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dogsmother Sun 29-Sep-19 11:13:18

Anyone give me some advice please.
We are starting a holiday with two or three days in Vegas in November, having never been inclined before is there anything I should not miss. We are staying in one of the non gambling hotels although not averse.... and will be seeing the Grand Canyon....
Thanks in anticipation x

Apricity Sun 29-Sep-19 11:21:25

Visited Las Vegas 50 years ago and thought it was 'hell on earth'. Have travelled extensively in the many decades since then and it is probably the one place I would never, ever want to return to.

dogsmother Sun 29-Sep-19 11:23:29

Oh dear!
Have certainly traveled plenty too and not been interested thus far......

Witzend Sun 29-Sep-19 11:30:57

I don't think I'd care for it myself, but I had a colleague who adored it and went every year. I've heard of many others who love it, so I do hope you will enjoy it!

glammanana Sun 29-Sep-19 11:38:00

dogsmother We went for our eldest son's wedding 4 yrs ago and it was the best holiday we have ever been on.
Have you already booked your trip to GC we found booking before we arrived made it easier and as you are only there 2 days you need to confirm a place.
Buy a bus ticket for travel from the Strip down to Freemont Street where you will see lots of street entertainers if that interests you,its an experience.Every one was so nice and friendly,any men going will love the Linq hotel and all their American Vintage cars going back to Al Capone days. Enjoy I am going again next year for my 70th,can't wait.

Keeleklogger Sun 29-Sep-19 11:43:09

Hi we went about 5 years ago we did
A gondola ride at the Venetian hotel
Watch the Bellagio Fountain show Outside at certain times each day
Walk the Strip and admire the hotels
Pose for a photo at the iconic Las Vegas sign It’s been there since 1959
Go over to Fremont Street for a taste of old Las Vegas see the big gold nugget.
Enjoy a high quality, reasonably priced burger, try in the Mandalay Bay Resort chef Hubert Keller’s burger bar

dogsmother Sun 29-Sep-19 11:57:36

Oh thank you both, much more positive, himself will certainly enjoy the sights of the old cars and I too love to people watch any which way.

SueDonim Sun 29-Sep-19 12:03:11

Two or three days in Vegas will be more than enough, if you're anything like us! grin We have no interest in gambling and anyway had a child with us. It was fine to walk around and see the lights and sights, architectural and human. We went to a show, of highlights from musicals, if I remember correctly.

We were happy then to head off to the Grand Canyon and LA. If you're in the area, do visit the Hoover Dam. My engineer dh wanted to see it, although I wasn't interested. In fact, it's fascinating. The size of it is extraordinary and it's a beautiful art-deco construction, even the public loos, where, if you choose the right cubicle, you can sit on the throne and look out over the view. grin

Alygran Sun 29-Sep-19 12:20:15

Dogsmother I shall be there just before you. It’s the last stop on my road trip holiday. Hoping to get to the dam on the way from Death Valley and have helicopter trip booked for the canyon.
People I know who have been all loved it!
Will report back when I am home!

Namsnanny Sun 29-Sep-19 13:25:23

Well if you only have 3 days plan it well I would say!
The grand c is so different fr LV obviously, so decide which you prefer then prioritise your time that way.
For my taste I couldn’t get enough of the GC, and certainly it’s a MUST to take the helicopter ride over it!
LV is worth a look too, but I so loved the GC that it kind of overtook my memory of LV
Happy holidays 😀

tanith Sun 29-Sep-19 13:29:40

Definitely do a helicopter trip to the canyon it’s spectacular and once in a lifetime, Hoover Dam, Bellagio fountain show, and just wander in and out of the casinos not for the gambling but just how spectacular the interiors are. 3 days was plenty for me too I wouldn’t go again but it was so worth the drive.

LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 13:52:21

Some friends eloped & got married there by an Elvis impersonator! Well, not really eloped as they were only just on the right side of forty, they just didn't tell anyone what they were up to. In fact we thought they were going to Portugal on their hols as per usual.
The idea of organising a wedding & reception was just a bit much so they spent the money running away to Vegas to get married instead. They'd been living together for ages and didn't need toasters or a present list at John Lewis. No-one had the slightest idea they were going to get married. The groom wore blue suede shoes.

jude2006 Sun 29-Sep-19 14:19:16

We went on a tour around the national parks a few years ago and flew into Las Vegas and stayed for a couple of nights at the Luxor Hotel. I was dreading Las Vegas thinking how tacky it would be, and dangerous, how mistaken I was,
it was fabulous, so much to see and do.
You could spend weeks there and still not see everything. Just make sure you pack good walking shoes, you can walk miles. The shopping is wonderful so make sure you allow for the added weight in your luggage allowance.
We enjoyed Las Vegas so much we have been back and stayed longer. One of the places that I remember well for a great view over the strip at night is the cocktail lounge on the top floor of The Rio hotel, and also the world buffet held there which wasn't expensive and where we have never seen so much food to choose from.
Hotels have been mentioned above which are all great, but another favourite was Caesars Palace where we went to see Elton John's concert, which was fabulous. I know he isn't there now but they usually have someone very well known appearing.
I hope you enjoy your holiday, and have a great and unforgettable time.

dogsmother Sun 29-Sep-19 17:26:45

Thanks everyone, I had tried to discount the the Hoover Dam but now it seems I might have to fit this in too. Also fit a show in.....

M0nica Sun 29-Sep-19 17:41:31

DD goes to La Vegas regularly, stays at one of the gambling jhotels because they are so much cheaper and so are the drinks. Neither DD not her friend are gambleres but they use Las Vegas as an inexpensive base for going out each day to visit all kinds of local sites, They have done the Grand Canyon, but their are ghost towns, wonderful landscape and many other things to do.

Here is a link to a site that lists some

mcem Sun 29-Sep-19 18:34:39

My idea of a nightmare.
I politely refused an invitation to a 40th birthday jaunt next year. DD and DiL are going.

Eloethan Sun 29-Sep-19 20:41:25

It's my idea of hell too but many people enjoy going to Vegas - as did my friend who celebrated her 60th there. It takes all sorts.

jacq10 Sun 29-Sep-19 21:06:37

We stayed there for 3 days and thought it was well worth doing. We travelled down from Chicago to Kansas to visit relatives and to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary we flew from there and back on our own staying in the Stratosphere (with a roller coster on the roof!). The whole place is over the top and amazing but we enjoyed it as a "once in a lifetime" experience. We did a day tour booked with an agency after we arrived which included the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. As I had no intention of going on a helicopter this suited us fine. I find that the people that are critical of it are the ones who have never visited. I would echo jude2006s post above and I'm sure you will have a great time.

GrandmaKT Sun 29-Sep-19 21:17:23

I am not and never have been a gambler, but went to Las Vegas and loved it so much that we went again a couple of years later!
The scale of it is just unbelievable, and it doesn't have to cost much as a lot of the exhibits in the hotels are free, the food and drinks are subsidised and people watching costs nowt! Each hotel has several restaurants - the steak and burger restaurants are amazing. Most hotels have a shopping mall inside or joined onto them. I agree with the highlights others have mentioned - the fountain at Bellagio, the gondolas in the Venetian.
Take a good pair of trainers and a sun hat. Check out what shows are on. If the Blue Man Group are still there they are very good, also Penn and Teller, or for something more dramatic one of the Cirque du Soleil shows.
Personally I wouldn't bother with Fremont Street - found it a bit tacky and didn't feel safe there. It felt perfectly safe on the main Las Vegas strip where all the big hotels are. The only slight annoyance is the touts handing out cards for strip bars and prostitutes (even though we had our children with us!)
Finally you have to try a breakfast buffet - every food on this earth beautifully displayed (don't eat for a week beforehand!)

dogsmother Mon 30-Sep-19 08:42:53

Thank you to everyone 😃 links and tips happily accepted.
I’m rather looking forward to the trip now, all the movies to watch on the plane heading* there too ( don’t generally go to the cinema).
It’s making the most of our time now they’ve all left home.....
Who knows what this next chapter will bring.

Oopsminty Mon 30-Sep-19 08:52:02

You'll have a great time, dogsmother!

henetha Mon 30-Sep-19 10:12:00

I didn't expect to like our five days there, but I loved it! Totally different from any other place I have been. I feel no need to go there again but am so glad I've seen it. The Bellagio fountains are marvellous, just walking up and down the Strip is a life experience in itself.
I even loved the huge hotel, the Hilton, and got lost several times. The food was great, such a choice of restaurants and fast food joints, and the entertainment, and I loved having a go on the fruit machines.... I won $9 !
I hope you have a marvellous time.

Thingmajig Mon 30-Sep-19 10:25:55

The Hoover Dam, an amazing feat of engineering. Absolutely spectacular!

SueDonim Mon 30-Sep-19 10:59:59

It's worth looking down at the ground now and again, too, Dogsmother - we found cash just lying around! As we don't gamble, we felt we'd made a profit on the deal. grin

Calendargirl Mon 30-Sep-19 11:06:36

Did a California tour for our silver wedding anniversary in 1997. Pleased that I can say I have visited Las Vegas, but not somewhere I would re-visit. It felt very safe which I was not expecting. Also poured with rain which was unusual. Also recommend a visit to the Hoover Dam.