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Urmstongran Mon 11-Nov-19 09:27:23

Would it be considered rude of me to ask how old we are? I’m surprised for example to read if a poster is a great grandmother or is ‘going out to work now’.

I’m 65y.

Poppyred Mon 11-Nov-19 09:28:56

I’m officially 64 but still 35 on the inside. 🤪🤪

gmarie Mon 11-Nov-19 09:29:19

65, as well.

gallusquine Mon 11-Nov-19 09:31:48

I am 62 smile

Oopsminty Mon 11-Nov-19 09:32:46


aggie Mon 11-Nov-19 09:32:55

An ancient 81 here , but only till next weekend ....sigh

PamelaJ1 Mon 11-Nov-19 09:34:58

66 and still working part time because I enjoy it.

Gonegirl Mon 11-Nov-19 09:36:25

You can ask, and I will answer. But I will have forgotten everyone else's answers within the next five minutes.


Nannylovesshopping Mon 11-Nov-19 09:37:54


Urmstongran Mon 11-Nov-19 09:38:25

That made me laugh Gonegirl!

Charleygirl5 Mon 11-Nov-19 09:41:44

My brain says 29 but I believe I am 76. That must be true because I know of nobody who has bilateral knee replacements at 29.

sunseeker Mon 11-Nov-19 09:47:56

Saw something about age on the internet:

I'm at that age where my mind thinks I am still 29
My humour suggests I'm 12
While my body keeps asking if I am sure I am not dead yet!

(I'm 70 by the way!)

Hetty58 Mon 11-Nov-19 09:48:09

65 here and newly retired - but my 76 year old neighbour still goes to work!

CassieJ Mon 11-Nov-19 09:50:12

I'm 61 in two week. Still working full time because I have no choice.

annsixty Mon 11-Nov-19 09:50:12

82 and hopefully still counting.

henetha Mon 11-Nov-19 09:50:35

I'm quite pleased to have made it to 82. Is there anyone older than me on GN?

fizzers Mon 11-Nov-19 09:50:49

63, mental age of 12

Urmstongran Mon 11-Nov-19 09:51:18

You’ve debunked one of my assumptions Hetty - I did wonder if the ‘58’ might be the year of birth. Maybe with some posters eh?

Greyduster Mon 11-Nov-19 09:51:35

Sunseeker 😂
a very new 73 but I don’t feel it in my head! My back and my hips have other ideas!!

annsixty Mon 11-Nov-19 09:53:14

Henetha my b'day was July 12th, which of us is the elder?

Urmstongran Mon 11-Nov-19 09:54:39

X posts annsixty (so you’re not!) and henetha - two octogenarians. It will be very interesting to see if you are pipped to the post.

I wonder who might be our senior senior on here?

merlotgran Mon 11-Nov-19 09:57:42

72 not out!

Pantglas2 Mon 11-Nov-19 09:57:48

My birth certificate says 63 but I find reversing the figures just perks me up somehow.....grin

annsixty Mon 11-Nov-19 10:02:29

There are certainly older members than us.
I won't "out them".

Cherrytree59 Mon 11-Nov-19 10:03:40


Urmstongran I think there are a couple of posters who may be senior, senior as you put itsmile

Printmiss and Bijou