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What was your very first car you leaned to drive in

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TrendyNannie6 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:49:14

Mine was a ford cortina red mark one column change coach front seat

Sara65 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:53:52

A mini

Squiffy Wed 01-Jan-20 17:59:28

The driving school's VW Beetle. Loved it! tchgrin

MiniMoon Wed 01-Jan-20 18:00:44

My Dad had a Triumph Toledo, I loved driving it.
I learnt to drive in a mini. My teacher said that if you can drive a mini, you can drive anything.

Shrub Wed 01-Jan-20 18:01:20

I can’t remember what type of car my driving instructor had, but my first car was a green Triumph Herald.

kittylester Wed 01-Jan-20 18:04:42

I learnt in a mini too and my first car was a Citroen Dyane which wouldn't start in first.

grannyactivist Wed 01-Jan-20 18:06:13

I don’t remember what I learned to drive in, but my first car was an ancient Ford Fiesta that I hoped would keep me on the road for the first six months after I passed my test. In fact I drove it for thousands of miles for a period of, I think, seven years before it finally gave up the ghost. I replaced it with a small, used Peugeot 306 that also lasted me for many years. Those are the only two cars I have had. Now I’m very grateful for my bus pass. smile

MamaCaz Wed 01-Jan-20 18:08:49

An ancient Volvo that had such a dodgy accelerator that it was hard not to stall when stationary. After passing my test in Manchester, I let my teacher drive me back to Marple, and he stalled it several times on the way back grin.

Beechnut Wed 01-Jan-20 18:09:29

I started off learning in a Ford Anglia and my driving instructor had a mk 1 Escort. My first ever car of my own is the one I have now.

SueDonim Wed 01-Jan-20 18:17:12

I don’t recall my driving instructor’s car but at home we had a Mini.

tanith Wed 01-Jan-20 18:18:01

Learnt in a mini then drove our Ford Granada for ages.

Davidhs Wed 01-Jan-20 18:19:49

A Triumph Herald to learn then first car a Mini many happy memories

Willow500 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:31:33

I can't remember the driving instructors car other than it was red and ran out of petrol on one lesson but I also had some instruction from my husband in hid dad's old Ford Anglia. The first time I went out on my own after passing my test was in his company Ford Cortina - I talked to myself all the way to the shop and back grin

Septimia Wed 01-Jan-20 18:38:18

The driving school's car was a Renault I think, but I also drove my Dad's 1957 Hillman Minx, subsequently scrounging it from him when I needed to get to work.

The Hillman was much-loved but eccentric. It had column change gears and you had to start off in second as first was only used for hill starts and emergencies. If you hovered your foot anywhere near the clutch when it was in third it dropped out of gear thanks to gravity!

Bestgranny Wed 01-Jan-20 18:39:26

I learned in a Ford Anglia ,couldn’t wait to get my first car 🚗 which my dad bought for me it was a Riley elf , grey with white top & shiny mohoganay dash. I loved it .

Anniebach Wed 01-Jan-20 18:39:38

A Standard 10.

Greyduster Wed 01-Jan-20 18:49:52

I officially learned to drive, and passed my test, in a Nissan Sunny hatchback, but long before that I had had plates on a Triumph 2000 automatic before DH decided I was a danger to everyone else on the road, and to his beloved car! After I got my license I drove DH’s Ford Sierra until I got a car of my own, a Renault Clio.

TerriBull Wed 01-Jan-20 18:56:21

Renault 5

NannyJan53 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:57:30

I learnt to drive in a Ford Escort ( I think) Each lesson was £1.98, I gave £2 and he gave me 2p change grin Petrol was then 38p a gallon shock This was 1974.

My first car was a Mini Van, which cost me the princely sum of £60. It lasted a year and I sold it for scrap for £10!

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:57:32

Morris Minor Traveller. First car as a married couple in 1969. I was 20.

When I passed my test my lovely Dad gave me his old red Beetle.

J52 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:58:18

Morris 1000. Kitty I had a 2CV! Started with the help of the crank handle and WD40. It’s that spooky thing again,

J52 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:59:37

Woodmouse my Morris 1000 was grey and called Nellie, after the Elephant!

downtoearth Wed 01-Jan-20 19:00:30

Hyundai Pony

lemongrove Wed 01-Jan-20 19:04:14

Like several others a Triumph Herald, then passed my test and bought a Ford pride and joy!

Chewbacca Wed 01-Jan-20 19:04:59

A yellow Vauxhall Corsa called Betty. I loved that little car!