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on your own. How do you occupy yourselves

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craftyone Wed 16-Oct-19 19:47:05

Grey miserable weather days, how do you occupy yourself if you are the only one at home, all day?

GrandmaMoira Wed 16-Oct-19 20:04:02

Unless it is very wet, most days I go to the shops if only for some fresh fruit or bread and may browse the charity shops. If I stay in I catch up on housework and am still organising my house from my move months ago. I read a lot and waste a lot of time online. I put the TV on in the evening.

Oopsminty Wed 16-Oct-19 20:06:59

Bath in the morning. Play on the Internet. Watch Jeremy Vine. Usually have a phone call or 2 from chums. Chat to my daughter who's down south on Whatsapp. Oh and I play Fortnite. Which won't appeal to most. But I'm rather good at it now ;-)

Gonegirl Wed 16-Oct-19 20:08:07

Respect! (Being able to play that!)

fizzers Wed 16-Oct-19 20:10:24

I do lots of things, have a lie in, have a luxurious bath or shower, 'beautify' myself with face packs etc, give myself a pedicure, sort my clothes out, bagging some up for the charity shop, clean out 'junk' drawers and cupboards - or some other seldom done job, do the normal washing, vacuuming, dusting. Shop or browse online, do any banking that I need to do. Text or email friends, talk or message my daughter and my sister, catch up on tv programmes I have recorded, or binge watch films and series on Netflix, sometimes have a snooze, play games on Facebook, chat to Facebook friends via messenger, read books, read online newspapers...

Gonegirl Wed 16-Oct-19 20:10:30

See, I can't let myself watch daytime tv. Which is really silly. Some of it looks good quality these days. Wish I could shake off this self imposed ban. hmm

Gonegirl Wed 16-Oct-19 20:12:34

I'm tired just reading that fizzers.

emmasnan Wed 16-Oct-19 20:15:44

I sew, knit, read, volunteer on a helpline (from home), catch up on housework. Sometimes I do the things I normally try to avaid such as ironing, sorting cupboards etc.
I don't watch day time tv but do listen to the radio a lot.

grannyactivist Wed 16-Oct-19 20:17:04

In my spare time I like to do Family History research for people. Unfortunately, even though I am alone for a lot of the time I am usually busy with work and juggling a busy household and family so I never get to spend as much time on it as I would like to do. Because I'm not very well at the moment I find I don't have the concentration needed to focus on my research.

I rarely have the TV on at all, much less during the day, but I do try to catch up on iPlayer if there's anything that captures my imagination.

Sunnyoutlook Wed 16-Oct-19 20:31:09

I love the internet for news, eBay and looking up the history of my childhood home area. Also love reading, I belong to a book club but home and women's magazines are good too. But you must get outdoors each day whatever the weather to shop or just a pleasant walk. You'll feel more connected to life and meet some pleasant people even if just to say good morning to. I'm involved looking after a young grand daughter 2 days a week but it's important to factor in some time for yourself. Even if it's just a lovely bubble bath every day.

kittylester Wed 16-Oct-19 20:35:01

I am rarely alone with nothing pressing to do but when I can indulge myself I watch catch up tv.

jusnoneed Wed 16-Oct-19 22:25:34

Not often I get a day to myself since OH retired but I sometimes take the opportunity to turn out cupboards while I'm able to spread stuff around without someone needing to do something in the same place!
Trawling the internet, chatting with friends or family online. I also transcribe parish and church records for an online site plus census records for its sister site.
Knitting is another thing that fills some time, plus I always have at least one book on the go.
Catching up on housework and cooking too.

dragonfly46 Wed 16-Oct-19 22:31:12

If I have the time I cook for the freezer, play word games online with my DD, sort out my wardrobes, write emails to friends and play escape games on the computer.

BlueBelle Wed 16-Oct-19 22:46:06

I don’t really have days with nothing to do I volunteer three days have lunch or coffee with friends, do my garden, go to the street, go food shopping, go to the allotment, take a walk or cycle ride, walk on the beach
If I did have a day in I d sort a room or cupboard out do a bit of craft or painting play some internet games watch a bit of tV

MiniMoon Wed 16-Oct-19 22:48:17

DH works during the afternoon/evening three or four days a week. While he's out I read the news and visit Gransnet. I do watch TV, I like Money for Nothing, and the house hunting shows. blush
I play solitaire and Scrabble on my tablet, I prefer the puzzle games to any of the others.

grannyticktock Wed 16-Oct-19 22:49:11

I would like to be able to tell you that when it's too wet to go out, I clean and tidy my house, sort my paperwork and banking, mend broken items and do the ironing. In fact I am more likely to noodle around on internet forums, do a bit of baking and eat some of the results, phone friends or family, play the ukulele, and fall asleep in front of Pointless (which I suppose might count as multi-tasking!)

Fiachna50 Thu 17-Oct-19 01:29:07

I read mainly. I watch films or programmes I have recorded. Catch up on emails and any other media Im on. I watch/listen to stories on YouTube. I go out just for a coffee if the house is driving me nuts. Provide care for my grandchild some days, which means I collect them from school. Go to the library and if there is a film on in the cinema that husband does not fancy, I go myself. On the odd occasion I go to a theatre matinee, but really depends whats on. Art galleries and museums I go to, unless it's really awful weather and I can't be bothered going out for a bus. Sometimes I bake or make soup.

BradfordLass72 Thu 17-Oct-19 06:28:39

From the

Vicar’s Wife “Now that you can’t get about, and are not able to read, how do you manage to occupy the time?”

Old Man. “Well, ma'am, sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.“

giulia Thu 17-Oct-19 06:38:24

My one time alone is early morning before my husband gets up (he NEVER goes out!).

I first look at Gransnet while the tea is brewing but then I Always attempt a new level on Candycrush - I swear it stimulates my brain!

Then I read or re-read a book until hubby gets up and I can start making a noise.

craftyone Thu 17-Oct-19 06:44:17

I suppose its rather different being widowed and being alone every day, as you can tell I do have very many crafts so can keep busy but sometimes one day just turns into the next. I walk to the shops and take my bike out but not when the weather is grim

I have been exceedingly busy for well over a year, downsizing stuff, selling and packing up my 4 bed house and moving. I am settled in now, was very busy over the summer, hammer and tongs to get the garden structure into shape. That adrenaline fuelled time finished and I came back down to a life that is slow and I suppose, will be normal for the future

It is me adapting, nice days are relatively easy to fill, gardening, bus trip out, cycle ride etc but grim days are quite hard. Today I am going to a crafting group and will soon start tai chi

It is too tempting for me to sit and browse the internet. I shall have to set myself a project or challenge each day, so I go to bed feeling that the day has been positive

Sara65 Thu 17-Oct-19 06:49:48

The only day I ever get to myself is Saturday, and even then I’ve quite often got visiting family, or minding younger children while older ones go off to sports competitions.

So I clean, wash, iron, try to get everything done before Strictly.

If I had a day off with no demands on my time, I’d read, maybe take myself off to one of the places I never seem to have time to visit, even though they’re close by, I’m also a no daytime television person, so if it was horrible weather, light the fire, and crochet while listening to the radio.

Blencathra Thu 17-Oct-19 06:52:49

I love a day to myself- I don’t get enough of them.
Catch up on emails, read, do family history, rearrange cupboards, cook, sew, catch up on my never ending ‘to do’ list.

Grannyknot Thu 17-Oct-19 07:14:34

Oh, the joy of the house to myself.

I stay in bed later than usual, and read my book.

Then I might knit for a while and now and again look out the window into the garden.

Yesterday, I took the small mountain of pillowcases out of the linen cupboard and matched all the pairs. Very mindful activity! (The odd ones are going to the charity shop).

Sometimes I might go for a little stroll on my high street, 5 minutes away.

I actually like it on a day when I don't have to do much talking so I dodge my neighbours .

Marydoll Thu 17-Oct-19 07:19:09

I don't usually have a day on my own, as my husband is usually about and we often have family and friends passing through! Ours is a very busy household and there are times when I crave solitude.

Things like reading, sewing, catching up with emails is usually done when my husband is about.
However, I love when he plays golf, as I take the opportunity to clear out wardrobes and cupboards, without him moaning about the mess and the extremely large numbers of shoes I have! grin

EllanVannin Thu 17-Oct-19 09:21:22

I don't know, but the time flies !

By the time I've had my breakfast, fed the cats, washed their bowls, tidied up, ironed a few bits, perhaps got the washing on, made the bed, maybe baked a cake, looked in at the crime forum----it's lunchtime.

Check emails, make a phone-call, read the local newspaper, decide what to have for tea, spend a bit of time on here and deal with whatever crops up during the day. Keep up to speed with Birthdays by checking the calendar .

Each day is different so never bored nor do I feel lonely ( I don't have the time to ) Teatime news and another 6 penn'orth of internet, bed around 10.30-11 at the latest.

Nip to local shop in between or full shop at Asda.Feed cats again at teatime. As I said, no two days are the same. I feel as though I'm on the go from morning 'till night.