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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 20-Nov-19 06:15:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry at the moment here in Brackley.
Quiet day for me pick up prescriptions , then browse in local bookshop , according to there Facebook page they have copy's of Lenny Henrys new book, which are signed.
He had been at the Royal & Derngate in Northampton and they took copies to sell after he had signed then some would be kept back for the shop in Brackley as well.

Beechnut Wed 20-Nov-19 07:02:17

Good Morning Mick and all who follow.

Apart from yourself I think we are all having a lie in this morning.

It’s dark with a pretty red sky stripe to the east.

After a quick tidy up I’ll probably go out into the garden later.

As others have said don’t worry about Christmas gilly you already have plenty to think about. Take care.

Enjoy your day whatever you do 🌺

NfkDumpling Wed 20-Nov-19 07:06:56

Morning Mick, morning All

Heavy clouds outside at the moment, but the forecast is good so hopefully DH will have beaten his cold enough to for a trip to the coast today to look for pink foot geese.

Healing vibes being sent northwards as always for Mr Gillybob and may some Night in White Armour appear and offer a large fortune for your business Gilly. flowers

Hope you get your signed copy of Lenny Henry’s book Mick.

NfkDumpling Wed 20-Nov-19 07:07:14

Morning Beechnut*!

ninathenana Wed 20-Nov-19 07:08:28

Good morning Mick and Beechnut and all who follow.

Beautiful sunrise in Kent and although only 2c I think it will be a nice day.
DH will be paying with wood in his workshop and I have some cleaning to do.
Hope you get your book Mick and I hope all GNers have a good day.

mumofmadboys Wed 20-Nov-19 07:11:14

I am away in Brussels for a few days. We are going to Bruges on the train today. Have a good day all. Thinking of you Gillybob. Take one day at a time and dont worry about Christmas. Maybe some of your other family members will step up and do some of the things you usually do.

Marydoll Wed 20-Nov-19 07:24:32

Good morning Mick all from a wet Glasgow, it's 4 degrees, but feels colder.

We are off out early into town, it's going to be horrendous (according to DD, who works in town), to do some shopping and have a Chinese lunch. That of course means no cooking tonight!!! wink
We have finally persuaded DH that he needs a new warm (and longer jacket). It has only taken two years of nagging!!!!
DH runs, not walk, so if you read about someone being carted off in an ambulance, 🚑you will know it was me!
I will be on a go on a go slow 🐢🐌or just sit down in the middle of Argyll Street and refuse to move, if he goes too fast.

I stayed in yesterday out of the bone numbing cold and enjoyed the peace and quiet (NOT!). We had a steady stream of visitors all day and an afternoon in the company of one post birthday, over-excited four year old!! grin
I crawled into bed last night. 😴

I got some upsetting news last night. My close friend and neighbour of forty years' husband was taken into hospital yesterday , seriously ill with Influenza and a chest infection.
He has a serious heart condition and is now in isolation in hospital.
What is worrying is that we have all been in contact with each other while he was infectious.
Since last Thursday, he has been trying to get a GP appointment, without success, it's shocking.

Praying that today there is some more positive news of the Gillybobs and best wishes to all who are troubled or unwell. flowers
Enjoy your day, whatever your plans.

( NanKate, if you are reading this, I hope to email you screenshots of how to install your emoji keyboard, if you can't manage to do it.)

Urmstongran Wed 20-Nov-19 07:38:20

Good morning everyone from a bright Malaga. A quiet day planned as yesterday I was out with my friend for her dermatology appointment from 9am, then lunch in Torremolinos, a mooch around that nice town and we didn’t get back until gone 7pm!

Thinking scrambled eggs for breakfast - yummy.

Look after yourself today Marydoll - enjoy it but be aware of the need to pace yourself. Sorry to hear about your friend that is such a shock for you all, I hope he rallies.

Didn’t see that gillybob had posted about Christmas. Must look it up. Oh gilly this year do the bare minimum. You have enough to contend with. Next year all being well, it will be so much better. Big hugs for you. Let your family take the strain this year. You too need to conserve what energy you have so that you can deal with the slings and arrows that have come your way girl.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all whether we have plans or (like me) none. x

Lins1066 Wed 20-Nov-19 07:51:12

Good Morning from a dry and breezy S Welsh coast.
Enjoy your trip to Bruges mumofbadboys, very envious. We enjoyed the St John's Hospital museum and the canal ride very much. Is the Christmas Market open yet?.

Enjoy your shopping Marydoll, hope your DH gets a new coat and that you can keep up with him. Hope your neighbour is better soon, such a worry.

Thinking of you gillybob
Hope everyone has the best day they can.

kittylester Wed 20-Nov-19 07:51:27

Morning all from a cold but dry North Leicestershire.

We have a man coming to do a nall repair on my car after DH drove it into a post in a car park, despite the beepers going bananas.

After Christmas we intend redoing our lounge and are having an interior designer coming to give us ideas!!! Actually, the furniture shop we like offer a free design service so not as posh as it sounds. We darent tell DD3 who is our usual design guru!

But, the best thing about tonight is that DH has decided he doesnt want to see the jazz collective for which we have tickets. grin

Try to take it easy marydoll! Love as always to gilly.

Kalu Wed 20-Nov-19 07:52:17

Good morning from a still dark outside Glasgow.

Received a few pics from GDs yesterday enjoying an overnight stay in Glencoe plus a shot of them ice skating at Rannoch Moor. Was pleased though when DD phoned to let me know her drive home was fine and they were back home. Driving in the dark from Glencoe is not my idea of fun nowadays.

We too are going into town today Marydoll although not in the city centre! An area I avoid at this time of year being so busy. A couple of things to do in The West End then possibly lunch or straight home, job done😁

Enjoy your trip to Brussels and Bruges mumofmadboys. Two cities I always enjoy visiting. 🤢

Hope today is kind to all , especially, hoping some more good news is in store for you today gilly.

NannyJan53 Wed 20-Nov-19 07:56:05

Good Morning from a very chilly Black Country.

Had a pleasant day yesterday. Over to Mums, then a bus ride over to Bridgnorth. Peruse the shops and lunch in a lovely café there. Managed to make a start on buying the 'special' Christmas cards.

Sorry to hear about your friends husband Marydoll it is so frustrating that it is getting harder and harder to get GP appointments.

As others have said gilly do not overly worry about Christmas, your DH is far more important. At least there seems to be slight improvement each day. Love you and your DH

loopylou Wed 20-Nov-19 07:56:23

Good morning everyone.
Off to the hairdressers in a while then dropping in to the
Knitting group in our local câfé for a coffee and natter (not much knitting gets done!) before coming home to catch up on chores.
Might treat us to the delicious panini from the câfé for lunch.
Hoping today is kind to you all 💐

BlueSapphire Wed 20-Nov-19 08:01:36

Good morning all. It's a lovely clear sky here in Northampton, and a slight frost.
Have just sat and done my Sainsbury's order while waiting for my tea and biscuit (today is my weekly tablet day, when I have to take it on an empty stomach, and wait at least half an hour).

Bit of tidying up this morning, then prepare dinner early as DD and I will need feeding before we go to our monthly wine club. Stomachs need lining! I am doing a sort of Mexican chicken traybake, and will put it on automatic in the oven while I go on another health walk after lunch.

Bit puzzled at the moment as my BT home hotspot has stopped working, and can't work out why. I have tried all the trouble-shooting tips but no connection at all. The router/hub is fine. Will see if DD can solve it, if not will have to ring the dreaded BT helpline.

Hope that all goes well today, and thinking of Gilly.

Ginny42 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:04:07

Good morning Mick and everyone. Hope you get your book Mick. Where has the week gone? Wednesday already? Bright moonlight during the night and now some high clouds are moving across quite fast from the south.

Meeting my sister at 10 this morning for coffee and a shop, so no walk in the woods today. The trees are looking quite bare now and silhouetted against the sky.

A friend is giving the talk at the charity I belong to this evening and looking forward to that. We have dinner first and it's a fairly smart do, so must think of something to wear. Cannot justify buying anything new with wardrobes jammed full.

Gilly, so pleased that your DH is responding! It's been torture for you, but you are an amazing person and always so caring about others. I hope you know how much love is heading your way each day from virtual friends. To others who maybe feeling unwell or sad, hope today is a little better than yesterday. Marydoll don't overdo things today.

To all on holiday, have a lovely time.

Take care everyone. x

dragonfly46 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:05:44

Good morning, as kitty says it is very cold in Leicestershire.

Very envious mumofmadboys. As soon as my treatment is over I shall arrange a trip to see all my friends in Holland.

Enjoy your shopping trip Mary and I hope your interior designer comes up with some good ideas. Our new chairs should arrive in a couple of weeks - I am quite excited.

Sending love to Gillybob as ever.

dragonfly46 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:06:51

Reading that through it sounds as if I think Brussels is in Holland which of course is silly 🤣

Alygran Wed 20-Nov-19 08:08:42

Good morning from chilly, cloudy North Yorkshire.
Enjoyed my outing to Bowes Museum to see the Norman Cornish exhibition. His pictures are very evocative of the mining village DH came from.
Popping into town today for opticians and bank stuff then a wander around the market.
Sending good wishes to all feeling sad, unwell or struggling today.

Marydoll Wed 20-Nov-19 08:09:25

Kalu, I don't know if you have been to Celinos, between Kelvin Hall and Partick underground station, the food is delicious and reasonable into the bargain!
I spent a fortune in the delicatesson part of it.

Yiayia4 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:11:28

Morning all,cloudy but not so cold here.
Seeing my G.P this morning I hope to get another appointment with the rheumatologist and some better pain relief we will see!
Hope your shopping trip goes well Marydoll,Gilly hope your DH continues to improve.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

NanKate Wed 20-Nov-19 08:11:31

Morning Mick and All.

Cold and calm in South Bucks I think it will be a tad warmer in West Sussex when we arrive in a few hours time back on GP duties (last of the year phew !).

Yes please Mary I would appreciate screenshots, I’m a visual, hands on learner, rarely read a handbook.

Hoping for continued improvement for MrGillybob.

Grammaretto Wed 20-Nov-19 08:18:22

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. A beautiful sunrise.
Out to lunch with 2 ex colleagues nice but sad because we usually have an advent supper but now one has to go home to the States where her DF has had a heart attack.
I can smell porridge cooking. burning
I hope Gilly has more good news.

cornergran Wed 20-Nov-19 08:22:35

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy, dry corner of Somerset. Very achey this morning after far too much walking yesterday. All enjoyable though so worth it. Just read yesterday’s post gilly, you’re exhausted and afraid to believe the progress but it does sound as if there is cause to hope. Love to you all as ever. Don’t overdo it maryd, if you work out how to slow a fast moving husband please share the secret. Mr C is usually way ahead of me or sighing waiting for me to catch up. Tedious sort of day ahead here today, one of those necessary but uninteresting days. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Wed 20-Nov-19 08:23:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A frost this morning in South Yorkshire but a lovely sunrise which I hope heralds a clear day. I am going solo today as DH is out all day. A spot of shopping on the cards I think. I have an M&S gift card burning a hole in my handbag! Have a good day folks.

Susan56 Wed 20-Nov-19 08:37:42

Good morning from Shropshire.
Hopefully having a quiet day at home today🤞🏻
Try not to worry too much about Christmas gilly.Sending love and prayers as always to you and your dear husband.x