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I’ve already had great news this New Year.

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PamelaJ1 Wed 01-Jan-20 08:20:53

My DD & her DH are well and their house is still standing.
A few houses have burnt down a couple of miles away.
Still no electricity and very very smokey. (They are in Australia)

They are safe and well so we are so relieved.

It goes without saying that we are so sorry for those who weren’t so lucky.

Calendargirl Wed 01-Jan-20 08:37:22

Been speaking to my DD this morning who lives in Canberra but their own home in NSW is very close to these terrible fires. OK at the moment, they were extremely worried yesterday, and certainly the danger is very prevalent, but keep hoping things get better.
Terrifying times.

Calendargirl Wed 01-Jan-20 08:37:57

The air pollution in Canberra is terrible.

Yehbutnobut Wed 01-Jan-20 08:43:20

I so feel for these poor people.

sodapop Wed 01-Jan-20 08:52:19

Such a terrible time for the people of Australia and no sign of the fires abating as yet. Good to hear your families are safe Pamela and Calendargirl let's hope things get better soon.

PamelaJ1 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:30:59

Trouble is I’m not sure that they are, at least I’m sure they are safe but I think they maybe are cut off. There is only one road out to the main road and I think it’s closed. As they were there for New Year I’m sure they have beer 🍺 so they will not get dehydrated 😀

There is a fire watch site that I’m following. It shows fires in the area but not much detail.
My DD’s mobile seems to have run out so haven’t heard for a while.

Juliet27 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:43:44

I’m another mum with the same concerns. Both my son and daughter live in the Sydney suburbs. Ok so far but I’m constantly looking at the ‘fires near me’ site. I’m glad your families are safe. I feel so sorry for all the losses and how hard the firefighters are having to work. I’m amazed how stoic people sound.

PamelaJ1 Thu 02-Jan-20 07:32:41

Juliet, my DD also lives in the Sydney suburbs but they went down the coast to their holiday house.
The Princes highway is now open again and the fires are under control.
Helicopters used the lake and water bombed it. A 737 was also involved.
Unlike here with all our floods it was certainly an advantage to have a water source.
Over here her cousin was giving birth! We’ve had an eventful few days.

EllanVannin Thu 02-Jan-20 08:36:29

My D and family are in the Sydney suburbs and GD and her partner are in Bega where I know has suffered fires. It's so devastating to see these places burning and to think that many were deliberately caused, one by a very person who volunteers to put them out, a firefighter !

Sarahmob Thu 02-Jan-20 10:38:07

My sister-in-law and husband live in NSW, haven’t been able to contact them and are very concerned.

Tillybelle Thu 02-Jan-20 10:39:41

PamelaJ1 I am so relieved for you. It is almost impossible to imagine the plight of those in Australia with the raging fires. I pray for them and for the wild-life. It certainly stops me moaning about how much rain we have been having.

To all GNetters with family in Australia or living there, I send you my love and prayers for your safety and hope that this tragic and terrifying situation will soon stop. My son-in-law is Australian, which brings this close to me and he worries about his parents and sister. Please God let it stop. Good luck to you all, we are thinking of you.

AllTheLs Thu 02-Jan-20 10:39:46

This has been a worry for well over a month now (son and fiancee live in Sydney). It's just going on and on - I so wish for a great monsoon of rain to come along and put the fires out.

Houndi Thu 02-Jan-20 10:51:48

The air pollution in Sydney is horrendous.Young people who breathe it in now will have respiratory problems in later years.The Prime Minster will not recognise climate change.My family live in Perth which at the moment has the high temperatures but not the out of control bush fire

chocpuppy Thu 02-Jan-20 10:58:04

Dear Sarahmob
I am in NSW. Some areas are having communication and other problems due to the fires - loss of power etc.
You might try
It is a website run by the Red Cross and supposed to help re-unite families during this time.

jaylucy Thu 02-Jan-20 10:58:55

I lived in Victoria when the Ash Wednesday bush fires happened and even though I lived several miles away from them, it was still pretty scarey.
Bush fires are so unpredictable they don't always burn in a straight line, they can jump several feet so your property can be left standing, but your neighbours demolished.
Despite the fact that in NSW fires have been burning since September, it is only now that the PM has decided to call a special meeting and a state of emergency declared in NSW. I have to wonder why it has taken so long for this to happen.

polnan Thu 02-Jan-20 11:04:00

I have no relatives in Australia, but so feel for these people
I think their Government are doing too little, too late..

still awaiting the military I understand

and no one,, that I have heard have considered that these fires will assist the climate change, will affect the rest of the world..
methinks we are all living in cloud cuckoo land as to the awful, imo irrepairable damage we are and have done to this wonderful planet...

I pray for everyone affected directly by these fires, I understand that New Zealand is covered with the smoke etc.

Callistemon Thu 02-Jan-20 11:04:48

Yes, they are constantly on our minds; my DC are not in Sydney although I have other relatives there. The fires were near us, further north when we were there a couple of months ago and I am worried now as there appear to be fires up the east coast to Brisbane and spasmodic fires all over the place.

I remember the fires around Sydney and the awful smoke pollution about 15 years ago but this is worse.

We're praying for rain and more rain but the forecast was for warm and windy weather.

I hope all your relatives stay safe.

Callistemon Thu 02-Jan-20 11:08:14

Anything can cause a bush fire, a spark, a piece of glass acting as a magnifying glass, and I understand that the one which destroyed a heritage building a while ago in NSW was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette butt.

HurdyGurdy Thu 02-Jan-20 12:08:05

It breaks my heart every time I see the news bulletins from Australia. It is such a tragedy and it seems there is no immediate end in sight.
I'm pleased for those families whose loved ones are safe and hoping that those who haven't heard from theirs yet, get good news soon

My son showed me a map of the UK where a map of the fire affected area had been overlaid. It is literally covering an area the size of south east England from about Cambridge in the north and Oxford in the west. It really hit home as to the scale of it.

Bernieellen Thu 02-Jan-20 12:15:11

I have friend and family over there. So far all Safe. Thinking of you all concerned. Such a terrible time.

Aepgirl Thu 02-Jan-20 12:18:57

A friend and his partner live in NSW and have said how scary it is. He is helping voluntarily sourcing generators, etc and supporting fire fighters with food and drink,etc. They were without electricity for 36 hours, 2 friends have died, others have lost their homes, and they are quite frightened. Makes our moans about constant rain very selfish.

icanhandthemback Thu 02-Jan-20 12:55:53

My cousin was evacuated from her house because the neighbour's was on fire. After a terrible time in the last few years with her health and having lost the most beautiful home she had built through divorce, we were very worried about her. She posted video footage of the helicopter dousing her house with water to keep it from catching fire and luckily her house has emerged relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, her poor neighbour's house was completely destroyed.

Callistemon Thu 02-Jan-20 13:33:37

Unfortunately it is the drier season down south.

Even where some of my family live, where this is normally the wet season, SIL says he can't remember the rains coming so late. They've had one deluge, that's all.

PamelaJ1 Thu 02-Jan-20 13:40:17

sarahmob have you looked on any Facebook pages?
I was on one or two before K managed to contact me.
Which area is she in ? Someone on here may have news from relatives in the same area.

Ape girl and ican such sad stories.

GreenGran78 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:16:26

I am visiting family in Perth at the moment. There have been a few fires over here, too, but nothing serious. We had a little smoke and ash one day from a small fire further south, which was soon put out. My daughter’s house was threatened by a fire, some years ago. It reached the edge of her suburb, but was put out by the amazingly brave firefighters - most of whom are unpaid volunteers.
On Monday I am flying over to Sydney for ten days, to visit my son and DIL. They don’t have any fires near, but some days the air quality hasn’t been too good.
I am looking forward to seeing them, after two years, but am a bit nervous that there may be problems caused by the fires. However, seeing the appalling situation that others are in puts it into perspective. So many people and animals have been killed or injured, and homes destroyed. I hope that some rain falls soon, and that those of you with family in the area find that they are all safe.