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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 09-Sep-19 06:13:05

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey dull start here in Brackley this morning.
Quiet day in, bit of housework in my flat etc.
Nothing planned otherwise.

Alygran Mon 09-Sep-19 06:33:08

Good morning Mick and those to come. Just light here in North Yorkshire and it looks grey out there. Very restless night and been up for an hour already.
Helping on a cooking course today.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Sep-19 06:45:55

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I heard rain in the night but it has stopped.
I love reading your nothing planned Mick as I have a very busy week ahead including a tall tree to be removed from our garden this morning with all that that entails.

Beechnut Mon 09-Sep-19 06:49:40

Good Morning everyone.
A dull wet start to the day on Severnside.
I had a lovely day yesterday. Did a lot of pottering jobs and sat in the sunshine reading.
Visiting my friend this morning and may go to the library this afternoon.
Have a good all 🌺

kittylester Mon 09-Sep-19 07:05:25

Morning all from North Leicestershire where it is quite grey.

A little shopping (we have 6 birthdays within the next 2 weeks!) and then a trip to the dentist.

My niece's baby shower this evening.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Brunette10 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:06:02

Good Morning from a wet Fife, dull/raining outside at the moment. Have dentist this morning then off out with DH for the day. Plan to visit a big shop where it sells mostly everything a few miles from our town. Looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a good day.

Urmstongran Mon 09-Sep-19 07:22:31

Good morning everyone from Malaga where the sun’s just rising. Look like being another nice day. I awoke to the sound of the seagulls and the smell of pine trees - always more prominent first thing in a morning in the (slightly) cooler air. There are half a dozen small fishing boats chugging out on the Mediterranean - probably the reason why I could hear the seagulls as they wheel beside the boats!

Nothing planned till this afternoon. Then it’s my ladies group at 2pm. Four of us again this week to have a laugh, some wine and tapas and catch up on each other’s news this past week. Over these 5 years, meeting every week (me when out here) we have developed a real depth of friendship. There is always a hug and a listening ear for any of us who need it. And it is nice just to be ladies who wine - handbags, books and lipsticks can be chatted about without boring the socks off any men at our table!

Here is a recent photo of some of us. Taken in April I think.

Hope Monday is kind to everyone whether we have plans or none. x

Brunette10 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:34:15

Urmstongran - no lovely smells here of seagulls I'm afraid just the sound of rain wink .How lovely that you have good friends around you and you can chat away. Lovely picture - hope you have a good chat/day.

Susan56 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:34:18

Good morning from Shropshire where we have very heavy rain this morning.
We too have several birthdays over the next few weeks kitty,I have taken the easy way out and ordered online so waiting in for deliveries today.
An ex colleague is coming over later for a catch up.
Have a good day all.

NannyJan53 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:37:41

Good Morning from a rainy Black Country.

Sad day yesterday, as took Mum to see her sister in Hospital. She is in a bad way and I doubt she will be with us much longer. Mum came back to our house and we had a BBQ in the sun.

Walking for Health walk this morning, then this afternoon I need to find some new sunglasses as I broke mine and we are away to Croatia in 2 weeks!

Lovely photo Urmston I guess you are the lady at the back in red? smile. It is great that you have a group of lovely ladies to meet up with whilst out there!

Birthdays in a family do seem to come as a crop kitty we have 3 altogether in July, and 3 near Christmas! Ooops I said it smile

Enjoy your day everyone..

Resurgam123 Mon 09-Sep-19 07:48:14

Good Morning All. It is raining in Cheshire. And looks cold. Too wert to go out.
There is a mystery here. The racks that support the burners on my cooker have disappeared . I cannot quite understand where they are at present and its too wet to bother. They are too big to go in the sink.
The pressure cooker fizzed rice startch over the cooker . (Dinner was lovely. ) I will have to explore further. If I can be bothered.

gillybob Mon 09-Sep-19 07:57:20

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a dull and damp start to the week.

I can’t believe it’s Monday again already and the beginning of a bit of a hectic week. I had little Evie over night on Saturday and all day yesterday too . Didn’t eventually take her home until 8pm all bathed and in her PJ’s . School run for DGS this morning then “that place” until 3pm then more school runs and an overnight for the eldest 3 . I then have Evie back for an overnight on Tuesday as my DD is on a 10pm finish. I will drop her home on my way to “that place” on Wednesday morning . I’m worn out thinking about it all.

DH has a hospital appointment tomorrow morning so I will drop the children at school then we will continue on to see the consultant. I do hope he can arrange to have his operation soon as it’s a miserable existence at the moment.

I hope those on holiday continue to have a lovely time (lovely happy photo Urmstongran ) and those who are feeling under the weather fell better soon. x

Marydoll Mon 09-Sep-19 08:06:07

Good morning all from Fumiciono airport.
We had a very early start, so safely here for our flight to Amsterdam.

An embarrassing moment at airport, when DH was way over his luggage allowance. 🤭😚
He bought nothing at all, his case was full of my bargains from yesterday's market.😠 He was not amused!!!

I will have to phone my GP as soon as I get home. My legs are covered in a fiery rash, I look as if I have been burnt. It's not sunburn, as I was wearing trousers the whole time. I couldn't get my shoes on this morning and improvised with a teaspoon as a shoehorn!
I suspect it's that blessed medication again.

Urmstongran, good friends are worth their weight in gold!
Brunette, you have depressed me with stories of rain! I have lots of washing to do!😁
Have a good day, everyone.

ninathenana Mon 09-Sep-19 08:06:40

Morning everyone.

It has just started raining in Kent. I assume that means the guy putting a solid roof on next doors conservatory won't be working today. A relief from the banging we've had all weekend. He has scaffolding on our patio as the conservatory is right on the boundary. So curtains have been closed all weekend on patio doors or he could see into our lounge.
Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Mon 09-Sep-19 08:10:13

Oh gillybob you must be anxious mentally and exhausted physically. My heart goes out to you because I know you see no end to this busy-ness.

I’d sell the house and live in a park home. Release some equity, shove it in the bank and RETIRE, both of you, while you can. Bricks and mortar aren’t worth compromising your life for. Plus a house and garden are a lot of work a Duncan cost a lot of money to maintain.

I know it sounds drastic. But for me (not others, I agree) I’d have to think outside the box for a way out of this intolerable situation.

Big hugs anyway. x

Urmstongran Mon 09-Sep-19 08:11:03


EllanVannin Mon 09-Sep-19 08:11:18

Good Morning All x
Persisting down here in NB, probably cold too as I haven't put my nose outside yet. Even the cats are holding back.

What a fabulous pic, Urmstongran----makes me want to join in. Weren't there any bigger wine glasses ? Hahahaha. Reminds me of good times.

There won't be much getting done today I don't think, apart from a bit of tidying up.

Won 2 large mixing bowls in a bid online yesterday--£6.50 for the two ( charity site ) 1 for D and the other for me as I needed one after having used a plastic one which wasn't substantial enough, certainly not for a " C" cake mixture.

Have a good day everyone and stay well at home and abroad.

Urmstongran Mon 09-Sep-19 08:15:27

Actually, apologies to you gillybob I shouldn’t have sent that, unless as a p.m. it was crass of me to air my views as I did.

My very sincere apologies.

I think I was just upset on your behalf. It is my only excuse.


aggie Mon 09-Sep-19 08:26:27

Good Morning all, damp out , warm in , I put the heating on for an hour yesterday and must have hit the “automatic”button 😳 Mary glad you got your fav holiday . Gilly you make me ashamed of my idleness !
Have a good day everyone xxx

Marydoll Mon 09-Sep-19 08:31:40

Billy Bob, big hugs from me too.

I worry about you, you must be exhausted.

BlueSapphire Mon 09-Sep-19 08:34:11

Good morning everyone from a grey Northampton, with rain promised later on. Running late this morning as I 'came to' much later than usual, so am just grabbing some toast and tea before I finish getting ready for yoga.

Managed to get the overgrown shrubs trimmed yesterday, then cut the back grass; followed by a MiniMagnum and glass of wine in the sun and finished my library book. The cats enjoyed a long afternoon in the lovely sunshine; they love being in the garden, and so far have not made any escape attempts!

Yoga this morning, nothing else planned for today. Might do a spot of hoovering after lunch.

Hope Monday is kind to all.

Greyduster Mon 09-Sep-19 08:35:55

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dull with rain in prospect for South Yorkshire this morning. We have some shopping to do and then the first school run of the new term for us. Have a good day folks.

cornergran Mon 09-Sep-19 08:36:11

Morning Mick, morning All. Grey clouds over our corner of Somerset, storm forecast for later. Will set Mr C to the ironing while I make a cottage pie mix in the slow cooker, some for today and enough to freeze for the future. Then it’s the dreaded filing for me. What happened to the paperless society? Safe trip marydoll, hope Monday is kind to everyone.

dragonfly46 Mon 09-Sep-19 08:37:14

Good morning from as kittysays a grey Leicestershire.

Lovely photo urmston friends are invaluable.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow gilly. I do hope they can sort mr gilly out soon.

Trip to the hospital today to get my drain out - can’t wait - had a bad night as it is sore.

Brunette10 Mon 09-Sep-19 08:38:35

Gillybob, like others I feel I have quite a lazy life in comparison to what you do. One thing for sure you must be super fit. Hope you get some 'me' time at some point. Don't run yourself ragged please.