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So many appliances...

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MiniMoon Thu 31-Oct-19 09:54:04

So little space.

I have just received an Ninja Foodie. It's one of those instant pot, multi cooker things. It is fairly large.
On my worktops are:-
Blender and stick blender,
Weighing scales,
Microwave oven,
Tea and sugar canisters,
Kettle and toaster.
Instant water boiler (this was an experiment, but now I'm not sure)
Knife stand,
Echo show.

What do I put away?

I'm thinking that the microwave could go as the new Ninja Foodie will
probably end up doing its job.

Aargh, I need a bigger kitchen!

JackyB Thu 31-Oct-19 10:18:23

Blender and stick blender,- this should have come with a wall attachment. Fix it to the wall.

Weighing scales, - Put away in a cupboard
How often do you use them?

Kettle, see below

Microwave oven, - ours is built in at eye level. If this isn't possible, there's not much you can do here.

Tea and sugar canisters, - on a shelf above the kettle. It's nice to have everything you need for making a cuppa within reach in one place, but not spread over the counters.

Kettle and toaster. How often do you use the toaster?

Instant water boiler (this was an experiment, but now I'm not sure) - why do you need a kettle AND a water boiler?

Knife stand, - I don't have one of these so I'm not sure how much better for the knives this is. My DS2 has a magnetic strip on the wall for the knives. They hold up really well. I keep mine in a drawer. A block takes up unnecessary space IMHO.

ECHO show. We'll, that's not very big and you may want to move it around, so you can keep that there.

There you go. Those are my thoughts. Sorry if I've been a bit brusque. I'm writing this on my phone and long posts are tedious to write.

Calendargirl Thu 31-Oct-19 10:18:25

I only have four of those items out, kettle, toaster, microwave, knife stand.
Never heard of the Ninja thing.
Keep others in the cupboard, but certainly not as many as you have.
I’m not a gadget person, have as few as possible.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 31-Oct-19 10:25:09

My kitchen is tiny. If only I could magically push the walls out to double the size - that's one of my daydreams.
I suggest you keep out on the worktop the items you use the most. For me that's the kettle, tea, coffee and sugar tins.
Microwave is too heavy to move.
A small grill, food mixer and toaster are in a cupboard.
I dream of a farmhouse kitchen with a table in the centre.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 31-Oct-19 10:36:35

Haven't had a kettle for over 20 years, we have a boiling water tap, thermomix, toaster and coffee machine along one worktop.

Fresh flowers and fruit bowl on centre island.

Everything else is in a cupboard or drawer, cannot abide a cluttered kitchen.

(Microwave is in the laundry, only used to heat up baby food or an occasional bottle)

EllanVannin Thu 31-Oct-19 10:37:46

I have just enough space to roll out pastry, hahahaha. A lot of "unnecessaries" crowd my worktops----I'm hopeless.
At least a few gadgets, etc are in cupboards and/ or drawers.

cornergran Thu 31-Oct-19 10:55:09

Totally understand lovebeigecardigans. It’s the same here. I also would love more space. With a small kitchen I’ve had to be ruthless. Cupboards and drawers are full so nothing else can go in there, the worktop has the basics and that’s it. Canisters live on a shelf, scales in a cupboard, Toaster in one corner, microwave in another with a fruit bowl in top, kettle under the canisters. Nothing else or I’d have no room to do anything. It works and it probably saves us a fortune.

ninathenana Thu 31-Oct-19 11:19:49

Microwave is built in at eye level.
Mixer and hand blender are in a cupboard.
Toaster.......used twice a day by DH
Bread bin
Coffee machine room for shelf as wall cupboards above. room in cupboards
Pot of utensils

I couldn't fit anything else on worktops.

humptydumpty Thu 31-Oct-19 11:28:19

MiniMoon I can only dream of having enough space on my worktops for all those things!

I would keep out

Microwave oven,
Tea and sugar canisters,
Kettle and toaster.

Echo show - don't know what this is?

MiniMoon Thu 31-Oct-19 11:47:19

jackyB, The water boiler was free from the place DH works. I don't really want it, I prefer the kettle. I've put it away.
I've moved the Echo show to a shelf, and rejigged the toaster, kettle and canisters. Now everything fits and I've even made space for a veg preparation area.
Thanks for the advice everyone, now I'm sorted, I will have to learn how to use the Ninja.

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 31-Oct-19 12:36:05

Keep out what you use regularly.

I have a very small kitchen 4 floor cupboards, 2 drawers and 2 wall cupboards + shelving.

Blender and stick blender = cupboard
Weighing scales - flat one that is kept propped up
Kettle - on hob (don't use an electric one)
Microwave oven - on top of fridge freezer
Tea and sugar canisters = on shelf and in cupboard which has hooks underneath for mugs.
Toaster = use ours every day so it stays out.
Knife stand, = knives in drawer

SalsaQueen Thu 31-Oct-19 13:33:01

My microwave (I very rarely use it) is on a bracket on the wall. The scales, blender and tea/sugar canisters are all in the cupboard.

Out in my kitchen - toaster, kettle, bread bin, landline, electric tin-opener.

Humbertbear Thu 31-Oct-19 13:56:09

We make it a rule to never buy an appliance or kitchen gadget that will only perform one job

Calendargirl Thu 31-Oct-19 14:34:11

Surprised that several don’t use a microwave much. I use ours to make porridge, to heat our nightly cocoa, to cook veg in, to melt chocolate when cooking, to make custard,........

DanniRae Thu 31-Oct-19 15:19:43

On the subject of kitchens our gas hob had to go (gas leak) so have just got a ceramic hob. I think I like it - it certainly looks very swish but, to be honest not sure. It is very early days..........hmm

glammanana Thu 31-Oct-19 16:10:36

I must have my worktops clear and tidy always have done,I only have kettle/toaster and microwave fronted by a fruit bowl on one worktop on the other side is a selection of recipe books (about 6) next to a porcelain chicken (think Boswell chicken from Bread) anything else is stored away and taken out when needed.
minimoon will you be using this ninga foodi every day for healthy eating recipe's I hope you get your monies worth from it with it coming in at nearly £200 in some stores.
DanniRae You will love your ceramic hob I love mine I just have to remember not to let anything boil over and if I do make sure to wipe with very soft cloth when cool.

BlueSapphire Fri 01-Nov-19 09:14:47

I have out on my worktops:
slow cooker,
Kenwood food processor,
electric can opener,
wine rack,
cookery book stand,
large container holding essential tools next to the cooker,
little tray holding salt, peppermills etc, also next to cooker
landline phone.

All the above are used frequently, I have them out so they are handy. And anyway there is no room in my cupboards to keep them.
My DSis has nothing out on her worktops except the kettle and tea canister. They are completely empty, everything else lives in her cupboards, and is got out and put back straight after use, even the toaster. Oh, she might have a very tasteful bowl of fruit and a vase of flowers. Some of my neighbours are the same, their kitchens look like the ones you see in showhomes - for show, not for use! Even the dish drying rack is put away after use.....

Davida1968 Fri 01-Nov-19 10:27:33

Everything in cupboard, as much as possible. (My DM used to have the kitchen work-tops covered in stuff, and it drove me mad!) In cupboards are: toaster, slow-cooker, food-processor, hand-held mixer & electric weighing scale.
On kitchen worktops: kettle, two mugs, bread-board, kitchen-roll dispenser, pots of cooking utensils (these are next to hob). Microwave is on worktop in immediately adjacent utility, as is (old-fashioned, enamelled, family heirloom) bread-bin.

beautybumble Fri 01-Nov-19 10:31:57

Ninja something or other,
Dry fryer,
Knife rack,
Food processor.
I need to get out more. 0 0

Scribbles Fri 01-Nov-19 10:48:15

DanniRae - good luck with your new hob.
After 40+ years of using a gas hob, I moved to a house with a ceramic hob and I hated it! More than two years on and I still hate it. When the kitchen is extended next year, the wretched thing will go in the skip and be replaced by a gas one.

However, don't be despondent. One of my friends made the same transition a decade ago and, within weeks, was saying she never wants to use a gas hob again.

One point in ceramic's favour - from the POV of a lazy slut like me - it's generally easier to clean.
Best of luck.

jenni123 Fri 01-Nov-19 10:52:10

My kitchen is small, the cupboards are full to bursting and the counter tops are also heaving. I do not have a cooker so a fairly large space is covered by a cooking hob, then there is the Tassimo drinks maker, next to that is the Air fryer, then tea/coffee/sugar canisters, water filter jug, bread bin. other side of sink is bread maker (hardly used), soup maker (new, used twice), kettle, toaster, tin opener. Fridge/freezer is next then microwave with weighing scales sitting on top of it.

MarciaB Fri 01-Nov-19 10:57:55

Personally I don’t like cluttered worktops.I put everything I don’t use regularly out of site. Kettle, toaster and tea/coffee/sugar canisters are always left outobvously.

jaylucy Fri 01-Nov-19 11:06:32

My mixer, food processor and stick blender are all in our walk in larder
Microwave is on a shelf, knives in a drawer.
Kettle, toaster on work top along with my Tassimo hot drink maker as I use them all daily. Tea coffee and sugar canisters are all in the cupboard above the kettle. Just the bread bin left.
I don't have one of those Ninja things - wish I did because they look amazing and if what they say is true, you'll barely need your oven !

MiniMoon Fri 01-Nov-19 11:14:50

I certainly will be using it every day.
I intend to start today,
I'm making a lamb stew or curry for dinner, I haven't decided which one yet.

Kartush Fri 01-Nov-19 11:25:57

I have a microwave, a coffee maker, a milk frothier , a toaster and a kettle on one bench and on the other a sandwich press and a blender. All of them get used most days apart from the sandwich press and that’s probably twice a week