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What is pansexual? Layla Moran

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boheminan Fri 03-Jan-20 09:55:41

I read today that Layla Moran, my local MP has come out as being pansexual. This has surprised me in as much as I've never heard of pansexual.

According to Layla (amongst other things)
it's all about the person, and that you love that person themselves, not if they're a man or a woman. Being pansexual means being attracted to people regardless of gender - which is different to being bi-sexual.

I've ended up feeling genuinely confused over this. Until now I assumed myself heterosexual, but after reading Layla's news, now I'm questioning myselfhmm

MerylStreep Fri 03-Jan-20 12:02:04

I hadn't got over Petunias post and Callistemons strange love of a tree and now your post 😂😂😂

boheminan Fri 03-Jan-20 12:20:06

I'm relieved I'm not the only one confused by this term. LBGT is now often referred to as LGBTQ - I'm not sure what the Q stands for?

Nightsky2 Fri 03-Jan-20 12:24:11

I was listening to 5Live this morning when this was being discussed. Apparently with bisexual people it’s all about sex whereas with pansexual😳it’s all about liking that person. Maybe they just don’t like sex.

Urmstongran. I have totally lost the gender plot.

sodapop Fri 03-Jan-20 12:46:04

gringrin Petunia

Would be good if people concentrated on the political acumen of potential leaders and not their sexuality or anything else.

GillT57 Fri 03-Jan-20 12:52:44

It is sad that she has felt it necessary to make this announcement in order to pre-empt the sleazy journalist. It is really nobody's concern, but I suppose the fact that the journalist felt this news would titillate some readers would indicate that some people have a prurient interest in what is essentially irrelevant to her role as an MP

BlueBelle Fri 03-Jan-20 12:54:07

It’s all a load of rubbish and I have no problem with what anyone wants to be or do but I don’t wish to know thanks very much and I don’t need to use a name for it

I think the Q stands for Queer which used to be a derogatory term not sure when that changed We ll soon have to have The whole alphabet in use
Sorry I only recognise people as people and have no intention of calling people it, they, pan, who or what I won’t get caught up in this nonsense

maddyone Fri 03-Jan-20 12:56:41

I never heard of ‘pansexual’ before today. I think I’m confused.

maddyone Fri 03-Jan-20 12:58:18

I’m with Urmstongran and Nightsky, I’ve lost the gender plot.

Doodle Fri 03-Jan-20 13:00:25

Thank you all for a good laugh. petunia that was priceless 😀

travelsafar Fri 03-Jan-20 13:06:06

petunia Made me laugh smile

lavenderzen Fri 03-Jan-20 13:09:01

Petunia thank you for brightening my day grin

boheminan Fri 03-Jan-20 13:16:55

(I know I'll get shot down in flames for this, but couldn't resist) - 'what we need is a great big melting pot' - or should that be pangrin

kircubbin2000 Fri 03-Jan-20 13:31:45

It just means someone who is an attention seeker.

LullyDully Fri 03-Jan-20 13:51:42

I feel I must be a simple sole and find life becoming very complicated with a need to be very , very broadminded.
( I do seem to remember an old Welsh song about loving saucepans.........Saucepan bach.)

Elegran Fri 03-Jan-20 13:52:53

My reaction the first time I heard this label was to think it must mean "If it has a pulse I'll screw it."

annsixty Fri 03-Jan-20 14:01:35

Laughing out loud at the ingenuity of some posters.
Such a tonic.

NanKate Fri 03-Jan-20 14:01:59

Elegran 😂

Give me strength. I am sick of women’s with their saggy breasts hanging out of their clothes.

I don’t give a 🙈🙈 if she is pan, bi, trans, hetero. Why do well known people need to tell us all about their private lives? Hitting head on wall ☹️

SirChenjin Fri 03-Jan-20 14:06:49

Agree with all the others who have said so what, it doesn’t actually matter. The only thing that we should be concerned about imo is that in 2020 the gutter press was about to print the story
because sufficient numbers of people want to read this sort of guff.

boheminan Fri 03-Jan-20 14:22:01

Erm...I'm not bothered about her or anyone else's sexuality either. I'm more interested that I couldn't find the word pansexual in my Oxford dictionary (and if I'm not sure of a word, I'll always look it up) then when I googled it, I found the explanation difficult to understand.

SueDonim Fri 03-Jan-20 14:32:33

Some cracking posts on this thread especially Petunia’s. grin

A local council here used to include one of those diversity questionnaires on their paperwork. One of the options for sexuality was omni-sexual! I’ve not googled it but you can if you’re brave! grin

Galaxy Fri 03-Jan-20 14:33:28

I imagine the press weren't printing the story because of sexuality I imagine it was because laylas new partner is currently suspended from the lib dems for her role in forging emails.

Doodledog Fri 03-Jan-20 14:34:17

I don't think it's about whom she will 'screw'. It's about her being able to fancy people of all (pan) genders as opposed to one of two (bi). What she does about that is up to her, in the same way as heterosexuals finding someone of the opposite sec attractive but staying faithful to their partner.

Whether anyone else is able to get their head around the concept of more than two genders (and I must admit that I struggle) isn't the point - Layla Moran clearly does, and that is up to her and harms nobody.

I agree that it should be nobody's business, but hey ho - a lot of people like nothing better than tutting about the sex lives of others.

I still wouldn't vote Lib Dem, though grin.

jura2 Fri 03-Jan-20 14:34:20

Does anyone really still use the word 'queer' ??? honestly?

maddyone Fri 03-Jan-20 14:36:26

Jura, I would hope not in this day and age.

boheminan Fri 03-Jan-20 14:47:59

jura2 the word 'queer' when used in a sexual context is (I believe) still taboo? However, I find it interesting that a recent episode of Gavin & Stacy featured a karaoke rendition of The Pogues 'Fairy Tale of New York', and numerous people wrote to the BBC objecting to the use of...'faggot' (I thought it was going to be 'arse') another eyeopener for me, as I always thought faggot referred to a prostitute, a bundle of sticks or a dodgy meat ball.