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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 07-Jan-20 06:12:34

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in Brackley but have had some overnight rain.
Housework beckons, then chiropodist ,and then my day out to Buckingham and Bicester for coffees etc.
This will probably be the last Tuesday that I travel that way, as we gain a new bus service linking the town with Bicester , but will keep my options open as well ,and can vary journey if I wish.

kittylester Tue 07-Jan-20 06:32:11

Morning Mick and all to come.

Up early so DH can go and queue at the GP's at 8.00 am.

First session of the Alzheimer's Society Carer's course today.

I do like to be back in a routine.

Scentia Tue 07-Jan-20 06:44:40

Good Morning all.

Very dark here in East Staffordshire, not sure what the weather is doing as yet.
Didn’t get much sleep at all last night, not sure why. Of f to Center Parcs with DH, DD, DSiL and DGS on Friday so it could be excitement!
Yesterday I booked myself and my 2 best girlfriends into Champneys for a weekend in April , I have a lot to be excited about really.

I do hope that Gillyboband all others with their ill’s are starting to feel better.
Have the best day you can everyone.

MawB Tue 07-Jan-20 06:45:56

Good morning Mick, Kitty and all to come.
Awake since 5 despite my best efforts with Radio 3 and Night Watch - music usually sends me off within minutes but I think I was awake on and off all night.
Sadly the friend I was hoping to visit in hospital in Tooting is too poorly for a visit, but it is just as well as I am sneezing and coughing so I would have cancelled myself. However I am still going to London to pick DGS up after nursery and do tea time/bath time/ bedtime with him until his Mummy gets back from the theatre. I might have hoped for a lie in this morning, but a text tells me the window cleaner will be coming today - bad timing!
So wishing you all well I hope especially those with worries or who are poorly have a better day!

Beechnut Tue 07-Jan-20 07:03:27

Good Morning everyone. I have woken to a wet start and the lovely news that my niece has given birth to her first baby.

Off swimming shortly then back home into regular routine of homework for the day.

Try to keep well and warm all 💐

NanKate Tue 07-Jan-20 07:03:38

Morning Mick and All.

I think we have a dry day here ahead in South Bucks.

Will go to the first WI of the year today if I feel up to it. This darn cough won’t leave me, but it’s a lot better.

Hope Gilly got her tooth sorted.

dragonfly46 Tue 07-Jan-20 07:24:51

Good morning all from dark Leicestershire.

Meeting with the NWR group from the next village today to hand the scrapbook over then book club tonight.

I too like to get back into routine.

Hope gilly survived yesterday, at that place and got her tooth fixed.
Hope you are feeling better marydoll and nankate

Alygran Tue 07-Jan-20 07:29:48

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s still dark so I have no idea what the weather is like.
Some ironing to do this morning then off for a coffee with a friend.
I managed 15000 steps yesterday and stuck to my eating plan. Need to keep it up to get some fitness back.
Sending good wishes to all on the sick list or with struggles.
Hope today is kind to everyone.

SparklyGrandma Tue 07-Jan-20 07:30:47

Good morning everyone from dark and rainy Wales. Congratulations to your family Beechnut.

Plan today, off out for fresh veg and fruit, a quick coffee then home.

NannyJan53 Tue 07-Jan-20 07:31:40

Good Morning from a dark and cold Black Country.

Still coughing nicely! Feel very tired also. Glad you are managing to go out today NanKate. I am going to stay in and make a start on my Tax return hmm

I think you are starting the symptoms I did on Sunday Maw, seems to be spreading through the country!

Sounds you have an exciting time ahead Scentia I have never been to Center Parcs! Like the sound of the girls weekend too smile We sometimes go to Lion Quays near Oswestry, which is a Spa Hotel and near Llangollen.

Thinking of Marydoll Dragonfly and Lins and hoping gilly had her tooth sorted yesterday, so hoping you are ok gilly

Kalu Tue 07-Jan-20 07:32:49

Morning Mick and all from a very wet and windy Glasgow

Feeling a bit better again so fingers crossed for no more set backs.

Watched a good two part BBC series yesterday, Bon Voyage. A couple and their two children on a camping holiday in France which turns into an unexpected nasty experience.

Lovely news about your niece Beechnut Congratulations to the new Mum.

Hoping your tooth problem is finally over today gilly

Healing vibes to those with the lurgy and those with more serious health issues to deal with.

conor Tue 07-Jan-20 07:35:00

Good morning from a dark Essex. Up early today as DGS1 being dropped off for school run. Then it's supermarket shopping and school volunteering(no lesson plans required) but do bring a story book!
Decorations down yesterday and packed away ready for Dec. It does seem to get closer together between taking down and putting up again. Yoga this evening to Keeps me flexible! Hope everyone is feeling better today and has the best day they can xxxx

Marydoll Tue 07-Jan-20 07:35:09

Good morning all from a wild and wet Glasgow, (again!)

Off out to pick up my new heart prescription, (fingers crossed it will help) , a quick supermarket visit and then pick up DDG from nursery.
I haven't seen her all week, so I'm looking forward to lots of cuddles.

Have a good day, everyone.

Mommawolf Tue 07-Jan-20 07:36:16

Goodmorning all, it's very cold but dry here in Norfolk. Off to see my sister today to take her some Alpaca wool from our beasties, she loves to knit and is amazing at it. DH and BIL going to an auction so planning a girly lunch choosing baby patterns so the coming new addition to the family can be snug and warm in Alpaca pram blankets and jumpers next winter. Hope the dentist went well GILLYBOB and you are feeling a bit better now.

mumofmadboys Tue 07-Jan-20 07:38:35

Good morning all! I have got our cycling group belated Christmas lunch today. After that I must stop eating!! Bridge club tonight. Should be a lovely day! TOYA with illnesses and worries.

cornergran Tue 07-Jan-20 07:46:29

Morning Mick, morning All, dark and dry in our corner of Somerset. I’m beginning to feel better, phew, Mr C on the other hand is still deafening me with his coughing. These germs do hang on, I hope you do better maw, nasty bug. Good news indeed beechnut, congratulations to all. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

DoraMarr Tue 07-Jan-20 07:50:40

Good morning from Birmingham. I’m watching the sunrise with my cup of tea-one of the nice things about this time of year is the sunrise. I can see it this morning because I have taken the Christmas tree away from the window. I’m going to put it on my balcony in the hope it will survive until next Christmas, it is so pretty I can’t bear to put it in the skip!
Lunch with my daughter and the children and my partner, then we are all going shopping in Solihull. This is a rare event for my partner, but he needs some new slippers that he can get on and off easily, so he needs to try them on. We will pick my grandson up from nursery later, which will be fun, as he likes to show us around. I think we might try a new Vietnamese restaurant that has opened in Birmingham to good reports from friends.
I hope everyone has as good a day as possible!

Kalu Tue 07-Jan-20 07:57:41

Mommawolf. I am working on my second Alpaca blanket. Beautiful soft texture which has delighted GD2 and I to discover that being allergic to sheep’s wool she has had no adverse reaction with Alpaca. I envy your sister’s supply from you😁

Yiayia4 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:11:10

Morning all dry here so far.
Must tackle the ironing today and start packing for our trip, although stil coughing.
Mommerwolf love alpacas.
Hope Gilly got her tooth sorted.Have a good Tuesday everyone.

Ginny42 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:11:23

Good morning Mick and everyone. What with coughs and sneezes and a new baby in the beechnut family, the thread is a mixture of poorly and excited people this morning.

It's a grey sky, but it's calm and dry in Cheshire for now. I'm going walking in the woods with neighbours and their dogs first. Back for breakfast, then to post office and hairdresser.

Shopping then for friend due home from care, which was to have been tomorrow, now delayed until Thursday. Planning meeting tonight of charity group. It's feeling back to normal except for some Christmas gifts still in the lounge, all other signs of Christmas back in the loft!

Get well wishes to all feeling poorly. Hope Gilly got that tooth sorted. It's a long time to be in pain.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Brunette10 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:11:38

Good Morning to all from a windy Fife and I believe to get worse. It's still dark out, schools return today so everything back to normal. Had a very busy day yesterday despite me thinking I had nothing to do. Sorry other about colds, shivers everyone seems to be having, it's doing its rounds. Beechnut - lovely news for you all. Look after yourself everyone.

Pittcity Tue 07-Jan-20 08:17:14

Good morning from a brightening Colchester.
I've started my fitness regime by volunteering in the Air Ambulance Charity Shop newly opened in town. Walking there and back and tackling the stairs keeps my steps up....trying to steer clear of the biscuits in the staff room though!

travelsafar Tue 07-Jan-20 08:21:09

Paths are wet in the garden so we must of had rain in the night. Its grey and gloomy and doesnt look very inviting outside today. Up early this morning as DH has gp appointment just after 8am and wanted to make sure he was up....normally doesnt get up till later. When he gets back i am off to my oldest friends. It will only be a short visit as i am still recovering from a horrible cold and find i get really tired as the day progresses. Is that an age thing??? Use to bounce back and feel fine after about three days but not his time. What ever you are doing hope it goes to plan enjoy your day.

Greyduster Tue 07-Jan-20 08:23:34

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. ‘Red sky in the morning’ here in South Yorkshire, and we all know what that means. Bloody shepherds! Books to take back to the library this morning, and then school run this afternoon.
A new baby for a new year, Beechnut - lovely news! Have a good day, folks!

Resurgam123 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:23:47

Good Morning All.
"Red sky in morning shepherds warning ."There were quite a lot here in Cheshire a short while earlier . Now it's just very grey clouds.