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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 07-Jan-20 06:12:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in Brackley but have had some overnight rain.
Housework beckons, then chiropodist ,and then my day out to Buckingham and Bicester for coffees etc.
This will probably be the last Tuesday that I travel that way, as we gain a new bus service linking the town with Bicester , but will keep my options open as well ,and can vary journey if I wish.

Grammaretto Tue 07-Jan-20 08:24:52

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The wind has subsided somewhat but we will have to check for damage.
The owl is back hooting even after its favourite tree fell in a storm.

First of the year scan at hospital for DH today and we will go to the cinema afterwards. We like to combine trips.
I undecorated the tree which will now be a prop for beans and eventually firewood.
I hope Gilly has had her tooth sorted and her DH is making a steady recovery.
Welcome to the new baby Beechnut

Lins1066 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:29:48

Good Morning Mick and everyone.
DH going out shortly to get a new tyre for DD's car.
Hope everyone will have a good day, sounds busy for many.
Hope gilly's tooth is better.

vena11 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:37:55

Good Morning from Bristol its dry at the moment .
DH has the dentist this morning and I have the opticians again today, I hope they can get my lenses sort out this time and them I might have a look at the shops, not that I need anything but not point in wasting a trip to the mall.
Beechnut congratulations, a new baby how lovely.
I hope everyone has a good day.

Newquay Tue 07-Jan-20 08:38:04

Cloudy but dry here in Staffs.
Christmas lunch at local
College with French group. Will walk most of way there and get off bus early on way back too.

Anniebach Tue 07-Jan-20 08:58:17

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

BlueSapphire Tue 07-Jan-20 08:59:27

A later good morning from Northampton; I was awake at 5am (as yesterday), but managed to turn over and nod off again till 8 o'clock. Can actually see some blue sky this morning and it is dry, but colder.
Had a good yoga session yesterday; our teacher decided we needed a change, so we had a whole session of chair yoga, which everyone seemed to enjoy. It certainly made it easier on the odd occasion we had to have something to lean on - I find getting down to the floor and back up again a real struggle these days.
Got the tree and all the decorations down yesterday afternoon, all packed away now and stored in the garage instead of the loft, so I no longer have to ask DS to get them down for me come next Christmas.
Today will be spent preparing for the workmen to start on my cloakroom tomorrow. The cats are being collected at lunchtime to spend a few days in the cattery while the work is going on.
Hoping that all suffering from coughs and sneezes soon feel better.

Urmstongran Tue 07-Jan-20 09:03:33

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry and mild. I have an appointment at 11am (at the hospital I used to work in) for blood tests following the gastric bug I had over Christmas & the NY. I often bump into ex colleagues in the long corridors and enjoy small catch ups (‘ooh what you doing here then?).

I got an appointment with the doctor yesterday and received a huge dollop of reassurance. I was anxious because my symptoms were lingering for so long. I have two pots for stool specimens but as I’m quite empty I’m not sure I can ‘perform’. Sorry TMI there!

As I’m feeling (hopefully) better, after bloods will drive over to pick up my father for a small M&S shop. I haven’t seen him for a week as unwell. Wonder if I’ll be his ‘first footer’?

Thanks for the recommendation Kalu about the 2 part drama. I shall tune into it later today.

Mommawolf that alpaca wool will be heavenly soft. What a lucky baba when he/she arrives to be swaddled in that! I’m a bit dim here. I assume the wool you passed to your sister will have to be spun into yarn first before knitting can commence? Does she do that part too? There are some clever people about ....

Once again you a being a good friend Ginny42.

Hope your journey doesn’t jigger you too much Maw take it easy as you can today - although the cuddles will be worth it when you get there I’m sure!

Hope Tuesday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

GrannyGravy13 Tue 07-Jan-20 09:06:07

Good morning Mick and all x

Congratulations to you and your family Beechnut I hope you get lots of cuddles.

Grey but trying to brighten up in SE Essex. Off shopping for new baby GS this morning, DD got discharged from hospital last night, so “the big brother” is excited that Mummy will pick him up from school this afternoon and his time with us is over (till sleepover next week)

Hope Gillybobs was tooth has been sorted, Marydoll let’s hope your new meds suit you and any other poorly posters are on the mend.

whywhywhy Tue 07-Jan-20 09:12:23

Good morning from a dry bu grey Market Harborough.

Sending good wishes to Gillybob and her husband and all who are ill, suffering or just generally run down.

Mommawolf Tue 07-Jan-20 09:19:28

URMSTONGRAM yes the wool is spun by the two of us usually a day of washing fleece hanging in barn to dry then few days later spun. It's amazingly robust and as KALU said great for anyone who is sensitive to sheep's wool. I can not knit to save my life so I stick to weaving, between us we can use what the beasties give us and have lots of fun.

GrannySomerset Tue 07-Jan-20 09:19:37

Greetings from a bright and currently dry North Somerset. Am lingering over cuppa before shower etc and then embarking on the task of getting DH up, washed, shaved and into respectable clothes and a tie in order to attend a lunch. The food and company will be good but the effort involved considerable.

Still nursing painful shoulder (alternating ibuprofen and co-codamol) which isn’t improving. Yesterday’s large ironing pile didn’t help but no other physical effort required now. Good wishes to all our poorly contributors and hoping Gilly has got the tooth dealt with. When feeling sorry for myself I think of her and pull myself together.

Auntieflo Tue 07-Jan-20 09:22:55

Good morning Michael, Annie, and all. The bin men haven't been yet, and they usually wake me up on Tuesdays around 06.45. Still, last week they were two days late, so I suppose they are catching up.
I did manage to cram some unwanted decorations in the bin, without fishing them out again, as we have too many, and not all were used. We are also storing them in DH's study, as with them being in the loft, it was difficult to get them down.
Had to go out and buy a new electric can opener yesterday, as my old one refused to open a can of tomatoes. When I got it home, I tried the new one, and that wouldn't work on the tomatoes, either. Then I had a good look at the can and it would appear to have a ridge, near the top, that was preventing the opener from working. So I turned the can upside down, and hey presto, it worked. Do you think the shop will take back the new one?
Volunteering this afternoon, and nice to be back in the routine. I popped into the shop on Saturday afternoon, and my manager handed me a bag, saying, I have a project for you.
It was some beautiful wool and silk yarn, that had been knitted up. But it was just in a throw type shape. Bobbles knitted into the pattern every 6 rows. But, no pattern to suggest what it could be, and so no needle size as well. Anyway, I googled how to knit a bobble, carried on and just knitted until the wool had gone. So will take it back to the shop this afternoon.
I would love to try knitting with alpaca yarn, it sounds lovely.
Hope Gillybob is OK after yesterday.
Have a good day one and all.

harrigran Tue 07-Jan-20 09:26:28

Good morning from a grey and windy NE.
Plans are to travel to Cumbria to sort out the rest of our home.
Both solicitors are dragging their heels and causing a lot of problems as buyers live abroad. Five months to do paperwork, neither buyer or vendor in a chain, ridiculous.
Hoping the gillybobs are showing some improvement.

Glambat Tue 07-Jan-20 09:30:43

Good Morning All from grey, damp Gloucester....
I’m new to Gransnet so just dipping in to find out what it’s all about.

Willynilly Tue 07-Jan-20 09:36:57

Mornin’ all from the East Mids. Feeling very sorry for myself here as I’ve done ‘summat to me ‘ip’ and I walk like I’ve just stepped on dry land from a round the world yacht race! Damned painful too. Seeing the GP later to see what I’ve done.
Anyway, congratulations on the new baby, commiserations to those under the weather.
Have a good one folks.

Mapleleaf Tue 07-Jan-20 10:33:28

Morning all,

A rather dull and slightly breezy morning here. It's forecast to get breezier as the day progresses.

Not a lot planned for today though I might see my friend later for a cuppa and chat if she's free. In the meantime, I've a pile of ironing to do and the bedding to change.

Hope gilly has got her tooth sorted now.

Have a good day everyone, and welcome to the GM thread, Glambat.

EllanVannin Tue 07-Jan-20 10:41:10

Good Morning All x
A bit darker than usual this morning, gone are the lovely sunny mornings sad in fact I can see spots of rain on the window but it's not cold though.

I think this heavy cold is easing ( I hope ) but still choking every now and again. It's been really awful, 8 days of it now. Appetite is a bit hit and miss as I'm getting waves of hunger and nausea. Years ago the chemist would have mixed a bottle of something by way of a tonic ( Parish's Food )

Had a lovely surprise visit from one of our GN friends yesterday. It was lovely to see her. If you all remember, Glammananna lost her DH suddenly before Christmas. I was so pleased to see her out and about.
Glad I'd half tidied up after taking the tree down. smile

I've done a small shopping list so I must stick to it as I don't want any more than I've written down----I get carried away, a resolution, perhaps ? We'll see.

Hope everyone with coughs/colds are starting to pick up and others who aren't so grand hope things improve. It's not nice being out of sorts.
Also hope the day went okay for Gillybob xx as well as for Mr G too.
Others who have appointments let's hope the outcome is good.

BladeAnnie Tue 07-Jan-20 10:51:44

I'm quite new - left the odd post on other threads but this one always seems so lovely and friendly. So I just want to say hello and send my best wishes to all of you who are struggling atm x

Susan56 Tue 07-Jan-20 10:56:47

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.A dull and windy day.
Am feeling better each day but DH still quite unwell although he is eating now which is a good sign🤞🏻We both have antibiotics as been 3 weeks and dr thought it was worth a try so again🤞🏻
Congratulations on the new arrival Beechnut.
Ellan,hope you start to improve soon and good to hear glammananna came to visit you.Kalu hope you are feeling better.
Good wishes to all unwell,corner glad you are improving and maw look after yourself.
Hoping you got your tooth sorted gilly.Sending love.x
Have a good day all.

NannyJan53 Tue 07-Jan-20 11:01:15

Welcome Glambat and BladeAnnie I hope you enjoy GN and this thread.

Sark Tue 07-Jan-20 11:10:37

Good Morning to all
Just grey in Oxfordshire today
Congratulations on your new arrival Beechnut
Hello to Glambat and BladeAnnie....I am pretty new too and as you say this thread always seems so friendly.
Have a good day everyone

Kalu Tue 07-Jan-20 11:19:15

Good to hear you are feeling a bit better Susan56.

I made a large pot of chicken soup yesterday hoping it would whet DH’s appetite as he isn’t faring too well. He enjoyed two bowls😁. My friend who is Jewish tells me this particular soup is know as Jewish Penicillin. More crossed fingers🤞

Mythbirtthedragon Tue 07-Jan-20 11:20:43

Good morning from east London, cloudy, dry and relatively mild. Feel I haven’t stopped this morning since waking up GD and doing the school run. Missed my tennis yesterday for what as they used to say at school is ‘the best of domestic reasons’. DD texted at 9am saying ‘I think it’s going to be today’ so the machinery swung into action. As GD was on an insert day, DP dropped me off and took her back to ours while I stayed with DD and her DP sashaying around the house, pacing the floor, rubbing her back etc. We went to the hospital just after 3pm and GD2 was born, as her mum wanted, in a water delivery, one of the most gracious things I’ve ever seen, just before 5pm. We’ll be taking GD1 to visit after school and hopefully DD will be home by this evening. A happy day even if the carpets didn’t get fitted. Hope you all have a reasonable day today.

gillybob Tue 07-Jan-20 11:23:14

A very late good morning from the NE coast . Well what can I say about yesterday ?

Went to see Orthodontist at different practise yesterday who said that she didn’t think pulling the tooth would even help at this late stage . Said she suspects acute maxillo/ sinus infection ( it’s very swollen again ) and advised to go through GP to get urgent referral to see a specialist . Have to book GP appointments online and wait for call/email so waiting now as we speak . I have finished all the antibiotics and it’s throbbing like mad now. The swelling is creeping up my face as it did before . If I don’t get a call soon I will probs have to go to A&E . Just how I do that I don’t know .

Been to GP app with DH this morning (wouldn’t let me make an app for myself while I was there despite acknowledging my swollen face ) insisted had to go through the Ask my GP website . GP has changed DH’s BP meds back to the ones he was in prior to ICU . Has arranged for blood tests and said she cannot give him antibiotics for his chest/ cold ???? Said to go back if he gets worse .

Spoke to accountant and put him in the picture . Apparently I Missed the filing deadline at companies house ( end Nov) so waiting fine ( or worse ) . Having urgent meeting next week . Past caring to be honest. Tried explaining circumstances to CH but don’t think they could care less . Much like all government departments small businesses are just treat like sh*t on their shoes .

Feeling pretty rotten mentally and physically . Another great start to another wonderful year .

Sorry for another long drawn out moan . Who knows One day I might be able to post something happy or positive ?

Love to all and kind thoughts to all those suffering ill health or feeling sad . Wishing us all some much needed sunshine

Gillybob x

Kalu Tue 07-Jan-20 11:25:16

Hope you enjoy Bon Voyage Urmstongran