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Election Results ending the uncertainty

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Tmeadow2 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:10:33

Woke up to a miserable day here in Abergele. Delighted with the election news. Hope we can all move on now and talk about something other than ‘BREXIT’ sick of hearing about it.
House hunting after obtaining an offer on our house. Let the hunt continue today.

Septimia Fri 13-Dec-19 11:33:45

Agreed. Time to move on, no matter what we think about the results (I'm relieved).
Good luck with the house hunting.

yggdrasil Fri 13-Dec-19 11:34:53

You have at least a year more of Brexit.

NannyJan53 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:09:45

Much longer than a year Yggdrasil !

cangran Fri 13-Dec-19 13:58:26

It will be interesting when all those sick of Brexit eventually realise this election does not 'get Brexit done', it's only the withdrawal agreement, whatever is in it, that the Government will now push through. Then the long, hard slog really begins.

Urmstongran Fri 13-Dec-19 14:16:04

We can all move on now I agree. Yes trade negotiations will take years and we have a lot of untangling from them yet.

But our day to day lives will settle down a lot more. No more petitions, no more calls for a second referendum, no more protest marches saying ‘Stop Brexit’ (and no megaphone man outside Parliament!).

Time to move on, trust Boris and hope he does us proud.

lemongrove Fri 13-Dec-19 14:28:47

Yes, trade negotiations will go on.....but that’s not the same as not knowing if we will be in or out of the EU, as we will be out!
No more ‘Stop Brexit’ shouting/ demos /marches either, yippee.😃
Businesses delighted that at last they have some certainty.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 13-Dec-19 14:36:28

£ has risen, the markets and businesses are happy, yes the hard negotiations start now, but the uncertainty is over.

Anniebach Fri 13-Dec-19 15:46:56

And Corbyn can get off his fence

Cherrytree59 Fri 13-Dec-19 15:54:03

Annie JC is now free to concentrate on getting those pesky splinters out of his derriere. Ouch

craftyone Fri 13-Dec-19 16:05:23

Excellent prognosis for stability at long last. I loved Bojo`s positive speech outside downing street today.

Time to get on with family things, christmas and new year prep. Nice to be mundane after all the nasty aggro

Ftse is going skywards and the £ is marching from strength to strength.

JenniferEccles Fri 13-Dec-19 16:35:29

I loved the way he said he felt humbled by so many people putting their faith in him.

I have had a spring in my step and a smile on my face all day 😀👍

Davidhs Fri 13-Dec-19 16:40:38

Business certainty to a degree, at least “no deal” seems to be off the table at the moment. Let’s see what happens on 31st Jan, we will get a fair indication of the mood of negotiations

love0c Fri 13-Dec-19 17:37:19

Same here JenniferEccles! Yes it will take time to get out so the sooner we start the better. No more delay, thank goodness!

JenniferEccles Fri 13-Dec-19 22:26:42

This thread, short though it is must be unique as every single post has been positive!

I bet Boris will sleep like a log tonight.

lemongrove Fri 13-Dec-19 22:31:57

I certainly will.😃

Yehbutnobut Fri 13-Dec-19 22:34:54

Just about to rain on your parade. The result was a sad indictment of the English and Welsh.

SueH49 Sat 14-Dec-19 02:52:20

From an outsider, it is good to see a result that gives a workable majority to the Government. Speaking as someone from outside the UK it seems to me that much of the political disarray throughout the world comes from the fact that Governments have been a minority government and needed to rely on the support of other parties or independents. This does not allow for a good outcome.

Calendargirl Sat 14-Dec-19 08:23:41

Another positive post. Thrilled at the outcome.

Alima Sat 14-Dec-19 08:27:54

Oh yes, time to move on and dispense with the wrangling. Good luck with your house-hunting Timeadow, we are also hoping that the property market can now be un-bunged!

dragonfly46 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:33:38

I second what the majority have said. Whatever our personal beliefs now is the time to move forward and look to the future.
I am an optimist by nature so hopeful that it will all work out for the best. It is what it is and we should accept that.

Greyduster Sat 14-Dec-19 08:55:10

DH and I are both happy with the result. I’m not a huge fan of Boris, but I think he has the real ability to get things done, and I was dreading seeing both the economy and, more importantly, defence, in the hands of this Labour Party.

mcem Sat 14-Dec-19 08:55:38

Not the end of anything in Scotland.
Off to meet my DD who, as a disabled single mother, is worried sick. The crumb of comfort I'll offer is that living in Scotland we have a government who will continue to mitigate the damage inflicted by Westminster.

Daisymae Sat 14-Dec-19 09:00:03

Trust Johnson??????

love0c Sat 14-Dec-19 09:03:49

I hope 'the healing' will start as Boris Johnson asked for. I very much hope it will start within the families. This will be a most positive thing!