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Coffee Bags

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12Michael Sun 25-Aug-19 13:25:22

As anybody tried these yet?
I first came across them when staying in the Warmers Studley Castle Hotel.
It was a bit confusing at first though , especially when you had teabags as well.
Anyway I see you can buy packs of 10 from most Supermarkets for around £3.
I have chose to buy a pack which is under the Taylors of Harrogate branding, different strengths also
But it makes a change.

KatyK Sun 25-Aug-19 13:30:43

I used to buy coffee bags back in the 1970s. Haven't tried the new ones though.

Grannybags Sun 25-Aug-19 14:38:18

I've only used them once, in the 70s

Trying to impress my future MIL when we first met at her house I offered to make her a cup of've guessed it, it was coffee!

I seem to remember it tasted awful but this could have been because I was expecting it to taste of tea....

Doodledog Sun 25-Aug-19 14:44:18

I use them. I used to use the plastic single-use filters; but felt bad about the plastic, so switched to bags.

The only issue I have with them is that if you brew them for long enough get the right flavour, the coffee isn't red hot, which is how I like it. I'll get used to that, though, and just learn to drink it faster smile

I didn't use them in the 70s, so can't compare; but I like them, and, to me, they are a million times better than instant.

Atqui Sun 25-Aug-19 14:48:03

Bought some Owens ones. V good - gonna take them on holiday

Scribbles Sun 25-Aug-19 16:04:30

My sister dallied with them for a while in the mid-80s. I can't recall what brand they were but, to my mind, the coffee tasted like insipid mud. (OK, I admit to being a coffee snob). Sister soon reverted to brewing proper coffee.

Elegran Sun 25-Aug-19 16:16:12

I have taken Lyons coffee bags with me on holiday, and (separately) in the caravan. Those were excellent for making a cup of real coffee without the faff. Each in seraled in a sachet, so they store well in the van. I didn't leave them to brew for long, just squished them well against the side of the mug with a teaspoon. You can get two cups from one bag (not a big mug, though)

I did find two things though.
One - the flavour of the local water made a difference. Reykjavik water made particularly good coffee - probably because it came from a glacier!
Two - the newer they are, the better they taste. There were some left over from a holiday, which I used up a couple of months later. They were not nearly as good.

Elegran Sun 25-Aug-19 16:16:52

in seraled? Is sealed.

glammanana Sun 25-Aug-19 16:18:15

I haven't used them as yet but will try them this week,I do use the sachets of 3 in 1 coffee for quickness during the day sometimes but do like a good ground coffee.
I take the sachets away when we go on holiday they are ideal for hotel rooms where you don't have access to fresh milk 24/7.

BBbevan Sun 25-Aug-19 16:29:43

We buy them often when they are on offer. We find them useful when just one of us wants a coffee. No wastage. But some we have found have a tendency to burst , so lots of grounds in the cup.