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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen...

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soop Sat 12-Oct-19 12:28:41

Here we are again...
happy as can be...
All good pals and jolly good company.


soop Sat 12-Oct-19 12:30:46

So sorry to keep you waiting on the doormat. I wasn't expecting to need to open this newer, smarter, roomier, cosier, welcoming kitchen right this minute.

wine brew cupcake flowers sunshine for the sharing of...

Carillion01 Sat 12-Oct-19 12:31:16

Hello dear soop, another wonderful, warm, welcoming place to be xxx💐💐💐

soop Sat 12-Oct-19 12:45:29

Bless you, Carillion. Is it too early to enjoy a glass of chilled bubbly? Nay! 'Course not. Slainte!

Synonymous Well done - one further step forward for Mr Syn. He'll be taking to the dance floor later in the year. grin

Welcome, Namsnanny and Liaise...the more the merrier.

Maw So sorry...a senior moment! Otis is absolutely huggable and adorable. Aren't we all so lucky. sunshine

Ann Please continue to enjoy all the well deserved treats that present themselves. Us lot are chuffed.

Naturally, having come to the new kitchen sooner than I anticipated, I am not yet up to date with all the latest news from the previous kitchen. I call that - par for the course. wink

Panache Sat 12-Oct-19 13:21:37

Am feeling honoured to join you all in yet another new kitchen where love and caring go hand in hand.As always it gleams and is a picture of comfort and warmth.

So pleased you have returned safely Soop and your MacS from those long and draining Hospital visits.They do tend to dominate our life as we grow older and there is little we can do about that, except smile sweetly, and hope with all our heart that each outcome is a reasonably good one.

I have obviously lost out on the closing chapters of the last kitchen so I regret if I have lost out on any big news or developments.

We have had an enjoyable........and meaningful Harvest Supper in our establishment where we were very well treated once again.

The good news is we are hoping for signed contracts before the end of the month,music to our ears.

Sadly though there is a lack of joy because my dear man certainly is feeling more and more unwellThe GP suspects either a spread of cancer to his lungs or possibly a heart issue, so we are back awaiting a multitude of tests,bloods,x rays etc............whilst he meets with his Consultant next month.Next thursday he again has his monthly treatment and I dread how this may add to his overall feeling.
I still have continued diverticulitis which is really taking its toll on me,plus the removal of a skin cancer has caused my leg to bleed excessively,swell and be a general pain.
It would seem our run of uplifts are nearing an end.

Hearing from a dear friend whom trained in the nursing profession alongside me,telling me her dear husband of just over 80 died a few days ago, has added to my heavy heart.
She has been such a star, nursing her husband for some 20 years...............and of course this has unleashed thoughts I would prefer to lay low at this moment in time.

So sorry to bring this touch of sadness when we know the kitchen to be such a haven,a real sanctuary for us all.

Sending blessings and love to all as always XX

soop Sat 12-Oct-19 13:29:34

Dear Panache, your latest update is a mixture of highs and lows, in spite of which, you come into our kitchen and always manage to give a comforting word to those in need.
Us lot admire you greatly. You are steadfast and caring and we all wish you and your dear husband some respite from the onslaught of old age and it's buggerations. flowers

dragonfly46 Sat 12-Oct-19 14:21:28

Panache so good to hear from you but so sorry to hear of your worries and trials. Life for you is so much easier in one way but so much harder in others. We are with you all the way though.

Maw Otis is gorgeous. I got a phone call from my 18 month old grandson yesterday. His daddy thought he was pretending but we certainly had a conversation of sorts.

Carillion sorry to hear about your cancelled appointment. There is nothing more frustrating I hope all goes well on Wednesday.

Synonymous I hope your DH's leg heals quickly so he can use his new one - it must be frustrating for him.

dragonfly46 Sat 12-Oct-19 14:24:48

I am still trying to get my head round the fact that my winter is going to be taken up with chemo and then radiotherapy. My surgeon, who I have utmost faith in is always cautious and she thinks I should have chemo. The good news is that I have a new oncologist who is absolutely lovely and spent a long time with us explaining everything. I now have to decide whether to cold cap of accept that I will lose my hair. As I do not have a lot of hair and it is going to be winter so I can wear hats I think losing hair is the way to go.

By the way my surgeon is Greek and my oncologist is German. I wish they would get this Brexit nonsense sorted out soon - we have so much to be thankful to Europe for.

soop Sat 12-Oct-19 15:09:47

dragonfly You have never been too far from my thoughts. I can understand your dismay at losing your hair. It may well grow back healthier after your treatment. A short "pixie" hair style can be very flattering. It's no joke! You are facing a tough time. If, the oncologist is understanding and you feel that you are able to trust her judgement, you will be supported throughout the treatment.
My oncolologist is also a lovely lady. Her name is Dr Iffat Rabnawaz. I shall be seeing her later this month when I have the infusion in Glasgow. We may also discuss the possibility of trying a substitue for Letrozole. It has knocked the stuffing out of me. Yet, I too am beyong grateful for all that is being done to keep the cancer from returning. flowers in abundance.

Susan56 Sat 12-Oct-19 15:18:42

I was away for 24 hours and have come back to a lovely new kitchen😊
Panache as others have said,life is a series of worries and trials for you but we are all here for you through it all.Sending you love,thoughts and prayers from myself and my husband.
Dragonfly,am so glad that you have good professionals to advise and see you through your treatment.
Well,in a moment of madness back in the summer,I agreed to do a 12 hour shift at the pharmacy I used to work in and the day is tomorrow😩As well as the very early start,I will be standing for 12 hours,am hoping for some quiet moments so I can have a sit down every now and then.Hopefully will pop in to see you all tomorrow evening😴
I missed the last day of happenings in the old kitchen so if I can just say TOYA

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:05:25

I had just found my way around the old kitchen when I discover I had to reach for an A to Z and move again-still I made it which is a minor miracle.

Another miserable day here- I cannot remember when we last saw sunshine.

I crawled out of bed at 9.30 am today thinking originally it was 8.30 am. I had to put the duvet over my head earlier because Tara was clawing at me to get up and let her out. I only have one pair of eyes but that does not bother her.

Is Otis Flynn's younger brother or have I lost the plot totally?

MawB Sat 12-Oct-19 17:14:43

Otis’s Mummy is DD3 and Flynn’s Mummy is DD2 charleygirl. And they live about 20 minutes from each other which is lovely for them.

soop Sat 12-Oct-19 17:50:52

Maw Thank you for enlightening me. I was thinking that they were brothers. So much going on in this kitchen of ours. So many babes and kiddywinks and teens...all precious...just as us lot are. wink

I am logging off until tomorrow. Have been watching the marvellous gymnasts performing eye-watering routines. If only I had an iota of their grace, skill and dexterity, I would jump for joy.

Please take good care of yourselves and try to have a relaxing Saturday evening. I shall join you again tomorrow.

TOYA smile moon

Charleygirl5 Sat 12-Oct-19 20:53:25

Thanks Maw, hopefully I will remember for a few days. Both are delightful.

I also was watching the gymnasts- unbelievable.

Sleep well everybody if at all possible.

Doodle Sat 12-Oct-19 20:54:02

Well hello the new kitchen. Warm and welcoming as ever. Thank you dear soop. I have just finished checking over the old kitchen (looking for any leftover cake or forgotten goodies but couldn’t find any 😢) and now made my way here.
maw Otis is a lovely chap (no we won’t tell anyone you posted them 😊)
panache so sorry there is some worrying news for you. It must be of comfort to you and MrP to know you are both safe in your new home. Hope MrP’s treatment doesn’t cause him to feel worse and hope your leg improves soon. Also hoping the contracts are signed and you can relax about that at least. Sorry to hear about your friend. A sad time for you. Thinking of you both x
dragonfly glad you have an oncologist you get on with. That is so important when going through medical care.
Hello to everyone else. I have read everything but cannot reply to all but thinking of you.
Anyone heard from Galen ? Not heard from her recently is she still on her cruise do you think?
Sleep well all. TOYA

GrannyGravy13 Sat 12-Oct-19 21:11:33

Good evening all, love the new kitchen.

I have been popping in and out but I am finding it difficult to keep up.

Maw love the picture,.

Panache as one door opens another closes, I wish you and your dear man well.

Dragonfly you are on a medical rollercoaster, be kind to yourself.

Have had a doing sort of day???

TOYA 💐💐💐

cornergran Sat 12-Oct-19 21:36:57

Evening All. Phew, found you. Thank you soop.

The plumber came and the shower is replaced. Hooray. It seems the internal stop cock is broken. How could that happen? No idea but he’s going to replace it and could just be moving in smile.

No one will be surprised that our friends discharge from hospital has been anything but smooth. We sorted the carers who are being superb. Just too much else that’s not right. Our friend is struggling, restless, upset and confused, her daughter hasn’t slept for 3 days and nights. It’s oh so frustrating not to be able to be of practical help. I could weep for them but that won’t help.

I’m so sorry about your loss, panache, it’s hard when our friends leave us. Look after yourselves, health issues are understandably worrying you again and I’m so pleased you are living in your new apartment with new friends round you. Next stop that sale contract.

I’m wondering how kittys ceiling is, hope being sorted.

There’s certainly a lot to adjust to dragonfly, having good professionals alongside you can only but help.

Good luck tomorrow susan. 12 hours on your feet? Ouch and double ouch.

Time to put the iPad away. I need more sleep than I managed last night.

TOYA and take care everyone.

Panache Sun 13-Oct-19 11:30:53

Good Sunday morning to my kitchen friends.

A rather dull,dreary and damp beginning to this day but as is usual these days it often brightens around lunch time,although as we are having a peaceful restful day the weather matters not!

Good news for your man Synonymous though I can well imagine "breaking in" a new limb ....all be it a will cause some friction needing patience,a bit like the new shoes and boots of old.Knowing his fortitude he will certainly come smiling through.
You now need to take time out me thinks!!

Just thinking of you Lin1066 and hoping for some relief from that poor back of yours,a condition I fully understand, although I think my problems maybe higher up.A gentle hug in order I think.

Dear Dragonfly it is going to be a long and hard wintertime it seems, but believing and liking those that treat you will give you a great head start............whilst just think,surely best having the treatment through these miserable winter months so that will be again in better spirits and health to meet spring and summer.
Losing one`s mane is of course something us ladies are concerned about but I totally agree that the new replacement hair is usually of a far superior quality.You again have the right attitude in saying over winter you can easily get away with wearing all manner of lovely hats and scarves,whilst never dismiss a wig which can truly be very realistic,or you could even treat yourself to a brand new style!!!!
Wishing you God Speed on this journey ahead,we shall not be far away!!!

Bless you all for your kind thoughts,it always helps and we do realise we have a better backing now than when our new problems first appeared.

Have yourselves a lovely peaceful day,TOYAxx

GrannyGravy13 Sun 13-Oct-19 11:46:43

Well I should be sorting out my fridge/feeezers, but what I am infact doing is sitting in my kitchen with a latte and reading GN.

I am always amazed at the wonderful support and friendship to be found in this kitchen, along with the GM thread and What have I done today it is just like having your mates in your own home.

I do wonder if we were to all be in the same room what the "decibels" would be?? I guess very high.

Wishing all with troubles and health problems a peaceful Sunday 💐💐💐

Izabella Sun 13-Oct-19 12:25:22

Well I was truly and confusingly lost for a while in town yesterday and was reunited with Mr. I courtesy of the local post office - so it is with a smug sense of achievement that I managed to find my way into the new kitchen. No crumbs to follow which confused the issue. However, I have just had a supervised baking session so will contribute mince pies. Experimental with new type of flour, part wheat part maize. Yellower and not as easy to work and needs less water to mix. They are early as I shall not be around for Christmas.

Panache what can I say? Life is so very up and down for you and yet you still manage to bring cheer and encouragement to the kitchen for the rest of us. You are special. Mr I and I both hope things calm for you both.

And dragonfly you have a hard road before you. One many have trodden before, and like you, looked on with fear and trepidation at the beginning. Try and rest and accept any help and support that is offered to you. flowers

Keyboard practice has changed tack a little on two fronts. The keyboard itself now has (surprise surprise) an array of post it notes as I am still struggling with recognising the lower notes of the bass clef. Stupid for someone who studied theory for years I know. I have also moved on to Beethoven as he seems to suit my mental angst more at the moment. We have a more understanding relationship than that of Bach's technicalities.
However, I can actually manage a half decent rendition of one particular prelude of his.

In contrast and to keep life interesting the walls have been resonating to a wonderful Ginger Baker drum solo during the week whilst everyone else was out (a rare occurance) I dont expect there are many of his fans in the kitchen but he was a true drumming innovator and technician and I am a fan. R.I.P. Ginger.

Enough of my ramblings. I hope I will be excused for omitting any relevant messages for everyone else struggling but rest assured TOYA (︶^︶)

soop Sun 13-Oct-19 13:40:19

Izabella You most certainly are not a "rambler". It's been said by so many of us lot more than once - you are inspirational. flowers

GrannyGravy From the day I opened kitchen number one and made new friends, my life was enriched. Thank you to every one of you. smile

Hello, dear Doodle. It's always a pleasure to have your company. Likewise, Panache and Charleyg

corner Hold fast to your plumber friend. Be gentle with him. wink

Charleygirl5 Sun 13-Oct-19 13:58:01

corner delighted to hear that the shower has been fixed again. If your house is like mine the list is never ending.

It is dull and miserable here as usual, there is a nip in the air so I have switched on the heating. If I could find the energy to fill the washing machine I would have a fighting chance of getting everything dried.

I may do something I rarely do and that is to have a shower mid afternoon and wash my hair so it can also dry. Looking at the TV listing Tara and I will be having yet another early night.

There are so many delightful photos of children, dogs and cats I would love looking after them temporarily. We would all have great fun.


Greyduster Sun 13-Oct-19 14:06:31

Hello the brand spanking new kitchen! Roast lamb is in the oven (had a momentary panic when I realised that I might not have a tin big enough to accommodate it, but managed to unearth one I only ever use at Christmas), cheese sauce for the cauliflower is made, so I am having five minutes.

Izabella I couldn’t describe myself as a fan of Ginger Baker but I did, with a party of friends, make a hair raising dash through the London night in a retired Post Office van, to see him play in a club shortly before he fell in with Eric Clapton. His playing was mesmerising. As for old JSB, well, I can’t blame you for abandoning him (temporarily, I’m sure!). I am not getting much further either! I am currently hammering my way through the Jerome Kern songbook instead.

Panache that you are now comfortably disposed and in good caring hands is a relief to us all. “Keep truckin’”, as they say😊!

Dragonfly 💐.

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon that turned, as they often do at this time of the year, into a fungus hunt! We found, among others, hares ears, shaggy ink caps, common earthballs, the wonderful fly agaric and, a first for me, the amethyst deceiver! Very pretty and apparently edible but hardly worth the effort. Who, I wondered idly, was brave enough to take the trouble to find out whether they were edible or worth the effort, or, indeed, poisonous? Or did they just use their significant others as guinea pigs? “A few Livid Entoloma with your breakfast bacon, dearest?” I opened up this theory to DH. He gave me a strange look! He had toast this morning😁!

Well, I will put the iPad down and go and look busy for a while. I will look in later. TOYA.

Nannytopsy Sun 13-Oct-19 17:24:03

Smart new kitchen! Chocolate fudge cake, raspberries and cream on the side. We have had the whole family plus two dogs this whole weekend, with mountains of food and a wine lake. They had all left by 2 o’clock and I’m afraid to say I have been asleep since! Let us hope the weather is kind to us this week - I think we need it! TOYA

soop Sun 13-Oct-19 17:30:40

Greyduster Your photos are beautiful. The shapes, colours, textures...all amazing. Which are edible? I wouldn't dare take a chance. Tesco sell ordinary looking types. I shall stick with them for my health's sake.
Do you have room for us lot to crowd in to help you do justice to the delicious meal you have prepared? hmm I thought not. That means we'll be having a simple Sunday evening supper...egg and cheese on toast with a home-grown tomato on the side. grin

Charleyg It's a grey day in Kintyre. Never mind, it will soon be time to get cosy and enjoy a relaxing evening.

My thoughts are with every one of our kitcheners who happens to be dealing with a buggeration of one kind or another. We are here for each other.

Until tomorrow - smile moon