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Car free day

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PamelaJ1 Sun 22-Sep-19 14:12:24

Did you know that today is world car free day.
As it happens we aren’t going anywhere today so a few brownie points for us.
I must admit that I’ve never heard of it but am prepared to take credit where I can.
If you had known would it have made you stay at home or use another type of transport?

farview Sun 22-Sep-19 14:15:12

Didn't know about it..but as it happens I'm incapacitated at the moment with horrendously bad no driving here!

Ilovecheese Sun 22-Sep-19 14:20:43

Yes, our road is closed to cars from 2.00 to 5.oo PM. Lots of games for the children, soft drinks and cakes etc. Just a bit worried about the rain, but it is holding off at the moment, and they have a couple of gazebos.

Witzend Sun 22-Sep-19 14:31:18

Didn't know about it. We use the cars an awful lot less now anyway (v good public transport plus good old Freedom Pass) but will be using mine today since going to a charity tea party which would be a right royal PITA to get to on the bus.

KatyK Sun 22-Sep-19 14:36:07

We rarely use our car now that we have bus passes.

MiniMoon Sun 22-Sep-19 14:52:20

Totally off topic, but did you know that today, 22nd September is National Hobbit Day.
Apparently it's been celebrated since 1978.

Well I never.

crazyH Sun 22-Sep-19 14:59:52

Didn't know that, but I don't have my car today. Left it at The Pheasant, where we went last night to celebrate son's mother-in-law's 65th Birthday. So, inadvertently, I have contributed to Car-free Day.

ginny Sun 22-Sep-19 15:23:06

Didn’t know about it until today. We have used our car. Would have been rather difficult to pull our caravan home without it !

Pantglas2 Sun 22-Sep-19 15:25:15

I walk within a mile of home, I use the bus within 10miles (unless weekly shop or ferrying grandchildren), the car within 30 miles, train and plane for everything else - no doubt I’m on a wanted poster for abuse of the planet!

GagaJo Sun 22-Sep-19 15:38:02

Hmm. I might have tried, if I'd known. But since I'm working, 7 miles from home with no metro station nearby, it would have been hard. There might have been a bus though, or more likely I'd have cancelled my work today. A couple of short journeys tho.

Maybelle Sun 22-Sep-19 16:05:41

Thankfully we didn't need to go out today. As living in a village with no buses would have meant me pushing DH in his wheelchair for around 6 miles to get to town !

Car free is an ideal that does not work for all.

gillybob Sun 22-Sep-19 16:06:23

I will have no choice but to use my car later today when I take my baby granddaughter home at about 7pm when my DD gets in from work . No way I would subject her to 2 buses and a long walk in the dark when it’s not necessary . I don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty either . I rarely make a car journey just for pleasure.

Septimia Sun 22-Sep-19 16:08:54

I wish it had been motorbike free day! There have been ancient motorcycles going through our village all day - there must have been some sort of event on. So much for the peace of the countryside.

PamelaJ1 Sun 22-Sep-19 16:22:13

Do you think it should be someone’s job at gransnet HQ to warn us ahead of time when there is A DAY?
Then we may all try to be good😂. Not just, like me, be good by accident.
The roads round Harrogate have been quiet- roads are closed for the cycle races.
I do try and use buses when possible and we do live about 250yards from a bus stop. Trouble is there aren’t many buses.

Grammaretto Sun 22-Sep-19 16:27:35

I heard it on the radio this morning so went by bus and walked but I won a rather heavy plant in the raffle at the horticultural show so hitched a lift home!
I wish these things were better known about.
It is so nice to walk traffic free occasionally.

gillybob Sun 22-Sep-19 16:27:41

The bus fares around here are extortionate!

BlueBelle Sun 22-Sep-19 16:28:15

Well it’s a good day for me I ve never owned a car and never driven a car
Cycle, walk, bus or train my only means and all is good

Grammaretto Sun 22-Sep-19 16:44:35

Gilly you are just far too young. Some of us have a bus pass. wink

gillybob Sun 22-Sep-19 16:57:01

They have lived the goal posts with bus passes as well as pensions so I doubt they will even exist when I’m old enough to have one in 10 years time Gramaretto smile

gillybob Sun 22-Sep-19 16:57:42

Lived the goal posts ? What on Earth are you talking about woman ?

Moved the goal posts !

Ninarosa Sun 22-Sep-19 17:22:24

It's also our ruby anniversary day. Husband oblivious to the fact; my own fault, I should have broadcast it in the run up if I'd wanted some recognition of it.
Perhaps I'm a bit of an oddball ,we seemed to stop mentioning our anniversaries some time after the 25th and he's never been one for the grand gesture or even a card. I seem to have cut my nose off to spite my face!
Have had a short trip in the car to buy myself a small ready cooked chicken which I shall hide in the salad drawer (he never goes in there ), and binge on in private .

Oldandverygrey Sun 22-Sep-19 18:05:28

Happy anniversary Nina, enjoy your chicken!

Ilovecheese Sun 22-Sep-19 18:09:59

Happy Anniversary Ninarosa

I think perhaps this day was something publicised more in schools. The emphasis here seemed to be on children being able to play safely in the street rather than environmental issues.

PamelaJ1 Sun 22-Sep-19 18:12:48

Nina hope you have🍾 with it.

Ninarosa Sun 22-Sep-19 18:33:00

Pinot Grigio, chicken slapped between seedy bread and 'Celebration' disco hit on Spotify , esconced in my boudoir. Crumbs in bed, shooed them onto his side.
Thanks for good tidings all.