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Good Morning Friday

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Beechnut Fri 27-Sep-19 06:15:58


Beechnut Fri 27-Sep-19 06:23:31

Good Morning everyone.
Dark and wet on Severnside and the forecast for the weekend does not look good.

I went to he health centre yesterday to make an appointment for a pneumonia injection and while I was there asked about the flu jab now I’m old enough. My HC does walk ins for that so I waited approx 10 minutes and had that done there and then.

Off to do the weekly shop now I’ve eaten myself out of house and home then I will take my friends client to do her shopping. We can’t go together as I go too early and we use different stores.

I hope you all have a good day 🌸

BlueSapphire Fri 27-Sep-19 06:28:20

Hello Beechnut, and good morning to all to come. Looks like we are the early birds today! Still dark in Northampton, but it looks dry.

Off to a friend's MacMillan coffee morning today. Will hopefully be meeting up with a few ex-colleagues there, so time for a good catch-up.

School run this afternoon, when rain is expected, of course!

Hope a good day is ahead for all.

Grammaretto Fri 27-Sep-19 06:48:57

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Still gloaming here. Unexpectedly lovely day out in Fife yesterday for a friend's birthday.
It always seems sunny there!
Yoga this morning with nothing planned for later apart from housework.
Hope you all have a good day.

kittylester Fri 27-Sep-19 06:58:38

Morning all from Cornwall where it poured overnight and the forecast is for more rain later on.

We are off to mooch round the a nearby village and have lunch.

We had a nice lunch in a waterside pub yesterday but the sun was playing hide and seek all day.

FRIDAY- gilly!

cornergran Fri 27-Sep-19 07:03:56

Morning All. From what I can see it’s dry in our corner of Somerset, rain forecast later. Disturbed night, sinus pain, aching all over and coughing. Not serious in the scheme of things, just fed up with feeling horrid, no stamina at all. Had planned a food shop but will postpone and suspect do very little. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Fri 27-Sep-19 07:07:58

Good morning Beechnut and Blue Sapphire, from a dark Glasgow, so I haven't a clue what the weather is!

That was good you got your flu jab out of the way, Beechnut.

Off out to church to catch up on some admin work, we have some christenings on Sunday and I will need to make the Baptismal certificates in advance of that. I'm about to raid my craft stash for some special paper.
DH has offered to do the supermarket shopping, so I'm taking him up in that offer, as the main road is still closed, (it's such a pain) and he will need to make a long detour! Rather him, than me.

We are off on a vintage train journey early tomorrow morning from Paisley, up the West Highland line to Fort William. Travelling First Class in the Pullman car , will be on the train for six hours each way, with only an hour in Fort William. This is one of our bucket list journeys.
The scenery will be magnificant, so I hope we can actually see anything in the rain. I'm so excited!
It's not that we are very rich, but we stopped doing the lottery years ago, as we won zilch, but I started putting the money in a tin instead and every few years use it for a special treat!

I did manage to meet my friends yesterday and had a lovely gossip catch up. However, I was shocked to see my friend in excrutiating pain from her hip, she could hardly walk. Worryingly, there is an eighteen month wait, just to be assessed. It's shocking.

Enjoy your day, whatever your plans and Gilly, it's Friday and I hope you are feeling a wee bit better today.

NfkDumpling Fri 27-Sep-19 07:10:39

Morning All

A wonderful apricot sunrise here in the north of Norfolk. Bodes ill for the next few days and the forecast is wet and windy. Winter draw(er)s on.

About to tackle a large pile of ironing. I know a lot of people don’t bother nowadays but old habits and a very particular mother mean I just can’t leave it!

Susan56 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:26:48

Good morning from a very rainy Shropshire.
We had our usual Friday early morning alarm call from DGD this morning.We will be taking her to pre school later and then collecting her as DD in hospital today.
Mary you are in for a treat tomorrow.Our daughters bought my husband the Pullman first class train experience for his 65th birthday in May.We travelled from Shropshire to Windsor,the trains are so comfortable and the service really was first class.We had an absolutely fantastic day.
Corner,hope you feel better soon💐
Have a good day everyone.

Brunette10 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:31:57

Good Morning from a sunny Fife. Grammaretto, unfortunately it's not always sunny in Fife smile, hope you enjoyed your day out here though. Marydoll have a lovely time and well done for being so disciplined saving up your lottery money, I'm sure it will be beautiful, sit back and relax. Not sure of plans today may go up to Perth for a wander. Gilly it's Friday once again - thank goodness I hear you say wink. Hope everyone has a good day.

Lins1066 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:37:34

Good Morning from a very wet South Welsh coast.
The rain has leaked through our lounge ceiling where there is a flat roof, a builder is calling later this morning.

We had a letter from our surgery yesterday re the flu jab, this will be the first time for me.

DD flying to Kuala Lumpar this afternoon, she is there for a few days then will move on to Singapore, then to Borneo.

Hope all have a good day, enjoy your train trip Marydoll.
TGIF gilly

GrannyGravy13 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:40:08

Goodmorning all from a sunny SE Essex.

Off to get my flu jab this morning and pick up malaria meds.
Then some shopping, but not much as we are away at the weekend visiting family tomorrow overnight in what looks like a lovely "boutique hotel" and then on Sunday Bletchley Park, which I think will be very interesting.

Yippee gillybob !!!!

Have a good Friday and weekend, will catch up on Monday

harrigran Fri 27-Sep-19 07:47:10

Good morning from an overcast NE.
GD's Harvest festival this morning and I told DIL we would go as they can't get out of work. We will have to leave soon as it is a 45 minute drive.
TGIF gilly

ninathenana Fri 27-Sep-19 07:48:57

Good morning everyone.

It's a bright morning in Kent. We are lucky in our little corner we seem to miss most of the rain. Only a couple of short showers over the last day or two.
Food shop this morning and coffee with DH.
Hope you all have a good day.

dragonfly46 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:51:01

Good morning from a slightly sunny Leicestershire. I seemed to have missed Thursday.

Been on a spending spree recently and lights arrived yesterday that I had bought online. They are very modern and very blingy but I love them and they will never need new bulbs.

Some one is power washing our drive today.

Kitty we have not had a lot of rain here - yesterday was lovely.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday especially Gilly!

Sar53 Fri 27-Sep-19 07:54:57

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. I had a lovely few hours at Bluewater yesterday, shame about the journey to get there, nuff said !!!
I'm off out later, first to pick up some paperwork for a small admin job I do and then food shopping.
GG13 we went to Bletchley Park some years ago, very interesting and well worth a visit.
Have a good day everyone.

Urmstongran Fri 27-Sep-19 07:59:06

Good morning everyone from a damp South Manchester. At least it’s still mild.

Mid morning we pick up my father and take him to the local hospital (where I used to work) for a nephrology appointment. It’s a follow up so I hope all is routine. That said he’s 87y and like a true Highlander enjoys a wee dram! The parking is free at the hospital which I’m proud about - it was the first NHS hospital in the country - opened by NYE Bevan himself, in 1946.

Your day out on the train tomorrow sounds fabulous Marydoll!

Hope Friday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Auntieflo Fri 27-Sep-19 08:00:52

Morning Beechnut, Annie to come, and all others.
Gilly it's your favourite day, and Yippee!
At the moment, it's sunny here, but who knows what's in store.
Yesterday we went out and had a cream tea, in a lovely, nearby garden centre, reminding me that I meant to buy some winter pansies, but then forgot. We were so full, that for supper, all we had was a bowl of cereal.
Marydoll, I am feeling envy at your Pulman trip. Hope you have a lovely day.
DH is frustrated that he still can't get the new car to display the maps on his phone, so I think we are off to the garage later.
Haircut for me and then think about a shopping trip.
Have a good day one and all.

Teal Fri 27-Sep-19 08:05:30

Good Morning from brightish NE. Blue sky and rain clouds today.
Interview went well yesterday, I’m one of 4 so we shall see, fingers crossed.
No work today, hurrah!
We are off to North Yorkshire, to see the Railway Steam Gala. DH likes his steam trains so shall be taking his camera, from there we will go on to Whitby for fish and chips.
Have a good day everyone.

moggie Fri 27-Sep-19 08:12:37

Good morning from dry, grey day in Nottingham. Asda delivery this morning. 🤞range & replacement cooker hood (the original had a dent in it) will be delivered & fitted beginning of next week, looking forward to a roast dinner.
Have a lovely day tomorrow marydoll, it’s Friday Gilly hope you’re DH had a better night. Hope all feeling under the weather feel better soon.
Have a good day everyone .

Harris27 Fri 27-Sep-19 08:48:26

Morning from a dry at the moment ne. I went straight from work last night as I needed bread and milk and decided to do my big shop guess what no milk this morning got everything else and forgot the milk! Senior moment definitely! Well it’s friday again and gilly will be happy! So will I at 5.30! Still waiting for appointment for my kidney stone removal had the pre op but no date yet is this normal?

Alygran Fri 27-Sep-19 08:52:21

Good morning from sunny North Yorkshire. Not sure it will stay that way but good for cycling and steam galas so far.
Picking up tickets today for my USA holiday. Setting off next Friday for London and flying to San Francisco on Saturday.
Food shopping after that then jazz club tonight.
Hope everyone has a good day.

EBear Fri 27-Sep-19 08:56:02

Good morning all from a sunny east coast. Busy day doing bits and bobs, family lunch tomorrow. Hope you all have a good Friday.

Anniebach Fri 27-Sep-19 08:56:38

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

Nannytopsy Fri 27-Sep-19 09:00:30

Good morning from sunny Suffolk! MacMillan coffee morning in the village if I get dressed in time 😬. We now have modern communications and what a difference!
Kitty my DH came from the far west of Cornwall and we stood in his parents house watching the rain lashing down SO many times! Enjoy your holiday anyway. DD and SiL coming for their first visit tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a good weekend