nervous to take the plunge

CaroDane Thu 22-Aug-19 14:57:12

I'm with KatyK I'd learn to swim.
I envy people who can swim as it's good exercise if you aren't very mobile.
I tried to learn to swim when I was 28. I had lessons at a local swimming baths in a mixed group. After a few weeks we were supposed to stand a few feet off the side edge and swim a couple of strokes towards it. I totally panicked and went under the water and ended up scrabbling at a young man's groin trying to find something to get hold of as i thought I was drowning.
I was absolutely mortified and so embarrassed I never went back. So still can't swim to this day.

Mossfarr Thu 22-Aug-19 14:58:09

I would love to be able to play the stock market.
I have a bit of money in savings accounts but would love to have the courage to try investing to make the money work better for me.

They say don't play the market unless you are willing to lose - well I am not, it was too hard come by!

Littleannie Thu 22-Aug-19 15:02:40

I would like to wing-walk on an old plane. And go to the bottom of the sea in a submersible.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Aug-19 17:50:32

I used to love Esther Williams films and vowed that one day I'd swim like she did-----I never went near the water and wish that I had have done but would have felt self-conscious if I'd gone under and flapped around.

annep1 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:59:16

I was going to say win the lottery but Sue Donim beat me to it.
Go to university and get a degree in French

sodapop Thu 22-Aug-19 18:04:12

To be able to paint/draw I haven't got an artistic bone in my body.
Learn to swim on my list too.

annep1 Thu 22-Aug-19 18:44:19

sodapop you don't have to be a wonderful artist. You can still enjoy painting. I do.