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A great antidote to politics😁

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lemongrove Tue 03-Sep-19 17:06:02

Today we went out to a wonderful pottery, where there are equally wonderful flower gardens and cafe, plus lovely gifts.
We had a light lunch there, a long browse in the shop resulting in the purchase of a pretty scarf ( for moi) and a bar of the most gorgeously scented soap.Also, three plants.
Shysal knows the place I speak of ....Aston Pottery in Oxfordshire.It’s simply the best antidote to all the Brexit in out shake it all about politics going on at the moment.
Where do you all go to chill out?

Ilovecheese Tue 03-Sep-19 17:09:09

I usually go up to my sewing room, best relaxation ever!

Sara65 Tue 03-Sep-19 17:19:27

We have just been discussing this at work, well discussing not discussing it really, we are all saying that there’s never actually any good news, just bad news, and even worse news.

I’m off home in a minute, cup of tea and a good book, no news!

MiniMoon Tue 03-Sep-19 17:24:56

My Knit & Natter group in our local library. Absolutely no discussions on politics, just a laugh with friends.
Best antidote to the troubles of the world.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 03-Sep-19 17:25:53

Today I met an ex-work colleague for lunch in a picturesque country pub and bumped into 5 male ex-work colleagues. We spent a happy couple of hours discussing the disaster that is Brexit. (That should have been crossed through, but not sure how how)

lemongrove Tue 03-Sep-19 17:29:14

That isn’t getting away from it though WWM2 so doesn’t count😁
My ipad won’t allow crossing out words either ( although oddly, the computer does.)

GrannyGravy13 Tue 03-Sep-19 17:35:27

Have been to Lakeside Shopping Centre with Mr.Gravy and GS who was allowed to spend £X amount in the toy shop of his choice.

Spent a lovely day, browsing, Hamleys, Disney Shop, a lovely lunch, he is now having a bath with his "Lush Bath Bomb".

First day at school tomorrow 😢😢

BBbevan Tue 03-Sep-19 18:07:26

We have the sea just moments away. Just to stand and watch the waves is so relaxing, whatever the weather

lemongrove Tue 03-Sep-19 19:02:28

Lucky you BB it must be lovely to live next to the sea.😃

GG13 Aaahh, first day at school, they look so nervous at first, but soon get used to it.DIL just sent some pics through of ours in new uniforms looking very excited.😍

GrannyGravy13 Tue 03-Sep-19 19:05:21

Lemongrove I brought this one and their Mum straight from hospital to live with us.

I have been through all their firsts, but have just told my daughter that I will not go with her to take them to on their first day tomorrow, that is special for a mother and child.

Obviously I shall be a soggy crying mess !

cornergran Tue 03-Sep-19 19:07:01

It’s the beach for me. Doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, just breathing in the sea air and watching the horizon puts life the right way up again. 20 minutes on the bus takes me there, people watching helps too.

lemongrove Tue 03-Sep-19 19:07:35

Gulp! 😀💐

Pudding123 Tue 03-Sep-19 19:16:54

Go walking 5 morning's a week ,whatever the weather with my neighbour for between 1 and 2 hours we set the world to right ,confide in each other about any worries we have we compare gardens ect.We always come back feeling happier and fitter.

GabriellaG54 Tue 03-Sep-19 19:44:23

I go for a walk or go for a sleep. I love my bed and love sleeping at any time of day.
To get away from politics I get away from people.

GabriellaG54 Tue 03-Sep-19 19:46:07

Pudding123 has the right idea.
I wrote mine before reading the other comments on thread.

lemongrove Tue 03-Sep-19 19:46:21

Gabriella....what a marvellous thing to be able to do, do you think you were a pusscat in a former life?😺

GabriellaG54 Tue 03-Sep-19 20:07:55

I hope not. I'm not fond of stealthy animals who shed fur and walk in worktop.
No...probably someine who was carried around on a litter and dudn't lift a finger which is, incidentally not like me at all as I'm pretty active when not asleep but I can sleep at odd times.
Actually, I was awake at 4.30ish, went for a walk, back to bed with some water, slept till about 11am. Made some veg soup and ate it. Went back to bed and sleep and later had clotted cream rice pudding. I'm now back in bed.
There is a reason behind my odd behaviour today but I'll tell later. smile

GabriellaG54 Tue 03-Sep-19 20:10:56

in worktop on worktops
simeone someone
dudn't didn't

M0nica Tue 03-Sep-19 20:28:18

We know Aston Pottery well, we do not live too far away from it.

For me, currently, picking blackberries on my morning walk.

farview Tue 03-Sep-19 22:08:24

When I'm feeling down/or just plain poo... walking to the end of my garden... looking at the beautiful views and stroking/feeding the horses always helps....but.. when am really really down...don't notice views..or the horses...and I absolutely hate those's wasteful... every moment is I want to ' have' every moment...

BradfordLass72 Tue 03-Sep-19 22:45:45

To tell the troof, all the things I used to do which gave me such boundless feelings of joy in a grim world, have all been lost.

It used to be books. I'd rush through my duties in order to settle down blissfully with a book and a cuppa.
Good though audio books are; and I don't know what I'd do without them; they're not the same.

Painting and embroidery were other pastimes which filled me with a sense of real delight. I can remember setting out my paints and an indescribable feeling (contentment?) coming over me even before I'd done anything!

I still get a lot of pleasure from many things but would love to be able to nip to the beach as I used to, or to a garden, exhibition or festival or even just for coffee with a friend.

I absolutely endorse the comments about the news. I recently read that it can even be seen as an addiction.

If so, it's one I gave up injecting into my life decades ago and have never regretted it.
There would be much less daily stress in people's lives if they understood exactly what it does to the psyche. It's like caffeine, you don't realise its negative impact until you give it up.
And how many are prepared to do that ?

maryhoffman37 Wed 04-Sep-19 10:10:24

I don't want to avoid politics and am a news junkie. This is the most serious situation we have been in since I was born (1945) and I want to follow every twist and turn. And yes, make banners and demonstrate.

Minniemoo Wed 04-Sep-19 10:13:56

Me and my dog go strolling. And other half
We live near the beach and woods which are both within walking distance.

Jane10 Wed 04-Sep-19 10:19:02

Nooooo. I just want to get away from the news. Its all just a massive stalemate. No real way forward. Too much talking.

I'm back writing feelgood stories which cheer me up. There must be others wanting to read pleasant happy stuff as my latest one has just been bought up. I can get lost in writing these imaginary worlds occupied by nice ordinary people doing their best. Hmmm. Bit of a contrast. Obviously complete fiction.

Feelingmyage55 Wed 04-Sep-19 10:25:08

Music and books.