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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 21-Sep-19 06:11:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just twilight but its dry here in Brackley .
Just a few things after breakfast to do before I spend my 9 days or so in Harrogate for the World Cycling Road Race/Time Trial Championships .
My deputies no who they are on here.
In addition I booked on coach trip next year to see Mary Poppins the musical in London next March.

Beechnut Sat 21-Sep-19 06:36:49

Good Morning everyone.

Enjoy your cycling Mick and we’ll see you soon 🚴‍♂️
It’s going to be another lovely day and we are off to the seaside. I’ll be able to put some seaside photos on my new phone.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever you do ☀️🌺

Pantglas2 Sat 21-Sep-19 06:40:38

Have a lovely time in Harrogate Mick, hope weather is kind but I suspect it’s not going to last - always rains when I go back to north Wales which will be next Wednesday!

Starting to clean and tidy up mi casa now - washing throws, cushion covers, nooks & crannies etc so that it’s spotless for my next visitors - friends will stay next month for a long weekend, hope they like it!

Hope all who follow have a good day, busy or not and those unwell have an up day not a down day flowers

kittylester Sat 21-Sep-19 06:46:59

Morning all from a brightish North Leicestershire.

Bits and Bobs today before we go away tomorrow. Hoping to sit down this afternoon after a late night catching up with lots of gossip.

Enjoy Harrogate, Mick - well miss you!

cornergran Sat 21-Sep-19 06:53:40

Morning Mick, morning All from a clear and a beautiful North Wales. Our week with wonderful weather and scenery is coming to an end and I truly don’t want to go home. Hope you enjoy your break as much as we’ve enjoyed ours Mick. Last minute faffing then off we go. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

nonnasusie Sat 21-Sep-19 07:10:33

Buongiorno from a sunny Italy. Yesterday was a busy day unpacking and washing from the holiday. We also collected the dogs from Kennels. Hopefully today will be a bit calmer.
We had a lovely time visiting family and friends and travelled to Manchester via Cornwall where we have friends then on our return journey we stopped in Switzerland to visit an old friend of DH who he knew from his teenage years when working there! It's a long drive so not sure how much longer we can do it before we give in and start flying instead!!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend and those of you going away have a great time!

Urmstongran Sat 21-Sep-19 07:26:30

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it promises to be a lovely day. I’m off out in half an hour as I’m minding the 2y old and mummy & daddy are taking the 7y old to his football tournament. It’s a drive on the motorway and then 3 hours in a field - not much fun for a little girl. We can play and round their corner is a really nice cafe, with a play kitchen and toys which she loves. Passes the time along!

I must have been befuddled when I put the kettle on as I read your post Mick and thought you had a couple of GN’s who were going to be your deputies at the time trials! Even more so when Beechnut said ‘see you later’ ....

Hope Saturday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Urmstongran Sat 21-Sep-19 07:29:44

* soon

Brunette10 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:38:36

Good Morning from Fife. Looking good out at the moment. Mick enjoy your trip, sounds fun. Had great day along Fife coast yesterday stopping for a fish supper at a well known fish and chip shop. Today we have DD coming along with our DGS's so will be out enjoying the sun somewhere. Hope everyone has a good day.

Lins1066 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:40:54

Good Morining all from a windy S Welsh coast, a sunny morning though.
Have a lovely time in *Harrogate Mick, you will be missed.
Glad you enjoyed your holiday cornergran, also nonnasusie.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts everyone.

NannyJan53 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:41:45

Good Morning from another bright and sunny Black Country.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes, I had a lovely day. Lunch with Mum then my partner cooked us a meal last night.

Packing today for our trip to Croatia, we fly early tomorrow morning. Looks like a BBQ tonight for our evening meal!

Enjoy your trip to Harrogate Mick,

Have a good day everyone.

Susan56 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:43:55

Good morning from Shropshire where it looks like it’s going to be another sunny day.
Got the family arriving today to celebrate our youngest daughters 30th birthday.
Hope you have a great time in Harrogate Mick🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️
Wishing you all a good day and hope all who have been feeling unwell have had a better night and are soon on the mend.

BlueSapphire Sat 21-Sep-19 07:45:22

Good morning everyone from another bright and sunny day in Northampton. Yesterday was lovely although there was a distinct autumn chill in the air.

Will go into town this morning for a few things from the market, a mooch around, and a coffee. Then back home, cut the back grass and sit in the garden with my book for a while.

I am sure you will be in your element Mick watching the cycling! Enjoy!

Wishing all a good day.

NanKate Sat 21-Sep-19 07:47:07

Morning Mick and All.

Have a fab holiday in Harrogate Mick we will keep an eye on your G M thread till you return.

DH returning home today after helping out with the DGSs so I had better get back on track and get him a nice supper. We will both be down in Sussex from next Wednesday whilst our DS is away on tour. The DGSs wrap us around their little fingers 😉

It’s going to be 24 degrees here today lovely for our annual Carnival.

Marydoll Sat 21-Sep-19 07:48:15

Good morning all, it's a beautiful day here in Glasgow, but only 8 degrees!

We had a lovely lunch out yesterday and I was allowed 10 minutes in the M&S outlet, it takes me that time to get from one end to the other, let alone rake for bargains! grin.
I haven't been in it for about a month and the same rubbish , as previously, is still lying on the rails. sad.

For the first time in ages, I was out with my close friends at a PTA fundraiser. There were people with whom I was at school , I couldn't believe the energy they had, they were up dancing all night. grin
It did bring home what little I can do now, I looked like a party pooper, the wee old lady, sitting in the corner, (so unlike me), while everyone was up energetically dancing and into the bargain unable to join in the conversation, as I had lost my voice! Silence is golden, well it certainly was for my friends!!! grin

Have a great time in Harrogate, Mick, try and keep us updated if you can.

Glad you are safely home, Urmston gran and you have brought the good weather with you.
An easy day planned for me, hopefully watching James Martin this morning.

Have a good day, folks.

Teal Sat 21-Sep-19 07:55:13

Good Morning everyone, another glorious September morning here in the NE.
A wave to fellow NEer gillybob, I live a little further inland from the coast but visit nearly every weekend at some point. The best coastline in Britain, but I may be a little biased 😁
Had a lovely day yesterday Toast was brilliant , both moving and funny, greatly recommended if it is showing near you.
Today I’m off to Wallington Hall , a National Trust property nearby, with DH and Ddog, a lovely walk and tea and cake, perfect.
Then of course Strictly starts tonight so we will be watching that.
Have a great day everyone.

Sar53 Sat 21-Sep-19 07:57:47

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. I think this is probably the last good day we shall see for a while.
Two year old DSGS fractured his wrist on Monday so I looked after his twin sister and older brother whilst his mum took him to hospital yesterday. He came back with a bright blue splint, his sister got quite upset because she wanted one !!
We will go into town this morning for a mooch around and we are off out for an Indian meal this evening. Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Sat 21-Sep-19 08:02:39

Good morning from a dry and pleasant NE.
Yesterday was a very warm day so DH and I went for a walk after I returned from my course.
Lunch out today in a good restaurant.
Enjoy your holiday Mick.

moggie Sat 21-Sep-19 08:05:39

Good morning Mick & all from bright & sunny Nottingham. Kitchen taking shape now might be finished today. Visit DD today & we’ll walk the dogs, BBQ later. Enjoy the cycling in Harrogate Mick. Have a good day everyone. Hope all not well or are struggling have a better day.

ninathenana Sat 21-Sep-19 08:19:34

Good morning from sunny Kent.
Beds stripped and laundry on.
Not much else planned.
Enjoy your break Mick kitty and anyone I've missed.

dragonfly46 Sat 21-Sep-19 08:22:11

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Flu jabs this morning, essential food shopping then a restful afternoon.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 21-Sep-19 08:28:16

Morning all from South Notts, it's fairly bright with blue skies.
For those who are going away for either days out or longer I hope you all have a lovely time.
A quiet day here after visiting a small quilt exhibition and shopping in Nottingham yesterday.
Have mopped out the dustbin and have a pile of ironing to tackle and the lawn to mow if it's dry enough.
Then feet up with the giant crossword.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Oopsminty Sat 21-Sep-19 08:30:37

Happy weekend, one and all. Weather's looking good. My youngest daughter is home for the weekend so we're heading up to the Lakes.

KatyK Sat 21-Sep-19 08:31:47

Good morning from a sunny Birmingham. Today we are helping to take DGD and all her 'stuff' back to uni. Have a good day everyone. Mick the Mary Poppins musical is fabulous.

gillybob Sat 21-Sep-19 08:33:51

Good morning from a bright but breezy NE coast.

DD and little Evie met me straight from work yesterday then I took my dad for his shopping (as usual) so my afternoon didn’t turn out to be as relaxing as I had hoped. They didn’t leave until after 7pm at which point I felt like going to bed myself. We have her again overnight tonight then all day tomorrow as DD at work.

DH had a bit of a better night last night but still no date for his op. The rest of this paragraph has been deleted.......sigh....

Anyway on a happy note I hope you have a fab holiday watching the cycling you love Mick . I had a feeling “Toast” would be brilliant Teal I loved the book. So glad you enjoyed it. It’s years since I was at Wallington. Must make a point to visit when DH is feeling better.

I am so sorry to hear you DGS has fractured his wrist Sar53 poor little lamb. I remember when my DGD2 broke her leg when she was about the same age, she would not be beat and dragged herself around like a commando. They do tend to heal quite quickly when they are young so try not to worry too much.

To everyone looking forward to outings, meals out and holidays I hope you have a brilliant time and to those feeling a bit under the weather I hope you feel better soon.

Happy Saturday x