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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 19-Dec-19 06:13:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a wet start here in Brackley this morning, enjoyed seeing Motown at Oxford for the 6th and final time , spanned over 3 years .
Today, my normal Bus trips out to Bicester and Buckingham and usual café shops, for me.
Whilst in Oxford last night I did a walk through of the xmas market and it was pricy , but also some of the places I have eaten in the past had closed.

Nanabanana1 Thu 19-Dec-19 06:18:37

Good morning from a wet and windy Torbay, back in bed with a cup of tea after letting the dog out 🙄
Knit and natter for me today and some Christmas baking this afternoon.
Good wishes to everyone.

annsixty Thu 19-Dec-19 06:22:01

Good morning all.
A sleepless night for me, it is developing into a habit.
My GD’s friend stayed over last night and I can hear them both up and about getting ready to go to work, it is wet outside.
A quiet day today, my cleaner will be here before 8am so I will be ready for a nap after lunch.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.

cornergran Thu 19-Dec-19 06:22:03

Morning Mick, morning All. Too dark to see much outside but it looks dry in our corner of Somerset. With several local rivers on flood alert, a dry spell would be welcome. Sounds a good evening Mick, hope the buses are on time today. A bit of cleaning for us this morning then a garden centre before Granny detail. Think we’re a taxi this evening. Love to gilly, hope you both had some sleep and Thursday is kind to everyone.

Pantglas2 Thu 19-Dec-19 06:30:08

Morning Mick and Nanabanana1 from a dry and not too cold north Wales where I too am sat with my chamberpot of tea!

Awake early as I’m trotting off to Aldi for a small fresh turkey, I’d normally buy from my local butcher but he doesn’t do little ’uns! I can’t face a giant bird when there’s just the two of us!

Out to lunch with two ex colleagues for a catch-up then home for a gin and tonic or two which I shall enjoy after being abstemious for a week!

Hope you all have a good news day and those unwell are better x

Beechnut Thu 19-Dec-19 06:45:38

Good Morning everyone from a wet Severnside.

Off to the library when it opens then a Christmas party this afternoon followed by dog sitting for a few days.

Thanks for the Vicks tip Urman. I shall have to find an old pair and cut the ends off. By early evening my toes want to be free and I have to take off my socks and chuck em at the sofa.

I hope you both had a good full day home yesterday gilly. Take it steady and h
I hope you will soon have relief from your tooth.

Have a good day all and enjoy your cruise Scentia 🛥💐

kittylester Thu 19-Dec-19 06:55:33

Morning all from a dark, dry and mild ish North Leicestershire. We did have rain overnight and one of our roads is still flooded.

Our cleaner will also be here today while I am doing what I hope is the last Sainsbury's shop of the year -apart from fresh stuff.

It is 50 years ago today since DH and I met. His brother and I worked for the same company and DH had come to the Christmas party at a local night club. Our first dance was The Gay Gordons which causes our children to have hysterics. grin

I hope all is going well for the gillybobs and send love to all who need it.

Scentia Thu 19-Dec-19 06:55:40

Good Morning all,
Off to take the dog to the kennels this morning, she does look so excited when she arrives and sees the staff, hopefully that means she likes it there!!

Managed to get DH to pack his suitcase last night, we realised we were weighing them in pounds not kilos so once I realised that I went mad, packing all sorts! I did contemplate putting my 10kg DGS in there but saw sense😂

I am really looking forward to some sunshine for the next 10 days and I have even left my vitamin D in the cupboard!!!

Hope Gillybob had a settled night. I am sure Mr G will come on in leaps and bounds now he is home.

Hope you all have a lovely Holiday Period, whether you do Christmas or not.xx

NannyJan53 Thu 19-Dec-19 07:20:46

Good morning from a wet and windy South Staffs.

Stayed overnight at DD's so I can take youngest DGD to school. Then will pop over to Mums who lives nearby.

SIL still in Hospital. If this last test shows all clear, he may be home by weekend!

I remember the Gay Gordons kitty, I can imagine kids today laughing over the name .

Love to Gilly Dragonfly and anyone facing challenging times

Mapleleaf Thu 19-Dec-19 07:23:17

Good morning,

Still very dark but the rain seems to have stopped for now.

Up early as the gas service engineer is due today anytime between 8 am and 6 pm - couldn't be more specific, which is annoying. Usually they offer either morning or afternoon. Oh well, I've got indoor jobs I can be getting on with.

Hope you and your DH have had a good night, gilly and also hope your toothache is easing off now.

Have a good day, everyone.

NfkDumpling Thu 19-Dec-19 07:28:40

Morning All

Overcast and still here in Norfolk as far as I can see in the dark. Rain is forecast. Roll on summer.

I was supposed to be collecting DGS from school today but he's off with a sickness bug. No excuse for not cleaning the inside of the windows now.

Well done Gilly for getting Mr G home. You are a force to be reckoned with! I hope he had a really good night. He's done amazingly well when you think of how bad he was.

Grammaretto Thu 19-Dec-19 07:37:49

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Wet but warmer is forecast.
I couldn't get to sleep last night so will be good for nothing.
I tried out on-line banking to give DC and DGC lazy presents. I was constantly warned against fraud and it wasn't quick, but since our branch has closed, it gives us less choice.
Best wishes to all those who are struggling.

gmarie Thu 19-Dec-19 07:40:30

Good night from the US! It's 11:30 PM and raining in California as you all get started on a new day. Nightly news at 11 was depressing here so decided to read all of your lovely morning posts. flowers

Lins1066 Thu 19-Dec-19 07:43:17

Good Morning Mick and all.
Dry at the moment here on the S Welsh coast, however the forecast is for heavy rain later.
We went to a local shopping outlet yesterday and had some lunch, the first time we have done that for over three months. It was lovely but think I overdid it, so will have a quiet day today.
Good to hear that Mr gilly is home.
Have a pleasant day all.

Marydoll Thu 19-Dec-19 07:57:20

Good morning all from a dark, damp Glasgow. It's 9C, so slightly warmer.

I had a successful day at the hospital yesterday, new walking stick, splints, socker puller on, grabber and the best bit, arthritis gloves. They were so soothing and you can get them online in different colours.
After all these years of yully beige splints, I will be able to coordinate them to match my shoes. wink Oh joy!!! 🤣

The OT asked me if I would like to come to her fatigue management group. I explained that I had already been on the course, so politely declined.
She said she knew that and explained that she wanted me there to speak to patients, who weren't coping with their RA diagnosis and had given up on life. I was to be the motivational speaker!!! grin.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my pharmacy experience.
My future SIL , (a lovely boy man,) phoned to say that he had been in the chemist and had asked if there were any precriptions for me.
He was handed a full carrier and then had to carry them all to work on the train!! He thought there would only be a few packets of pills.
I was delighted, as it meant we could go straight home after the hospital.

It was not to be. I discovered there were items missing, so phoned the pharmacy to enquire about them. Despite ordering these special request items EIGHT days ago, there had been no prescription written for them.
I phoned the doctors from the hospital, twenty minutes later, someone answered the phone. The receptionist insisted I couldn't have ordered them, as the request wasn't on the system.🤬
It wasn't until I described the the unusual accent of the person who took the request, she realised I was telling the truth. An urgent prescription would be written and I could get it today. However, she then got the name of the drug wrong. The steam was coming out my ears.

The difficulty is that this is the medication, which is so difficult to source, it has to be ordered well in advance, hence the reason I ordered it in plenty of time. Of course when I phoned the pharmacist to alert her, there was none in stock.

The consequence is that I will now have to go out this morning and drive to the next town in the crazy traffic, when all I want to do is stay in and wallow in my misery! (Sore throat, cough etc.) grin!!
I'm seriously considering making a formal complaint to the practice manager. This is the third time in a couple of months that this has happened.
Fortunately I have all my marbles and can fight my corner. However, it led me to think of unwell patients, who live alone and perhaps find it all too much to deal with. Who helps them?

Hoping that Mr Gillybob is making progress, now that he is home and that Gilly's pain is decreasing.
Best wishes to all my virtual friends who struggling both physically and emotionally. flowers
Enjoy your day, whatever your plans.

Greyduster Thu 19-Dec-19 08:09:06

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Gloomy and damp in South Yorkshire. Last minute packing and list checking this morning, and then I hope for a quiet day. Hope Gilly and Mr G had a decent night. Have a good day folks.

ninathenana Thu 19-Dec-19 08:09:17

Good morning all from a dull and windy Kent.
I will wrap the pressies today I will.........
DS is having Christmas lunch at a local hotel with his group today. No idea what DH has planned.

Have a good day everyone 🎅

Alygran Thu 19-Dec-19 08:16:13

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s dull and damp here.
Out for coffee this morning then taking a friend up to the hospital to visit her DH. The hospital is 35 miles away so driving and visiting is too much for her.
Thoughts to all who are poorly or supporting family members
Wishing everyone a good day.

harrigran Thu 19-Dec-19 08:28:52

Good morning from a damp NE where it is also 9 degrees.
Think we will go out for lunch today as we are not going to GD's carol concert. Most years they do a rehearsal and GPs get to that but this year it is strctly two tickets per family.
Thinking of the gillybobs and praying they are coping okay. I understand the thought of your own home/bed being the best place to recover. I left hospital after my last operation unable to walk, managed to get up the stairs once and stayed there a week or so.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Dec-19 08:29:13

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It's grey and damp here in SE Essex.

I am exhausted by the time we got back from the airport and into bed it was 2am, obviously I could not fall sleep straight away. There is no noise from GDs bedroom, oh to be an 18 yr old and sleep soundly.

Shall wait and find out what GD wants to do today before I know what I can do.

Keep warm and dry 🎄

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 19-Dec-19 08:30:12

Good morning from east London, mild and wet but not raining at the moment. Thanks for your kind wishes; have to say, as someone who likes to get on when I see a job to be done, I’m finding some of the processes very frustrating. DSiL is carrying the bulk so far so doing what I can to support. I did laugh yesterday when the carpet fitters provided some light relief - we’d been told first day would be stairs and passageways would be done first with the rooms today. They’d arrived with the carpets for the rooms and without the extra body to help move the furniture we couldn’t put elsewhere. They were a lot more miserable about it than we were. I didn’t think I was being particularly fierce but the young lad kept saying “I’m only the apprentice” whenever he saw me. Bit of a break today, going to a cake baking session at the foodbank this morning and choir has a charity gig in Hackney tonight; I will not be staying for the disco. Delia cake 3 baked this morning plus a batch of chutney; my library book will be going back with very little of it read. Have the best day, most satisfying day you can.

Yiayia4 Thu 19-Dec-19 08:46:00

Morning all dark and wet here.
Struggled through yesterday but the highlight was DS's Carol service.The children walked through carrying lanterns and singing the first verse of Silent Night in English, French and German, not a dry eye in the church.
Today we have Gs4 till early afternoon then we will be driving to Derbyshire to stay with DS1 and DiL until Monday.
Hope the M25 fairy is kind to us.

So pleased Gilly you have DH home, I hope you do get some help and your tooth is better.Hope you get your meds Marydoll and have a great day everyone.

NanKate Thu 19-Dec-19 08:49:32

Morning Mick an All.

Grey, cloudy and impending rain here in South Bucks.

A day indoors packing gifts. Why do I leave them to do all at once, procrastination comes to mind ?

Sorry to hear Mary of your problem getting your tablets it is just not good enough.

Hoping for better news about your SinL NannyJ. Hope MrGilly is finding peace being back in his own home.

EllanVannin Thu 19-Dec-19 08:53:31

Good Morning All x.
By jove it rained earlier on it was like a monsoon. I wish I could will it to Australia for their parched continent. It's worrying.

Anyway, it's cleared and milder than it was yesterday with fog and all. D had called early yesterday for our big shops so I missed you all as the day seemed to then fly by and I had to make sure all cards were gone and posted yesterday too.

Quite an eventful evening to follow as suddenly I had one of my A/fib " does " and there was no sign of it abating. I felt rough to say the least. After putting up with it for 5 hours I rang an ambulance and was whisked off for the night in resus.

2 blood tests and 3 ECG's later the doctor decided I hadn't had a heart attack or anything, chest clear everything else clear so they're writing to my GP to change/adjust medication as something is making me ill. Staff at the hospital couldn't do enough and 6 hours later they sent me home in one of their " hospital taxi's " ( for free ! )

I still feel as though I've been through the mangle but it'll pass off. Goodness knows what my INR will be this morning when I go at 10am.
I can't describe how ill I felt last night though I thought for sure I was breathing my last-------and so much to do !

Ah well, there are certainly others who are worse off, as I saw.

Hope everyone is okay and managing to get on with their preparations and hoping nobody is feeling too bad. A drop of mildish weather in the offing to enable those who are getting around the shops.

I hope too that the Gillybobs are managing alright I'm sure Mr G will start to pick up at home xx

Anniebach Thu 19-Dec-19 08:55:33

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Raining in Mid Wales