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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 18-Oct-19 06:25:13

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark, and its wet here in Brackley this morning.
my weekly shop with extras as my sister is coming down and staying in the guest room facility.
Today , pop into Banbury, and then come home and have a quiet day.

kittylester Fri 18-Oct-19 06:36:34

Morning mick, morning all.

Apparently it is raining in North Leicestershire! I can tell by the soggy cat that just jumped onto the bed - that will be the bed that I changed yesterday!angry

DD3 and her 3 children are coming to stay for a couple of nights while her partner decorates 2 of the bedrooms. Wish me luck!

I'm getting concerned about gilly.

kittylester Fri 18-Oct-19 06:37:30

Sorry, mick, I meant to say that I hope you gave a lovely time with your sister.

Ginny42 Fri 18-Oct-19 06:39:51

Good morning Mick and all who follow. It's still dark here but I've been awake and on the go since about 4 a.m. as I fell asleep too early last night.

I have the funeral of an ex colleague this morning, which will be sad but I am glad that she is now out of all pain and discomfort. It will also be a reunion of many colleagues over 25 years, so it will lighten the mood somewhat catching up with some people again. We used to tease her about her love of all things purple and her family have requested that we wear something purple. Nice touch.

Meeting a friend for afternoon tea and a catch up later as I've been away.

Hoping we get some news from Gillybob today and that everyone feeling poorly, sad or worried starts to pick up.

ninathenana Fri 18-Oct-19 06:58:58

Morning everyone.

Drizzly in Kent this morning, usual Friday food shop and not a lot else.

Enjoy your time with your sister Mick I too am concerned for gilly

nonnasusie Fri 18-Oct-19 07:04:18

Good morning from foggy Italy. It's cool at the moment but hopefully will warm up when the sun burns through the clouds.
The injections I had were
done by a local woman who owns the shop I mentioned. The doctor only has surgery 3 times a week in our village so she isn't available to do it!
Giulia I am south of Rome, not far from Cassino.
Hope you all have a good start to the weekend.

Beechnut Fri 18-Oct-19 07:09:02

Good Morning everyone.
It’s dark and has been raining here on Severnside.

Your cat knew you’d changed the bed kitty.

Taking my friends friend shopping this morning. I’ll probably do a few rows of knitting this afternoon and potter.

I too have gilly thoughts.
I hope you all have a lovely day 🌻

Sar53 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:09:37

Good morning everyone from a still dark Essex by the sea. Both of us a bit under the weather so good job it's nearly the weekend.
Food shopping this morning for me and DH has a meeting in London.
I do hope we hear from Gillybob today.
Have a good day everyone.

Brunette10 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:09:38

Good Morning from a dark Fife, no idea what the weather is like at the moment. Yes I'm thinking of gilly too I hope everything is ok, she will get back to us when she can I'm sure. nonnasusie you are so lucky - enjoy. We have our DGS's today so I hope it stays dry to get out and about with them. Hope everyone has a good day.

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 18-Oct-19 07:14:48

Good morning from east London, not raining at the moment but could just be a momentary lapse. Off to Bridlington today for the half term holiday, London seems to be a week ahead of a lot of other places. It’s a get together family holiday, 8 adults and two girls this year, but DS can’t come as his uni reading week isn’t til next week. Collecting GD at lunchtime from school and taking her with us as DD has to work this weekend and will join us on Monday. Hoping to get some decent walking in. Have the best day you can.

Resurgam123 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:18:51

Good Morning All. This dreadful cough and sore throat is still with me and won't go away.
I feel awful and I have been awake for ages.
Cold and damp in Cheshire.
I can't really manage the choir music we have lined up.
It is way beyond anything I have done before. Others have done it before. Sorry to moan my back is playing up.
I was awake horribly early and got out of bed.
Sitting in a different chair helps.
.At least I might feel better when I have my hair cut his morning. I would say I had been letting myself go.

NannyJan53 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:21:15

Good Morning from a still dark, but dry Black Country,

Just back from taking Partner to the train station, now having a quiet half hour with a cup of coffee

Walking for Health walk this morning, the housework this afternoon.

I hope we hear news from gilly this morning, she is in all our thoughts I know.

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend with your sister Mick

Lins1066 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:22:47

Good Morning from the S Welsh coast. Heavy rain throughout the night and it is still like a monsoon out there.
I had the X-rays yesterday which showed 2 fractured vertebrae, I was fitted with a back brace which will be worn for 4-6 weeks. Slept a little better last night. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Hope everyone will have a lovely day. Here's another thinking about gilly.

EllanVannin Fri 18-Oct-19 07:25:28

Good Morning Mick and All x
Put my nose out earlier but it's so dark I can't see what it's doing out. Nearer the garden as I let the cats out it looked damp so it must have rained overnight. Doesn't appear to be too cold though.

D and I had a mooch around the shops in the village yesterday and on our way home D decided to look in the cancer charity shop and there was the most beautiful dining table and chairs, perfect condition, solid oak ( I think ) priced at £150, so out came her purse. As she was about to pay, the assistant then said £80 ! It had been in the shop for 2 weeks so a reduction was necessary. A done deal which then also included a lovely German make cabinet which matched. D was delighted as she's also having work done on her house and in between working GS is decorating the dining room in readiness.
It really gave her a lift from worrying times. I can offload some nik-naks for her cabinet !

All I want now is to know that the Gillybobs are alright, just a couple of lines will do to say they're okay. Hope so.

Keep well everyone and careful as you go.

BTW, to Dragonfly, the INR I had yesterday is a blood-test to test the clotting time while I'm on warfarin----it was high unfortunately which means that the blood isn't going to clot easily if I had an injury so I'd be prone to bleeding. Warfarin intake has had to be reduced and I go back in 2 weeks time. It was the highest it have ever been at 4.03 instead of the ideal 2.5. A bleed can happen anywhere and it scared me somewhat.

Kalu Fri 18-Oct-19 07:30:27

Good morning from a still dark but a dry and mild Glasgow.

Sending you love and strength for whatever you are having to deal with just now Gilly

Hope you and your DG have a better day today Marydoll

aggie Fri 18-Oct-19 07:39:32

Good Morning all , it is starting to get light and looks dry . I am up early to get ready for painting class , but on here instead
Sending best wishes to everyone poorly , especially Marydoll and Gillybob*

BlueSapphire Fri 18-Oct-19 07:45:22

Good morning from a grey and damp Northampton. I was hoping for a few dry days so that I can cut the grass again but it will have to wait.

A visit to M&S food and Sainsbury's for coffee this morning and to choose something nice for my dinner tomorrow night. Pick up DGD from school this afternoon and am planning on making pancakes together.

Hope things get sorted soon for you Ellen and Lins, and that we hear good news from Gilly.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 18-Oct-19 07:48:43

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Have a good weekend with your sister Mick.

Grey and blustery here in SE Essex, rain on its way apparently.

EV hope you get your wharfarin sorted out.

Marydoll hope you and your GD are feeling better.

Sar53, take it easy.

I am also doing food shopping this morning, which is my excuse for not to go to the gym. I haven't got any energy, probably overdone things lately, so I shall pace myself the next couple of days.

The gillybobs have been uppermost in my thoughts.

If you are reading, but not posting gillybob I send you a virtual shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and hugs aplenty 💐💐💐

Keep safe folks x

DoraMarr Fri 18-Oct-19 07:54:23

Good morning from a damp but brightening Birmingham. Two grandchildren will be arriving soon for breakfast and a day spent in the park and afterwards, probably, making “roads” from my sofa cushions. They are both staying overnight, too. I’m going to have a quiet Saturday.
I went to see the marvellous “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (NT) at the arts centre last night- it was hard to resist clapping at the end.
I hope everyone has a good day.

NanKate Fri 18-Oct-19 07:54:34

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy day in South Bucks.

Enjoy your time with your sister Mick. When mine visited last week she said I looked better since I had put on weight 🤨 in fact I had lost a stone since I saw her last !

Nipping to the shops before forcing myself to do some paperwork.

Everything crossed 🤞for Gillybob.

I’m wishing you luck Kitty 🍀

Urmstongran Fri 18-Oct-19 07:58:29

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it has rained during the night but it’s mild so we still haven’t put the heating on yet. Just a cardigan ha!

It’s half term in Trafford this afternoon for a week so to start it off our 7y old grandson is coming for a sleepover. I don’t know who is more excited - him or me! He loves to have a bath here, pj’s on and pizza with a film. Grandad will be off to the club with my father so it’s just us chickens.

It’s not the same today without gillybobs Friday cartoon. It feels all wrong today somehow.

Glad you’re back feels better Lins and I hope you feel in better spirits Resurgam after you’ve had your hair done. Chronic pain must be awful. I’m sure it must make you feel low.

Hope Friday is kind to us all whether we have plans or none. x

dragonfly46 Fri 18-Oct-19 08:08:01

Good morning from a damp Leicestershire but the sky is blue.

Will go and see my mum this morning. She won’t know me but I make sure she is being well cared for.

Have fun with your sister Mick.
I hope the funeral goes as well as funerals can Ginny. I hop * Sar* and Resurgem* feel better today.

gilly and * Marydoll* flowers

dragonfly46 Fri 18-Oct-19 08:09:29

Thank you Ellen for the explanation. I hope your bloods get sorted out soon. Do they reduce your Warferin?

vena11 Fri 18-Oct-19 08:09:40

Good morning everyone from a damp and wet Bristol.
Not much to do today but a bit of housework and then the shops for a few bits and pieces.
Hope all with ills are feeling a bit better today and like everyone else I am thinking of gillybob
Take care all and have a good Friday.

dragonfly46 Fri 18-Oct-19 08:09:56