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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 21-Sep-19 06:11:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just twilight but its dry here in Brackley .
Just a few things after breakfast to do before I spend my 9 days or so in Harrogate for the World Cycling Road Race/Time Trial Championships .
My deputies no who they are on here.
In addition I booked on coach trip next year to see Mary Poppins the musical in London next March.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 21-Sep-19 08:45:35

Good morning from east London, cool start, little bit blowy but temp due to rise. The cemetery performance last night was fascinating not least because there are dark spots in a place like London; we followed the performers around the trees and statuary guided by a few lamps with howls and other noises at appropriate points. This afternoon is our first choir event this term; a one day choir for World Peace Day, a community event where we’re inviting people to learn a song with us. Should be fun.
Teal, I quite agree with you about the Northumberland coast; next weekend I will be back to my beloved Druridge Bay (and possibly, Warkworth or even down to Whitley Bay and Tynemouth).
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Sat 21-Sep-19 08:51:20

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Hope you enjoy the cycling, Mick and our Yorkshire weather behaves itself. You might need your mac tomorrow. We’ve had a couple of busy days so I have to do some housework today and tackle the ironing mountain. I would like to say Happy Birthday 🎂 to Alygran if she is looking in, and to anyone else with a birthday today. Enjoy your day!

Anniebach Sat 21-Sep-19 08:52:59

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

vena11 Sat 21-Sep-19 08:56:12

Morning all from a lovely morning here in Bristol rain for us tonight they say.
Enjoy your trip Mick
Flu jab for me today as well Dragon Fly winter will be here before we know with all the colds and snuffles with it, so best to be prepared.
I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday .

EllanVannin Sat 21-Sep-19 09:05:07

Good Morning All x.
Bright and breezy here on the coast but it's been quite pleasant this last few days though noticeably shorter now sad

Will be washing and packing away ornaments for safe-keeping this weekend in readiness for work being done next week. There's a lot of preparation in store. Times like this that I wish I didn't have so much " stuff ". Never mind it'll only be a full days work----I hope !

Hope everyone's day goes well and to plan. Enjoy Harrogate Mick, I used to visit quite often in the past when staying with family in West Yorkshire.

Auntieflo Sat 21-Sep-19 09:08:24

Good morning Michael, Annie, and all others.
Hope you enjoy your cycling break Mick.
Sar53, best wishes to your little GS, with his broken wrist.
My black eye is spreading, a lot, and I almost don't dare to go out, in case I frighten everybody. My ribs are sore, and I still have a background headache, so I am feeling sorry for myself.
But, if we do go out for our usual coffee meet up, it will cheer me up.
The new garage door was fitted yesterday, and our old one, was re-homed, with a neighbour.
Marydoll, you make me ashamed, you have many problems, but don't let it get you down. Bless you. Have you got your voice back yet?
Have a good weekend one and all, and enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts.

Harris27 Sat 21-Sep-19 09:10:28

Hi from a sunny ne. Hope all have nice plans for the weekend we are going to son number 1 on Sunday just for a catch up. Have chores to do today but at least at home. No Sunderland home match so my boys will be lost. Have good weekend all.

GabriellaG54 Sat 21-Sep-19 10:40:34

Bad weather reports for Harrogate Mick. Rain for most of the week. Take a brolly or souwester. 🌧🌂

Grammaretto Sat 21-Sep-19 11:19:56

I'm late again this morning. I skimmed through and saw broken ankle and glorious sunshine and ofcourse 9 days in Harrogate!

I am wearing Summer clothes here in Scotland it's crazy. 20,000 people marched through Edinburgh demanding action on Climate change yesterday. Our German helper has noticed far more electric cars here than in Germany.
Apparently they have a letter E somewhere on the back.

Both my oven and my lawn mower are broken but although the grass is still growing I think the oven is the priority. It is over 40 years old and I think has forgotten how to get hot

I hope everyone has a good weekend whatever you are up to.

Grammaretto Sat 21-Sep-19 11:21:55

Wrist not ankle. Painful either way flowers

Fiachna50 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:32:49

Everyones posts seem so jolly and busy Im almost ashamed to put mine up. Ive got a hellish cold , wont be doing much today apart from finish the book Im reading, The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. I have posted a few things on the site today which have probably upset some folks, though that wasnt my intention. I will be heating some soup up later. Weather here is a lovely day and Im totally scunnered as I just dont feel up to going out. I know weather is going to be rubbish from tomorrow where I am. I might watch an old b/w movie later. Enjoy your day everyone, best wishes from 'the misery'.

Marydoll Sat 21-Sep-19 11:41:57

Fiachna, I've not seen you on this thread before, are you new?
The use of the word, scunnered makes me wonder if you are a Scot. It sums up exactly how I feel today! grin

Fiachna50 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:48:12

Captured Marydoll, indeed I am Scottish. It just seemed a jolly thread as Ive had rather a pasting on some of the others. I can probably come across as being obnoxious at times which is not my intention. I do feel hellish today though. Im not really a newbie, but decided to post on a few threads lately. Maybe not a good idea. It will remain to be seen if I stay or not.

Marydoll Sat 21-Sep-19 11:52:22

You will be quite safe on this thread.
There are lots of decent people on GN and just like real life, there are some who just like to snipe.
Just pick your battles.
Hope you feel better soon.

Fiachna50 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:01:23

Thanks marydoll. Love your username by the way. Yes, there are some really nice folks on here. I won't be battling anything much today. My heid feels the size o a pumpkin. Have a great weekend.

Grammaretto Sat 21-Sep-19 12:24:34

welcome to the good morning thread Fiachna from another Scot. I'm not a native Scot but a "Blow-in" as we are sometimes called. Still an incomer after 45 years.......
BTW Marydoll is as nice even nicer in real life as she is on here.
I shall see if I can find you on another thread and won't judge!
Maybe there should be a good evening thread?

annsixty Sat 21-Sep-19 12:37:06

At one time we had a thread called, “What I did today”
It was very popular and very interesting but like all good things eventually ran down.
I would start it again myself ,but, got up, ate meals, looked at GN, read some and then went to bed is not the most riveting reading.

Grammaretto Sat 21-Sep-19 12:59:31

Oh annsixty I'm sure it wouldn't be as bad as all that.
I often wonder how peoples day worked out and the unexpected events. You could give it another try. But maybe because we are tired at night we lack that sense of anticipation, apart from bed!

Alygran Sat 21-Sep-19 13:16:54

Good afternoon from a gloriously sunny North Yorkshire. Lots of flags out ready for Mick’s visit. Some of the team cars were in Northallerton this morning. There is a time trial there on Wednesday.
Went to see Downton with DD2 last night. Very much enjoyed and followed by a curry!
Birthday today (thank you GD) so DD2 took me to breakfast at Betty’s. Rest of the family due shortly. They couldn’t come until after DGS’s football match.
Hope your sun is shining today.

BlueSapphire Sat 21-Sep-19 20:51:45

annsixty, I think 'What I did today' would be a brilliant thread. I get to this time of the evening and cast around for some thread to go on, just to have a chat, usually because there's nothing on tv, and I think this would be so good. What do others think?

annsixty Sat 21-Sep-19 21:18:19

I will start it tomorrow.
I feel v tired now and honestly my life is very boring but it will be interesting for others to add their interesting days.

Rufus2 Sun 22-Sep-19 03:18:27

Bad weather reports for Harrogate Mick. Rain for most of the week. Take a brolly or souwester
So what's new! grin How about a parasol, Mick.? It will be a useful prop. when you visit Mary next March! shock Although, a sturdy umbrella will probably be a safer bet to counter those Storm Force 10 gales that Harrogate can throw at you and forget your cycling cape; you'd become airborne going backwards! grin Good Luck

Rufus2 Tue 24-Sep-19 13:58:19

annsixty, I think 'What I did today' would be a brilliant thread.......What do others think?
IMHO, not much! if the morning thread "what I'm going to do today" is any guide! grin
And where is this new thread anyway?