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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 17-Oct-19 06:16:46

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but looking dry here in Brackley at the present moment.
My usual day on the buses to Buckingham and then Bicester vice versa .
Bit of a shop , and general browse.
Got my clues for my mystery one night away coach trip , weekend after next .

giulia Thu 17-Oct-19 06:33:57

Good morning Michael,

An hour ahead of you here, in the country North of Rome. The sun is peering timidly over the Appenine and weather prospects are looking good.

Am preparing my lessons for today: I still teach English privately and the ages vary from 12 to 70+ (beginner).

Have planted tulip bulbs and dwarf daffodils for the spring and today I will buy dwarf cyclamen in a mix of red and
white as a start for Christmas.

My best wishes to those of you with health problems.

kittylester Thu 17-Oct-19 06:53:03

Morning from a dark, chilly North Leicestershire.

Sainsbury's this morning while our cleaner does her thing then child minding in Derby.

Worried that we heard nothing from gilly.

Let us know if you solve your clues, Mick.

Marydoll Thu 17-Oct-19 06:55:22

Buongiorno Mick and giulia from a dark and chilly Glasgow.

Another day of incarceration for me today. My DH has a long standing lunch arrangement and I'm encouraging him to go, as he has been quite low, since his brother's recent death and my deteriorating ill health.
The plan was that my SIL and I along with DGD would have a day out, with her being chief lifter of DGD and carrier of shopping bags. The best laid plans.....

My wee granddaughter had to be put on steroids last night and I am still struggling with these awful meds. I must persevere or deal the consequences.
My sister in law will come round and be chief carer, instead of going on our grand adventure.

guilia, I have lots of bulbs to plant for a spring display, but haven't got the energy to even put on my wellies to venture into the garden. I'm sure you don't have that problem, wet, soggy ground! grin

I'm becoming increasingly more worried about the gillybobs, it's so unlike gilly not to post.

Lins, I hope you are having some relief from your pain.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, everyone.

Marydoll Thu 17-Oct-19 06:55:51

Good morning to you too, Kitty!

nonnasusie Thu 17-Oct-19 07:00:51

Good morning all. As Giulia says it looks as if it's going to be a lovely day here in Italy. It's a bit chilly at the moment though.

I am going for my last injection today. I have had to have 10 hopefully to help the pain in my back due to 3 herniated discs! I have to get them done in the local shop as here you collect the prescription and then have to find someone to give them to you rather than the doctors surgery!!

After that it's off to town to sort out some paperwork! Hope you all have a lovely day!

harrigran Thu 17-Oct-19 07:10:39

Good morning from the NE where it is dry but cool.
I spent most of yesterday sorting stuff we brought back from Cumbria and now my back and joints are complaining.
The gillybobs are constantly in my thoughts and I am worried. Sending a hug and a shoulder to lean on gilly.
Take care Marydoll and accept help.

Resurgam123 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:12:54

Good morning all. It seems too early and too wet to even get out of bed but I have an appointment at 10pm. Will the husband get out in time. ?

Beechnut Thu 17-Oct-19 07:14:50

Good Morning everyone.
Light clouds and a red sky as the sun is rising.

Off to the next town this morning so I think I will do my food shop a day early.

Where do you think you are going Mick?

Thinking of gilly and hope that you all enjoy the day 🌻

Lisagran Thu 17-Oct-19 07:20:01

I don’t usually post on this thread, but popping in to see if there’s any news from Gillybob. I do hope all is well. Best wishes to you and your family, Gillybob; thinking of you x

mancgirl Thu 17-Oct-19 07:22:07

Good morning one and all from northern Costa Blanca. The sun is just about to make an appearance, temperature forecast to be 27°. This afternoon I'm going to watch international show jumping, a wonderful event - and free of charge! Wishing you all a good day whatever you will be

NannyJan53 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:23:10

Good Morning from a dry with clear sky Black Country!

It was a very interesting day at Bletchley Park yesterday. We had a guided tour for an hour outside, but church bells were ringing almost constantly and I struggled to hear! We didn't get to see all of it, but you get a ticket that allows you to return for no extra charge.

No real plans for today, so I will just go with the flow.

I am concerned there has been no update from gilly I really hope all is ok.

Take care Marydoll each day hopefully you will feel a little stronger.

dragonfly46 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:32:33

Good morning from a dry Leicestershire, at least so far.

Coffee with friends this morning, another couple who think as we do so every Thursday we sort out the state of the country.

Sending love and best wishes to Gillybob, Marydoll and Lins.

BlueSapphire Thu 17-Oct-19 07:40:40

Good morning everyone from a clear-skied Northampton. I may go out and do some tidying up in the garden this morning. Perhaps the fresh air will wake me up a bit! Or I may stay in, change the bedding, and Hoover upstairs.

Ballet class after lunch, return library books, and then Sainsbury's will deliver a bit later.

Hope all have a good day.

Susan56 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:44:10

Good morning from Shropshire where it looks like it’s going to be another dry day.
We had our granddaughter to stay last night.She usually comes on a Thursday but they have a rehearsal tonight for a wedding on Saturday where she is flower girl and our daughter is bridesmaid.She was most upset when told she wouldn’t be having her sleepover so we dashed over to collect her after school yesterday.
Today we are going to Cheshire to see mum.Daughter and children coming too so great excitement for great grandma to meet baby Henry.
Marydoll,sending get well wishes for you and your little granddaughter🎉🍫
I too am worrying about Gilly and her husband.I really hope things are improving for them.Sending love Gilly.x

NanKate Thu 17-Oct-19 07:47:01

Morning Mick and All.

A nicer looking morning here in South Bucks.

What a shame NannyJ about the church bells at Bletchley Park.

Perhaps Marydoll it is helping your s-in-l with her grief by being busy and helping you. I’m glad they have started some treatment for your wee DGD hope she too begins to recover.

Off to deliver my first Red Box Project at a local school to provide disadvantaged girls with sanitary products. My WI have come up trumps and I have had no trouble raising the money to get this scheme off the ground.

Another waiting for positive news from the Gillybobs.

Urmstongran Thu 17-Oct-19 08:09:04

Good morning everyone from Oldham where we have a dry start and the sun is shining! It’s the end of my little visit - the 3 musketeers will be setting of home from Plockton in an hour or so and are expected back here around 6pm. We then set off home, dropping my father off on the way.

I’ve enjoyed my stay very much - here’s to next October providing of course everyone of us keeps our health.

I’m mindful we haven’t heard from gillybob and like you all, am hoping for better news soon of her husband.

Hopefully Thursday will be kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Grammaretto Thu 17-Oct-19 08:11:54

Morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. So far it's a beautiful autumn day, cold and sunny.
Someone is padding about in the kitchen - probably being a useful houseguest and making the porridge. showing me up as a lousy host

I have been anxious about Gilly too.
Sorry your little GD is on steroids Marydoll but let's hope they work!
I've been frustrated by being locked out of the account where I see my DGC photos and videos. I can't log in for some reason and there's nobody around under a certain age to help.
Have a lovely day if you can and I look forward to seeing a photo of those bulbs when they bloom Giulia

Lins1066 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:15:52

Good Morning from the S Welsh coast where the sun is coming up and there are some pink streaked clouds.
Thank you Marydolland*dragonfly*.
Hope you and your granddaughter feel better soon Marydoll.
I am off to the hospital for X-rays this morning which I hope will show the Consultant what to do next.
Was hoping to meet our DIL for a coffee as she is a doctor there, but she is going to a medical conference in Barcelona today until Tuesday. Never mind.
Hope all have a safe and pleasant day whatever you're doing.
Best Wishes and hugs to you gilly.

Annapops Thu 17-Oct-19 08:15:59

Haven't posted on here for ever so long but I too am very concerned about Gilly. Wishing her, and all others who are unwell or in difficult circumstances, some much deserved relief.

Nortsat46 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:16:26

Good morning, Mick and all who follow.
I am also hoping for news from gillybob.
Marydoll, sorry to hear it's another day indoors. Good news that your wee GD will begin to benefit from the steroids. I have 'complex' asthma and know the utter relief that steroids bring, when you are no longer fighting for every breath.
NanKate congrats on your success with the Red Box project, such a simple idea, with such obvious benefits.

A walk for me this morning and then lunch with a friend.

Good thoughts to all today, especially those facing challenges. 💐

EllanVannin Thu 17-Oct-19 08:17:51

Good Morning All x
A fine sunny morning so far, tempting enough to do a bit of washing.
My brain's working overtime trying to work out what'll be best to help out with the family. If only I had an extra room ! The teenage twins need stability/guidance and their school is nearer to where I live than they do. They're both manageable children and I wouldn't mind them staying with me. I'll have to invest in a couple of blow-up beds !

I have my INR this morning but I can't envisage it being where it's supposed to be as my emotional state seems to affect the outcome/result, ah well, worse things at sea. It's not as though I'm not used to dealing with a crisis.

I wish Gillybob would give us a couple of lines just to say she's muddling along alright if nothing else. I think about her as she's a hard worker, bless her.

Hope all is well with everyone and that the day goes well.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:26:02

Goodmorning Mick and all x

The sun is trying to chase away the clouds here in SE Essex.

My thoughts are with gillybob, I to am getting increasingly worried at the lack of any news.

Marydoll I hope your GD is improving, steroids usually "kick in" quickly, sorry you are struggling with your medications, growing old is not for wimps is it?

Lins hope your pain isn't so bad today.

Goodmorning Anniebach 💐

I am off to Lakeside shopping centre today to start my Christmas Shopping, a necessity as we are not around during November.

Prayers for the gillybobs 💐💐

dragonfly46 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:27:31

I hope your appointment goes well Lins.

Maybe blow up beds are the answer for a short tim Ellan until the family get back on an even keel. What a wonderful Great granny you are. Not sure what an INR is but hope it goes well.

Brunette10 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:40:17

A late Good Morning from Fife where it is lovely and sunny. Have some shopping to do today and that's it so will take my time rather than rushing about. Marydoll, I feel for you, you must be getting pretty fed up not being able to get out and about. As everyone else it's not like like gilly not to be posting even a short message I do hope everything is ok. Us grans are busy women one way or another, take care everyone and hope those with problems get through today.