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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 05-Jan-20 06:09:49

Good Morning Everyone,
its dark but dry at the moment in Brackley this morning.
Usual Sunday , laundry etc, and a quiet day for me.
Yesterday, there was a small amount of stores at the Flea Market in Buckingham.

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 05-Jan-20 07:37:08

Good morning from east London, dry and dark still. Total indulgence at the moment, courtesy of DS we have access to the TV app that’s showing the new ATP tennis tournament. I think my current session will be a 2 cup of tea one. Off to Chichester today to pick up DS, although I am checking train stations so I can get back to London quickly in case I get the call from DD. (I reckon this babe is coming next week so there’s time yet). Hope you all have a reasonable day.

Beechnut Sun 05-Jan-20 07:41:37

Good Morning Mick and all who follow from a dark and raining Severnside.

Hello to the GM posters.
Not sure what I’ll get up to today but it should involve some tidying away of things.

DD came for dinner yesterday, she wanted to talk to me about my emotions recently.

I hope that poorly folk are feeling better today and everyone enjoys Sunday 🌺

Beechnut Sun 05-Jan-20 07:44:11

👋 Mythbirthdragon and should have been new GM posters.

tiredoldwoman Sun 05-Jan-20 07:51:58

Good morning, dark, quiet and dry so far this morning . I'm off to meet my daughter early this morning , her friend has died so we're releasing a balloon for her on Falkland Hill, she was musical so we're tying tiny bells to the tail . I'm hoping that it'll travel and ring out for miles and miles - hope some of you might hear it , report back ?
Gosh , I'm crying .

NanKate Sun 05-Jan-20 07:52:36

Morning Mick and All.

Now where is the Birthday Girl Kitty? Are you still under the covers whilst you DH prepares scrambled egg and smoked salmon. Whatever you do have a great Birthday.

Dull but not cold here in South Bucks.

Still in the poorly Bay with my pleurisy but the drugs have worked a treat. I have the perfect excuse to binge on the tennis from Oz. Every ace that is scored the player donates 100 Aus dollars to the Fire Fund.

NfkDumpling Sun 05-Jan-20 08:03:15

Morning All

After a lovely day yesterday, today looks all grey and overcast in my bit of Norfolk.

The aim for today is to get the trimmings down and repot the Strelitzia DH bought me for Christmas into a very large pot. I know it won’t flower for a year or two but I have a jungle corner in our back room and I can’t wait to get it sorted. The Back Room was a conservatory which now has a solid roof with lights but I can’t bring myself to call it an Orangery which it apparently now is.

Happy Birthday Kitty. 🥂🎂🍷💐

Good to know you’re on the mend NanKate🍰💐

mumofmadboys Sun 05-Jan-20 08:08:48

Happy birthday Kitty!
In Manchester this weekend for a bridge Congress. Yesterday went reasonably well. Hoping I can concentrate again today. About 7 hours plus of card playing today !!

aggie Sun 05-Jan-20 08:09:27

Morning all , I have been up and down all night with a poorly tummy , and now have a UTI . Back in bed with a hot drink . It is dark but dry out , I can't stay here , got to get up soon , my lovely cleaning lady will be here soon and she starts by changing the bed so she can hang up the washing before she leaves

Alygran Sun 05-Jan-20 08:13:06

Good morning from North Yorkshire. There are dark clouds south on the horizon but blue sky and fluffy pink clouds above. Who knows what the day will bring.
Been awake since 4.30 so been reading my book.
Off to Church this morning then feet up with my knitting and a film later.
Saw Official Secrets yesterday. Very appropriate given the current Middle East situation.
Happy birthday Kitty.
Good wishes for speedy recoveries to all on the sick list.
Hope everyone has a good day.

oldgaijin Sun 05-Jan-20 08:15:55

Good morning from Aberdeenshire where there is a glorious sunrise...the sky is on fire.

I am on my first mug of tea and the mutt is happily chasing his tail and doing his morning "exercises". I think I am forgiven for yesterday's bath.

Shall try and finish my mammoth ironing session and have a cull of my wardrobe...the charity shop better be prepared!

We are away to the woodies, as usual. The mutt made a new pal yesterday, a lurcher, and they had a mega chase over the golf course.

Have a good day everyone.

J52 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:21:35

Happy Birthday Kitty. Have a lovely day.

Marydoll Sun 05-Jan-20 08:25:33

Good morning Mick and all from a damp and dark Glasgow.

Happy Birthday Kitty 🎂🥂and dear Kate, I hope you feel better as the day goes on. 💐

I'm feeling pretty awful today, for some reason my RA has flared up, I can hardly walk (I can still talk grin ) and my hands are very swollen. It's so frustrating!
I have been given a pair of arthritis gloves by the hospital and they are so soothing.
It seems, you can get them in nice colours from the large company, which begins with A , so I shall be able to co-ordinate my outfits at last!!! 🤣

The tree and decorations will be coming down and some semblance of order restored. I'm not looking forward to DH's haphazard approach to it. 😏 I will need to try and bite my tongue and not nag!!! 🤐

I'm expecting a visit from DD (Bridezilla) and her fiancé, as their wedding invitations are causing some pre-matrimonial strife! 😱. Some diplomacy is called for here!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday, as well as you can do.

Yiayia4 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:26:43

Morning all dry and mild in Surrey.
Just about to get up after a rotten night,coughing and sneezing, this lurgy needs to go now!
Not planning on doing a lot today maybe ironing if I feel like it.
Happy birthday Kitty have a great day 🎂🎈💐 hope your feeling better NanKate and to everyone else have a nice day.

cornergran Sun 05-Jan-20 08:27:54

Morning Mick, morning All from a surprisingly dry corner of Somerset. Germs continue here so a slow start, well, slow everything at the moment. Very happy birthday to kitty. Relax and enjoy. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

MiniMoon Sun 05-Jan-20 08:29:55

Good morning all.
I've been watching the lovely sunrise from my kitchen window. Up and about early for me, but I'm full of cold and can't breath when lying down. I've had a miserable night, glad it's over.
Two youngest grandsons and son-in-law are sleeping in my living room. Granddaughter is hosting a sleepover as her birthday is midweek, and as a soon to be teenager, didn't want little brothers messing up the place!
Hope everyone sick gets well soon.

Happy birthday kitty. 🎂🍷🍸

Lins1066 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:34:21

Good Morning from a damp S Welsh Coast, it is supposed to dry up.
Overdid it yesterday so will be careful today. Will go to DD's later and lie on her sofa for a change of scene.
Hope all those feeling ill feel better soon, Marydoll and NanKate

Sark Sun 05-Jan-20 08:37:51

Good morning all from a pretty grey and overcast Oxfordshire.
Thank you all for making me so welcome yesterday on my first day!
Hi to Harrigran I am not in the island of Sark but wish I was as it is a favourite place!!
Not sure what today will bring.. bit of a lie in this morning so drinking a cup of very strong tea while we think about it!
Hope all poorly ones are feeling a bit better today.
Have a good day everyone

Grammaretto Sun 05-Jan-20 08:43:56

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It's light so must be late.

I am sorry to hear of so many ills.
NanKate get well soon!
Happy Birthday Kitty cupcake
sunshine 🎶
Gillybob flowers
The decorations will come down but after one last gathering today . My friend from the Highlands will stay for a few days though she's not very well but well have a good gossip.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

dragonfly46 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:45:19

Good morning from a brightish Leicestershire.

Happy Birthday kitty.

Clearing up day today and roast pork this evening for a change.

Pleased you are getting better NanKate pleurisy is very painful.
Sorry to hear you are again under the weather Marydoll.
Best wishes to gilly.

Greyduster Sun 05-Jan-20 08:45:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A dull, cold day in South Yorkshire but dry. We are off to the first watch junior football fixture of the year this morning, and then I will be cooking roast pork for a family dinner.
Happy birthday Kitty; hope you have a splendid day!🎂💐🥂.

harrigran Sun 05-Jan-20 08:46:57

Good morning from a dry and calmer NE.
Tree and decorations will be taken down and packed away.
DD's last day in the UK, she must return for work tomorrow. Working her notice before changing jobs next month.
Happy Birthday kitty 🎂🍾🥂
Thinking of all who are poorly.

Susan56 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:47:27

Good morning from Shropshire.
The flu still has us in its grip.
Happy birthday kitty💐🎂🥂🍾
Hope your pain eases as the day goes on Mary.
Good wishes to all unwell,hope you’re ok Elan and love and strength to gilly.x

Pantglas2 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:49:28

Good morning all from a dry but dull north Wales and welcome Sark - I’m also lolling abed with my chamberpot of tea!

I do like a good loll on a Sunday but I must shift myself as I’ve packing to do for the morrow when I’m taking DH back to Spain for some sunshine before his op next month.

Hope today is a good day especially for those still with lingering lurgies and any more babies due arrive in a timely fashion - I wish we were expecting one in our family but they’ve all done their bit and GCs are a bit young yet!

Xxjanexx Sun 05-Jan-20 08:49:48

Morning everyone from a chilly and overcast Dorset
Blitzed the house yesterday so going to sit back have a nice roast that DH is cooking😊 and read my book.