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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 11-Oct-19 06:16:56

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, wet and windy here in Brackley this morning.
May after my weekly shop, nip into Banbury for awhile later , but otherwise stay put.

Beechnut Fri 11-Oct-19 06:23:07

Good Morning everyone.

Dark and raining on Severnside this morning.

Shopping for me then taking my friends friend shopping later. Admin this afternoon.

I hope you all have a good day, feel better than you did and have had things repaired 🌻🛠

Marydoll Fri 11-Oct-19 06:39:24

Good morning all,

I'm on my way out of the door to my angiogram appointment.
I'm not holding out much hope, but please keep me in your thoughts.
Aggie, thanks for the candle yesterday.
I won't know if they will do it, until I get there, but I'm going to have a good try!

Gilly and all you poorly folk, I hope you are feeling better.

Have a good day all, it will be better than mine, to say the least! grin

kittylester Fri 11-Oct-19 06:53:36

Morning all from a damp and blowy North Leicestershire.

Busy day today for me. Sainsbury's shop (or we will starve!) lunch with DS1 in a new cafe with a good gf reputation and then school run in Derby.

Thank you for you kind wishes for our anniversary. We had a lovely day with friends yesterday and Ds2 popped in on his way home from work.

Hope you get your angiogram, marydoll.

Its Friday, gilly. 🍾🍩

Brunette10 Fri 11-Oct-19 06:57:49

Good Morning from a dark Fife, no idea what our weather is like at the moment. Up early as we have our DGS's today. Marydoll - good luck, keep my fingers crossed. Hope Friday is good to all. Take care everyone flowers

Brunette10 Fri 11-Oct-19 06:58:29

Gilly - Remember it's FRIDAY!!! smile

Sar53 Fri 11-Oct-19 07:02:13

Good morning everyone from Essex by the sea, still dark outside. I've been under the weather this week, hopefully will be ok by Monday. My poor eldest daughter has had all three girls and her husband ill this week.
I'm off to the local hospital later for a visit with Occupational Health ready for starting as a volunteer. I have an induction day on Monday. I shall take the bus as parking at the hospital is difficult and expensive.
I hope everyone who is ill feels better soon. Have a pleasant day.

harrigran Fri 11-Oct-19 07:14:14

Good morning from a still dark but dry NE.
John Lewis have rung to say new mattress will be delivered at 7.30 which is good because I can get the room put straight and get on with the day.
Can't believe it is Friday, this week has flown by.
Good luck Marydoll.

desjumeaux17 Fri 11-Oct-19 07:26:22

Good morning all, its not looking too bad here and it feels warm too.

Oscar starts his puppy school this afternoon, I want him to grow into a well behaved dog, and not climb on the window sills.

NannyJan53 Fri 11-Oct-19 07:27:19

Good Morning from a dull but dry (so far) Black Country.

Had a lovely day yesterday, visiting my ex Manager, then onto Mums where we went out to our favourite village pub for lunch. Then onto a charity shop, where I purchased a pair of Hotter ankle boots for £10.00, still in box, never been worn smile

No real plans today, may see how weather is and join the Friday morning Walking for Health walk, or go to the gym.

Good luck Marydoll hope it all goes well today and they do the angiogram,

NanKate Fri 11-Oct-19 07:27:49

Morning Mick and All.

Grey and damp in South Bucks.

Fingers crossed Mary 🤞

How are things going with the bed topper Kitty, is it like the tropics at your house ?

Taking my sister out for coffee. We talked non stop yesterday as we had 2 years if news to catch up on!

NanKate Fri 11-Oct-19 07:28:24

Of news not if news.

ninathenana Fri 11-Oct-19 07:37:24

Good morning all.
Dry and blustery in Kent and still fairly dark.
Food shop this morning with DH and DS who only ever comes when he wants something. This time it's Halloween costume for the party his group are having.
Good luck Marydoll
I hope all who are under the weather feel much better soon.

cornergran Fri 11-Oct-19 07:39:59

Morning Mick, morning All from a tediously wet and windy corner of Somerset. Off to visit a housebound friend this morning, seems some roads are flooded, will need to see how it goes. Good luck marydoll, hope Friday is kind to everyone.

MawB Fri 11-Oct-19 07:56:29

Flying visit -good morning all!
I am temporarily on cuddle duty for a fluffy headed little 6 months old “bundle” in a sleeping bag while his mummy has a shower👶 He is so cheerful in the mornings- all gurgles and smiles. (When do we lose that, because I certainly ain’t! Except with him)
They go home today 😢😢

Ginny42 Fri 11-Oct-19 08:03:46

Good morning Mick and all. I'm still in Spain where the weather is incredibly hot, unseasonably so I'm told. Got a busy day, but wanted to send good luck wishes to Marydoll. Hope things go well for you and anyone else feeling unwell.

May go off to the coast later for the weekend as it will be several degrees cooler. I'm back to the UK wet and windy weather next week so have to make the most of it. A boost to the immune system for the UK winter.

gillybob Fri 11-Oct-19 08:04:33

Good morning from the NE coast where the sky is just starting to brighten. A fine day on the cards according to the Met office.

Well I am so glad I finally got that damned washing machine fixed . 2 loads down and 2 more to go the house resembles Wishy Washy’s Chinese Laundry. I don’t have a tumble dryer so it’s bannister rails and the clothes horse and over the doors for the big towels (which works a treat) . I’ve decided that
if /when it breaks down again I will, have to have a new one but I shall remove all the new parts that we have bought and display them like objects of art ! I have earmarked the door seal for the top of the stairs grin

Well I’m just finishing my cuppa then off to “that place” for another mind blowingly thrilling morning. TGI Friday I don’t think I could take another day this week. How wonderful it must be to look forward to every day as it comes instead of just two. Then I will be taking my dad for his shopping and probably having a cuppa and a sandwich in Costa’s as is his favourite routine . I might cook DH something nice for supper if he’s in a better mood than of late. Bless him I know he can’t help being poorly .

Anyhoo..... enough of my ramblings, I hope everyone feeling poorly feels better soon and Mary I hope they can do you angiogram and get it out of the way. Do try not to cough!

Welcome to desjumeaux and your naughty puppy dog. He is very cute though . I would find it impossible to tell him off.

Enjoy trying out your new mattress Harrigran wink wink

And to everyone else with plans or not...have a great Friday (if Heineken made days, it would probably be the best day of the week) grin xx

Lins1066 Fri 11-Oct-19 08:05:24

Good Morning from a wet and windy S Welsh coast.
DS just Whatsapped to see if we could have his cavalier spaniel for the day, she is such a darling and good company.

More rain through our leaking roof yesterday. No dry day in view for the roofer to fix it either.
Hope all you have your scan Marydoll
You are very good to visit your friend cornergran.
Enjoy your cuddle Kitty.

And gilly 🎉🎉👍, no need to say it, but I will anyway - TGIF.

Greyduster Fri 11-Oct-19 08:08:29

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Gloomy and wet this South Yorkshire morning. I have promised DH a pie today, so have some cooking to do. I may make soup while I am about it. Have a good day folks.

Grammaretto Fri 11-Oct-19 08:10:05

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Sunshine!!
We're on the bus to the hospital for DH scan today. He's lost his voice and has a cough. Probably not much time to sample the Edinburgh scene.
Tonight a small dinner party for visiting friends.
Good luck Marydoll though I'm not sure luck is the right word.
Throw off your coughs!! waves wand flowers

Lins1066 Fri 11-Oct-19 08:15:41

Oops that was Maw doing the cuddling, not really awake yet.
Hope everyone has a good day whatever you're doing.
Feeling just a tad jealous of your Spanish sunshine Ginny42, make the most of it.

BlueSapphire Fri 11-Oct-19 08:27:51

Good morning all from a wet and windy Northampton. Glad that I cut the back grass yesterday after I got back from the hairdressers.

Rang the plumber at 11am - he was here at 12, and stopped the leak. Cloakroom loo completely unusable now - crack in cistern so I definitely need a new one. Shall go for a whole new cloakroom which late DH and I had been intending to do at some time anyway. Bathroom fitter is coming this evening to have a look. I know I shall be put on a waiting list for the work to be done as this man is well known for his excellent work - he did our family bathroom and en-suite a few years ago.

Wondering whether to brave the weather this morning for my usual trip to Sainsburys and M&S Food. Then school run (or rather walk) to pick DGD up this afternoon.

Hope all goes well for MaryDoll, and everyone else who is poorly.

Resurgam123 Fri 11-Oct-19 08:29:11

Good Morning All. Another wet day.and very grey skies. And all I can say is I am feeling slightly less poorly.

Susan56 Fri 11-Oct-19 08:33:53

Good morning from Shropshire.Another rainy day but nothing like the bad weather you are having cornergran.
Our granddaughter has just woken up,school is making her tired.We had to be up early as we have someone coming to collect some items we no longer want.
School run at lunchtime then lunch out and library.They have a section of new releases on one week loan so I am trying to get into the habit of going each week rather than adding to my book mountain.This is week two,watch this space!!
Really hope you get the angiogram done Mary🤞🏻
Happy Friday gilly💃🏻🍾🥂
Hope everyone unwell starts to feel better and all have the best day possible.

Anniebach Fri 11-Oct-19 08:52:59

Great morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x