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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 07-Dec-19 06:21:31

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry at present here in Brackley , my few days in Bournemouth.
Last Tuesday a few hours in Poole , then returned to what was Christmas day at the hotel on the east cliff, had a room on one side with a sea view looking westerly.
Wednesday , we went to Weymouth a little longer here , I did some local pubs.
Thursday , was do as you please as there was a bus stop by the hotel , I travelled into Christchurch with plans to come back into Bournemouth itself but stayed in Christchurch and visited the Priory as well as some pubs.
Friday, journey home , with a stop at Chiveley services before getting back just after 1, and also to get my TV back in working order due to loosing it prior to trip.

NanKate Sat 07-Dec-19 06:35:07

Good morning Mick and All. Good to have you back. Glad you got out and about on your Bournemouth Trip. I have been to the Priory in Christchurch where they had an outdoor theatrical performance in the church grounds, it was lovely.

Too dark to say what the weather is like here in South Bucks.

Off to an Elvis Christmas concert tonight. We have seen Ben Portsmouth about 5 or 6 times and he is great. We are going to one of the oldest theatres in the country for the sell out show. The Kenton in Henley-on-Thames.

Hope you are feeling recovered Mary after your US trip.

All best wishes to the Gillybobs 💐

Ginny42 Sat 07-Dec-19 06:44:23

Good morning Mick nice to see you safely back home. You seem to have had a very busy few days and you've had Christmas already!

It's dark but dry at the moment in Cheshire, which is reassuring after cloudburst conditions yesterday. I was stranded in the car at one point. I'm meeting ex-colleagues in Liverpool for lunch at a very nice restaurant we discovered last month and then walking up to the Anglican Cathedral, where there is a craft fair today. I hope to get some nice gifts.

Best wishes to Gilly and DH for continued improvement. Hope dragonfly is recovering well from her treatment. Get well wishes to all who may be under the weather for one reason or another.

Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Sat 07-Dec-19 06:58:58

Morning all from a quiet North Leicestershire.

We are going to Derby this morning to watch dgd in her Drama Club's christmas performance. Then this afternoon I'm helping on a stall at our village street market and light switch on. Hope it stays dry and warm ish.

Thinking of gilly and her dh. And hoping 'dragonfly* is feeling ok and that marydoll has recovered from her adventures.

kittylester Sat 07-Dec-19 07:01:02

Forgot to say that it's great to have you back Mick.

Beechnut Sat 07-Dec-19 07:01:20

Good Morning everyone.
Dark and dry on Severnside this morning.

Looks like your trip was enjoyable Mick. An upstairs cleaning and tidying day for me. My DD is staying over one night next week and at the moment her bed is piled with stuff 😩
My best wishes to you all and dragonfly for yesterday, gilly and let’s hope you are less tired today Marydoll and able to look at your purchases 🤨


Marydoll Sat 07-Dec-19 07:03:09

Good morning all. Mick, lovely to see you back. You sound as if you have had a good trip.

It's 8C here in Glasgow and mild compared to the recent weather I have experienced! grin
I have been pottering about for hours , as my hip is giving me gyp, (seven hours on a plane hasn't helped), so better to be up and about and moving.

You will all be glad to know that you will be spared the lengthy novella today and from now on and my posts will be brief! For the next few day anyway grin wink.

I'm off to a Safeguarding course today, when all I want to do is sleep! Despite being retired, I'm still very much involved in the protection of vulnerable adults and children and I need to update my knowledge.

Love to the Gillybobs, Dragonfly and anyone else needing our support. 💐

Enjoy your Saturday, whatever your plans.

NanKate Sat 07-Dec-19 07:17:36

I for one love your novellas Mary. So when you feel up to it please pick up your quill pen and continuing writing to us Gransnetters. 👍

dragonfly46 Sat 07-Dec-19 07:22:22

Good morning from a very darl Leicestershire, it should be starting to get lighter soon on 21st - our wedding anniversary.

Feeling better this morning so chiropodist for DH and a trip to M &S. I hope they keep ours open.

Welcome back Mick.

Please don’t make your posts shorter Marydoll. We all love to hear about your adventures. I hope your hip improves.

Love to Gilly.

Pantglas2 Sat 07-Dec-19 07:28:07

Morning all from dark but dry north Wales and welcome back Mick.

Good to hear you’re well enough for a shopping trip dragonfly - let’s hope for more good news from Gillybob as well.

Not a lot planned today, just cards and present wrapping - time to get in the festive mood!

Enjoy the weekend everyone x

Urmstongran Sat 07-Dec-19 07:31:54

Good morning everyone from Malaga. Nice to have you back Mick your trip to Bournemouth sounded great and bet you are pleased to have your tv up and working for the weekend sports you like. Rufus and Beechnut did a sterling job in your absence!

Only just getting light here. As we are an hour ahead here and it’s almost 8:30am this is what it would be like in the U.K. without our clocks going back IYSWIM. So dark, even at 8am!

No clouds over the mountains so I think another sunny day is on the cards. Might go into Torremolinos at lunchtime - it’s an hour to walk there and maybe get the train back. We have discovered a lovely Spanish bar where the wine is delicious and they make their own pizza. Only a choice of 4 and you have to wait a little longer but worth it.

The Manchester derby football match later so himself will be tuned in. A friend from along the landing arrives from Blackpool late morning so I may pop over to say hello and swerve the match too!

Hope Saturday is good to us all, especially dragonfly and gillybob and that your hip pain settles down Marydoll as the day goes on. How’s the spreadsheet coming along haha? No rush only joking.


BlueSapphire Sat 07-Dec-19 07:37:32

Good morning everyone from a still dark Northampton. Supposed to be dry today, which bodes well for the rugby this afternoon. Back to the European Cup matches, and we play an Irish team, Leinster, which you might as well call the Irish national team as it will be choc full of world cup internationals. Early match today, 1pm, so will have a brunch later to keep me going.

Good luck to my eldest DGD, who is dancing tonight in professional panto, the first of many performances. She will be kept busy from now till after Christmas. This is the fourth or fifth year she has been involved. Going to see her in a couple of weeks.

How nice to hear about everyone's adventures in this daily newsletter! Thinking of all those feeling poorly or who have worries, and hope the day goes well.

NfkDumpling Sat 07-Dec-19 07:45:03

Morning All

I just peered around the curtains and its dim, still, very overcast and rather dismal outside.

I missed posting yesterday morning as we had to be up and out early for doctors appointments and didn’t read all the epistles until last night. Good to hear Marydoll that you survived your adventures. Such trips always improve with time and memory. Otherwise we’d never go away again.

Fingers crossed Gilly Mr G snaps out of it soon and comes to himself. It must be so scary for both of you. Hopefully he’ll not remember his terrors when he does come to. Where you’re finding your strength I really don’t know, you’re phenomenal.

And strengthening vibes too for Dragonfly.

Nothing planned for today for me. Just a pile of ironing waiting.

cornergran Sat 07-Dec-19 07:46:01

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, dry corner of Somerset. Sounds a good trip mick and excellent news about your tv. I will finish the cards today, also need to produce next years rota for a minthly coffee session. The system works like this. I ask people to tell me if there are any months they can’t do. Silence. I produce the rota, people then say ‘but I can’t do that’. It’s tradition grin. Mr C is off to an outside photography session late afternoon. All about taking photos of lights. Beyond my abilities but I’ll tag along as it just happens to be held at a shopping centre with late opening. Love to gilly and her husband. Good news that you’re feeling brighter dragonfly. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 07-Dec-19 07:48:53

Good morning from east London, dry and cloudy for the moment. Seems to be a little bit of light to our builders (awol) trouble - they are coming in on Monday to finish the work and the carpet fitters are at the ready so we may be done by Christmas. Haircut this morning, concert rehearsal at 3, then we perform at 6. Looking forward to it altho not 100% confident on words. Hope you have a good day.

Harris27 Sat 07-Dec-19 07:55:55

Good morning from a dark but warmer ne.had the sniffles last few days and have a bus day ahead. Im off to works afternoon making cocktails then to a pantomime this evening . Never go out once but twice in a day will need a lie in tomorrow! All good wishes to those needing it. Welcome back mick glad you enjoyed your few days away.

travelsafar Sat 07-Dec-19 07:56:27

Off to meet my sister for coffee this morning and to hopefully pick up a few gifts that i need to buy. Will show my face at the stall our knitting group is running this morning and leave a couple of items for them to sell. Planning on walking to town and back again as need the exercise, have been to two meals this week and have another one next week to go too, i will be fed up with Christmas dinners by the time the day comes, and SW is going to be defo on my list of things to join in the New Year!! lol. Hope everyone fnds something to enjoy today.

Sar53 Sat 07-Dec-19 08:03:49

Good morning everyone from a grey Leamington Spa. Its been a very busy few days here. Christmas shopping on Thursday, yesterday we went to a garden centre and yesterday evening to a very hot but very well supported Christmas Fair at the infants school. We may go to a Victorian Market today and I think tomorrow is buy a Christmas tree day.
I will be going home on Monday for a rest !!! I love it really, spending time with my DGD's.
I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.

Lins1066 Sat 07-Dec-19 08:04:13

Good morning Mick and all. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Bournemouth Mick and glad to have you back.
It is cloudy and dry in South Wales at the moment.
Welcome home Marydoll and hope your hip pain settles down soon.
Glad to hear that you are feeling better dragonfly.
Enjoy your day everyone.
Love to gilly.

Auntieflo Sat 07-Dec-19 08:05:51

Morning Michael, welcome back. Hi to Annie and all others.
It's dull but dry here. Yesterday we had a real cloudburst during the afternoon, and an aborted trip for having our dash cams installed. We had left the car handbook at home, and the technician needed it for information regarding fuses!
I will be posting our cards this morning and having coffee with friends, as usual. Then a small? ish shop, to fill a few gaps in the cupboards.
Marydoll slow down a wee bit, you are a whirling dervish, and your hip needs to recover. Do you ever get jet lag?
Hoping Dragonfly is managing with her treatment, and Christmas wishes to the Gillybobs that Mr G returns to his old self ASAP.
Enjoy the Cathedral Ginny42. I loved it when we visited. I had so wanted to visit Paddy's Wigwam, and we did, but the Anglican one just 'got' me somehow.
To one and all, have a happy and enjoyable weekend.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 07-Dec-19 08:09:55

Good morning Mick and all x

Your trip sounded busy Mick, are you feeling all Christmassy now?

Marydoll I look forward to hearing your “novellas”, please continue.

dragonfly I hope you are resting and not feeling too groggy.

gillybob thinking of you and your DH

A quick food shop this morning (local butchers and Aldi), then I shall light my Christmas Jo Malone candle (a gift from my mum on her last Christmas) shut myself in the bedroom with a small sherry, a very twee Christmas film and try to finish my gift wrapping.

Have a good Saturday folks 🎄🤶

Greyduster Sat 07-Dec-19 08:23:35

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Nice to see you back Mick and glad to hear your tv probs are are resolved. We have a problem with ours at the moment - our ridiculously large Christmas tree means we can only see half of it!!🙄. There is nowhere else to put the Christmas tree and nowhere else to put the tv. Never send a man to buy a Christmas tree! Or anything really!
A quiet day for me today. Family gathered for lunch tomorrow so need to gird up my loins.
Kind thoughts to all who are struggling.

Nannytopsy Sat 07-Dec-19 08:25:34

Good morning everyone from a dry Suffolk with light cloud. We are off to Bury St Edmunds for a Christmas shopping trip. I think we may be mad!
This afternoon there is a concert but DGS’s choir. Very strange to have a school event on Saturday. We are assured he may know as much as 20% of the words!
Have a good day everyone

Brunette10 Sat 07-Dec-19 08:27:18

Good Morning from a damp Fife, still quit dark outside. Mick nice to have you back, seems you had a good time. Marydoll glad you are home, recovering from your long haul flight, you can now reflect on your time in NY, enjoy your course today. Dragonfly thinking of you. Hoping to her from gilly too. Have a very busy weekend, out with friends today for Christmas lunch and have some chores to do before, out tomorrow with DD, DSIL and of course 2 s DDG's to do our normal festive visit to the capital + try and do some shopping. I hope today is good to all, enjoy.

mancgirl Sat 07-Dec-19 08:29:15

Good morning all from sunny north Costa Blanca where we are forecast 19° today, which will be welcome after a few cooler cloudy days. Urmstongran you definitely have the better weather! Off to a big Rastro market this morning for a mooch round. Bit like a flea market where they sell absolutely everything! OH will also be wanting to see/hear the Manchester derby so I'll find a quiet spot to read. Hope everyone has a good weekend. flowers for Gilly and others who need some cheer.