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Too much time spent on the wrong things.

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Teetime Fri 20-Dec-19 14:51:02

Many of us think about the passing year at this time and I have found myself thinking about the time I have wasted doing things I didn't want to do, in my case spending too much time on golf and not enough time having fun.
Anything you did with your time in 2019 that you plan not to do in 2020?

quizqueen Fri 20-Dec-19 14:56:07

Digging out the garden lawn ready to lay patio slabs ( 2 hours per slab!)-once in a lifetime is enough for me. Having said that, I think I am going to widen the drive next year so I'll be doing the same again!

JackyB Fri 20-Dec-19 15:01:08

If your golf is not your idea of fun, Teetime, then it definitely was not good use of your time.

My time consumer is making the daily chores take all day. Or rather starting them too late, spending too much time on the puzzles in the newspaper at breakfast.

Another new year's resolution in the making there!

Feelingmyage55 Fri 20-Dec-19 15:19:20

I am getting better at saying no to things I don’t want to do for people who are not prepared to compromise or do the smallest thing in return. I will do anything at all with no expectation for family and friends. This year however I decided to say no to people who only contacted me when they needed something. I still responded to emergencies but realise that I do not have to say yes to everything to everyone. As a result I have been volunteering at something of my choice which has given me great pleasure. Now I need to spend less time watching rubbish tv.

dragonfly46 Fri 20-Dec-19 15:53:22

As soon as I can we are going to have more holidays and spend more time with our family.

M0nica Fri 20-Dec-19 15:54:17

Spending too much time on GN, which resulted in me being up until 3.00am this morning writing an essay that had to be in by today.

It is for a further education course done for pleasure and the essay was not compulsory, but I always do the essay, quite enjoy it actually, and I wanted to keep up the 100% record.

Oldandverygrey Fri 20-Dec-19 16:50:24

I also spend too much time on Gransnet, should get a life I think.

MissAdventure Fri 20-Dec-19 16:52:36

Oh, would you mind getting me one too, please? smile

sodapop Fri 20-Dec-19 17:25:38

I'm not taking on any more tasks relating to my volunteer role. Time for someone else to help out.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:33:42

Only really regret wasting money on buying things over the years that I neither wear or use, but the charity shops are pleased when I take them in, and hopefully other people will be also,

Urmstongran Fri 20-Dec-19 18:28:13

I think GN is addictive! Some days I’m on it for hours. Oh dear. I’ve noticed I don’t read as many novels lately.

Perhaps next year I’ll swap the two over.

CanadianGran Fri 20-Dec-19 18:38:19

I know I can be a time-waster; reading magazines, watching silly TV and internet browsing. I admire people that spend their down-time in more creative endeavours. I don't have a whole lot of talent, but enjoy drawing/painting and knitting. Should definately make an effort to do more.

Cambia Sat 21-Dec-19 09:11:51

Playing solitaire when I should be learning Greek! Now make myself do ten minutes Greek for each two solitaire games!! Sort of a reward thing

Jillybird Sat 21-Dec-19 10:05:09

Teetime, the golf sounds like a healthy activity at least so think of it as your exercise and possibly also your social life! I don't believe it's a waste! I spend too much time watching TV - and that's a real waste and not even healthy!
My NYR is to actually DO stuff. Go out! Go on holiday! Go to the theatre. Stop sitting at home. Join the gym...

Canalboatgranma Sat 21-Dec-19 10:29:51

Watching YouTube videos on crafting instead of actually crafting. Especially as a lot of the videos show people crafting in real time, so the videos can be at least an hour long.

cangran Sat 21-Dec-19 11:56:45

Too much time on Twitter & Facebook (can become addictive so will try to ration myself to checking once a day!)

Destin Sat 21-Dec-19 13:04:14

Planting lettuce seeds - over and over again in my veggie plot ....because the rabbits kept eating them as soon as they started to sprout, despite my feeble attempts to protect them with make shift fences, coverings, wire protectors etc etc. I think the rabbits won because in the end I was only able to harvest less than half a dozen full size Little Gems - hardly enough for a couple of salads. But so much frustration, and in the end despair overtook me many mornings during that growing season.

This coming season it’s going to be different - I’m making arrangements to having a sturdy 2 foot wire and wood post fence built around my entire plot - in the hopes of this keeping the blighters out !

aonk Sat 21-Dec-19 13:10:44

I will try very hard to conquer my anxiety about my own health (totally unnecessary) and my anxiety about my family. My stress levels are too high. I want to have the freedom to do my best without struggling so much.

Nannyme Sat 21-Dec-19 13:44:12

Oh Teetime I can resonate so much to what you have said. A few years ago I gave up golf after many years of playing because it takes up so much time, only to take up another sport and yet again got too involved. Earlier this year I decided enough was enough and now say no to anything I really don’t want to do, it’s very liberating and I’m now enjoying my free time and doing what I want to do, well most of the time anyway!!

sarahellenwhitney Sat 21-Dec-19 13:46:54

Addicted to my library! of Kindle books. Samples not the full book.

varian Sat 21-Dec-19 13:59:18

I'm giving up pilates, which I don't enjoy and spending more time swimming, which I do enjoy.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 21-Dec-19 14:29:28

I am a champion time waster - pottering about, reading a bit, crosswords, quizzes, playing patience, a bit of sewing, etc.
Does it really matter though if you are doing something enjoyable?

Xxjanexx Sat 21-Dec-19 14:30:31

I have mental health issues and never leave the house except for appointments,I’m a terrible over thinker which off course doesn’t help!
So I’m going to take baby steps and get out of the house!

annep1 Sat 21-Dec-19 14:40:21

Too much dusting and vacuuming. And not enough painting. Less rubbish books and more quality literature. No spending time trying to keep siblings in contact with each other. Not my responsibility.

Hetty58 Sat 21-Dec-19 16:08:24

Now that I'm retired I intend to do as much as possible of things I enjoy. I waste a lot of time - but why not?