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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 06-Sep-19 06:12:46

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking dull at the moment but its dry here in Brackley.
After yesterdays experience of not getting emails.
Hearing is OK , will have a syringe in 2 weeks time, but need to loosen the ear wax with olive oil.
Today usual shop for basics plus watch Vuelta this afternoon.

Beechnut Fri 06-Sep-19 06:18:42

Good Morning everyone.
Dark and damp here on Severnside.
Glad your hearing is ok Mick, mine isn’t.
My friend is in hospital so after I have done my own shopping I am taking her friend shopping.
Have arranged a FaceTime for this afternoon with SiL for a catch up chat.
I hope you all enjoy the day 🌻

NanKate Fri 06-Sep-19 06:53:45

Morning Mick Beechnut and all to follow.

Woke at silly o’clock on the first day of our short holiday. Off to see ‘Kiss me Kate’ tonight, how appropriate 😉

Marydoll Fri 06-Sep-19 07:04:19

Good morning all from a hot Rome.

Had a busy day yesterday wandering and a wee bit of shopping.
My cashmere lady wasn't there, but I picked up some linen tops for € 5 , so I'm not too disappointed.
Though, they won't be much use in Glasgow!
I have had a craving for Spaghetti alle vongole for months, but couldn't get jar of clams anywhere. I even had DS1 trailing around supermarkets in Portugal.🤭
I now have six jars to take home.

We are off to Ostia Antics, the ancient port of Rome. It is so interesting.
DH will wonder and I will try and find a place to sit in the shade.
We will then go two stops down the line to the seaside.
I'm so looking forward to it, we haven't been for years.

Enjoy your holiday Kate.

Have a good day all.

NanKate Fri 06-Sep-19 07:11:46

So pleased Mary you are in your beloved Rome. Have a wonderful time my friend.

kittylester Fri 06-Sep-19 07:19:48

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire

Sainsbury's and the butcher's this morning and a pedicure this afternoon. We are going to a jazz concert this evening - the things I do for love.

Sounds as though you are having a lovely time, Marydoll and enjoy your evening kate.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:21:00

Good morning Mick,
Marydoll, sounds wonderful.

Enjoy your holiday NanKate.

Off to the gym first thing, then Sainsbury', not very exciting but needs must!!!

Dull so far here in SE Essex.

dragonfly46 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:23:05

Good morning from mirky Leicestershire.

So pleased you are enjoying Rome mary. Spaghetti a la vongole is also a favourite of mine.

Lovely surprise yesterday evening as DS arrived unexpectedly to see how his old mum is doing after her op. He cooked our dinner and is staying the night.
I have been feeling much loved recently by family and friends.

Hey gilly it’s Friday!

Resurgam123 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:23:41

Good Morning All.
Very grey skies here in Cheshire.
My lovely inlaws are passing through on their way back home from the north. We have not seen them for a long time. It will be good to see them. I think we have all got less keen on long car journeys these days . We are a lot further north than they are.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:26:13

dragonfly I am so pleased you are feeling surrounded by love, carry on resting 💐💐

Lins1066 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:28:30

Good Morning from a cloudy and windy S Welsh coast.
Enjoy your holiday Marydoll.
Had a long walk on the seafront yesterday and slept like a log last night.
DS is beginning the first leg of a cycle ride with other RNLI members this morning, Poole to Bath today. They are raising money for a cancer charity. Hope it stays dry for them.
Glad your hearing is ok Mick.
It is Fridaygilly the best day of the week.
Have a good day all.

NannyJan53 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:33:12

Good Morning from a cloudy Black Country.

A load of white washing is on. Now time for a cuppa!

Going into Birmingham later this morning for lunch and coffee! Probably a little mooch round the shops too smile

There is a 'Street Food Affair' on this evening at the Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge, so we may going along to that unless it is tipping it down!

Enjoy your time in Rome Marydoll, never had Spaghetti Vongole! Hope you enjoy your theatre visit NanKate

Have a good Friday everyone, especially gillybob smile

Nannytopsy Fri 06-Sep-19 07:33:41

Good morning from the M20! On our way to the ferry, leaving the boxes still waiting to be unpacked. They will be there when we get back 😬.
Marydoll &NanKate - have a great time !

NannyJan53 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:34:39

Sorry Dragonfly I hope you are recovering well, and it is so good to hear you are being surrounded by loving family members flowers

Brunette10 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:57:52

Good Morning from Fife, it's been raining through the night and now trying to dry up with a little hint of sun shining through. Everyone seems to be in good fettle this morning which is lovely. For those on holiday and short-breaks glad to hear you are all having a good time. Dragonfly great to hear you are in good form and being looked after well, it makes such a difference. Gilly it's Friday your favourite day of the week. I understand wink I wish everyone a pleasant day.

harrigran Fri 06-Sep-19 07:58:46

Good morning from an overcast but dry NE.
DH already has the washer on so it is a stay at home day.
I spent all day yesterday fiddling with my computer and tablet not realising there was a problem with e-mails, wasted hours.
Have a lovely holiday Marydoll and everyone having a break.

ninathenana Fri 06-Sep-19 08:01:14

Morning all.
Bright but not actually sunny in Kent.
Good luck with the M20 topsy I try to avoid it.
Usual food shop and coffee, nothing exciting.
I hope everyone on holiday has a fabulous time

EllanVannin Fri 06-Sep-19 08:06:14

Good Morning All x
Grey, dark and cold this morning, a taste of what's to come. That breeze is still with us, so the tights will have to come out of the mothballs.

Good to learn that you're on the mend Dragonfly. Nothing like the warmth of the family for spurring you on.

Marydoll's holiday is also doing the trick with the warmth to go with it, keep on enjoying.

I fancy making some jam tarts today for a change to the usual weekend sponge cake. I just don't like bought cakes at all.
Could do with washing as well but it's not so promising so it can wait until tomorrow.

Gillybob's favourite day ! I'm beginning to get excited for her because I know how it feels smile
To everyone else at home and abroad enjoy the day and take care.

BlueSapphire Fri 06-Sep-19 08:06:31

Good morning all; it's grey and overcast in Northampton today, but dry.
A trip to Sainsbury's and M&S Food this morning for coffee and top up shop. Back home to put a large chicken curry in the slow cooker; should get a meal out of it for tonight and a couple for the freezer.
School run this afternoon, but only one DGD to pick up, as the eldest is now at big school and she is being allowed to walk home and let herself in. Which makes sense as the new school is only a few minutes away from from her home.
Feeling excited as I booked myself a spring holiday in the Italian Lakes yesterday, somewhere I've never been!
Hope those on holiday now are having a wonderful time, and that Friday is good to all.

Grammaretto Fri 06-Sep-19 08:13:36

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Looking murky but the forecast isn't bad.

Yoga today after finding jobs for our new volunteer who has brought delicious German bread and beer. He has already cut the grass.

Rome sounds terrific Marydoll you would be a fab tour guide.
How lovely for you Dragonfly to be cared for at this time.

dragonfly46 Fri 06-Sep-19 08:16:05

Bluesapphire the Italian lakes are stunning especially Lake Garda.

gillybob Fri 06-Sep-19 08:18:10

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a cloudy start to the day with rain forecast later this morning.

Well I made it through to Friday by the skin of my teeth although it was touch and go early on in the week wink

Another horrible night for DH so neither of us have had a great deal of sleep (I hate to wish my precious weekend over but roll on Tuesday when he sees the consultant) .

I’m so pleased you are having a lovely holiday in Rome Marydoll how wonderful it sounds. I can almost taste your Spaghetti Vongole. Delicious 😋. We are quite fortunate to have a fantastic fresh fish shop just up the coast that sells just about every weird and wonderful thing you could imagine. For a treat (and jeez it is a treat because it’s quite expensive) we sometimes buy clams, mussels, prawns etc. and make a Frutti di Mare with Saffron Fregola which is absolutely yummy.

I bet seeing your son really cheered you up and lifted your spirits last night dragonfly . Just what the doctor ordered eh? smile

Enjoy your holiday and theatre trip NanKate and your concert Kitty Thank you for your Friday good wishes Lins Dragonfly and NannyJan, I’m off to “that place” in about 15 minutes and will spend my morning watching the clock as usual. Then taking my dad for his usual Friday shop. Why is it I never seem to get what I want when I am with him? hmm

Have a good Friday everyone whether you have plans or not.

Gilly x

Urmstongran Fri 06-Sep-19 08:19:02

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s warm again. We don’t have air con but the ceiling fan on all night above our beds. (I’d hate a double bed in this heat 😉).

Thinking just the gardens and eat in tonight. We sat in the gardens till 8pm last night then went out for a Chinese - loved the broccoli and garlic side dish with my Singapore noodles.

So glad your son is over dragonfly after your op. What a lovely surprise. Hope all goes well now for you going forward.

Marydoll I’ve never been to Rome and I’m enjoying your daily blog about your experiences very much. I love the detail you post - it’s so friendly and inclusive. I feel as though I’m there with you! All good wishes for your continued good health.

Hope Friday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 06-Sep-19 08:19:32

Good morning from east London, bit cloudy and cool, hovering between short sleeves or vest for tennis as if might just warm up before I go to tennis (ah, the aggravations of life). Prescription to pick up before I go to the courts and school run this afternoon. At some point, I’m to order DD’s new sofa; we picked one yesterday then realised we hadn’t measured up correctly, so had to go back to hers to check. She will now be getting a standard rather than a large. (I’ve never had to think about buying a sofa so far, the only one I have, we sat on, liked it, bought it). Have a good day.

Greyduster Fri 06-Sep-19 08:20:36

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dull and damp in South Yorkshire. Back in the old routine having fulfilled family commitments. A horrible journey home from Wales yesterday, so a gentle day today. Have a good day folks.