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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 16-Jan-20 06:21:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry this morning in Brackley.
Usual day of bus trips, will leave slightly later to avoid getting the direct bus to Bicester, so I can use the local Buckingham bus ,and see people I know.
I have got a schedule in my head as to where I want to be etc.
Usual coffees etc.

Scentia Thu 16-Jan-20 06:44:06

Good Morning all.

Dark and windy here in East Staffordshire.

I am off work for most of the day as it is my parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary and I have promised my eldest sister I will help her with the buffet for the party this evening. I won’t be at the party as I am estranged from most of my family and don’t think it is a good idea to be around any of them especially if alcohol is involved so my DD and I are doing our bit early on before it all kicks off.

First I need my weetabix and go out to make a few work deliveries then walk the dog, drop DH at factory and then make myself look human before collecting DD and DGS.

Still full of cold but have none of the problems or ill’s that slot of our contributors have so I feel lucky.

Take care everyone❤️

Brunette10 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:48:15

Good Morning from a dry Fife, cold but dry which I quite like. Couldn't sleep due to my cold, but like Scentia it's only cold and not serious like our GN's have. My thoughts are with everyone esp Oldgajin could not get her out of my head yesterday. Shopping planned for today then some feet up time I think. Take care all.

dragonfly46 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:50:31

Good morning Mick and Scentia. So sad you cannot go to the party. That must make your parents sad.

Up early this morning as I have an oncologist appointment in preparation for chemo tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good day especially Marydoll and Gilly.

Ginny42 Thu 16-Jan-20 06:51:57

Good morning Mick and all who follow. Enjoy your journeys on the buses Mick. You seem to meet people to chat to and that's a good thing.

It's dark but dry and the wind seems to have dropped in Cheshire. Yesterday was blue skies and sunshine, but cold.

It's painting club this morning and I look forward to that each week. It's friendly and chatty as well as people doing their own thing and many interesting projects on the go. I usually have lunch with a painting friend before shopping and getting my hair done, as they're all in the same place.

Got a shock fine yesterday for stopping my car and changing driving with my DD where we weren't supposed to stop at the airport. We jumped out and ran round the car - £100. When I look it does say no stopping. Won't do that again.

Get well wishes to all feeling poorly or with worries. Special good wishes to the long suffering who are in pain or coping with serious illness. Hug for you Scentia for helping your sister in a difficult family situation. flowers

cornergran Thu 16-Jan-20 06:53:32

Morning Mick, morning All. Too dark to see much outside other than it looks windy and dry at the moment. Torrential rain forecast later. Yuck. Meeting to go to this morning then some cleaning and trying to sort a cv for one of ours. Takes forever, not looking forward to it. Sounds a mixed feelings sort of day scentia, Hope Thursday is kind to everyone with special thoughts for oldgajin and all struggling with health and worries.

Grammaretto Thu 16-Jan-20 07:03:35

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Not so cold because the wind has died down. I'll check for fallen branches this morning.

Sorry you'll miss the party Scentia
Can't you just show your face?
The bus journey is part of the fun isn't it Mick
I've just been brought a mug of tea!

Beechnut Thu 16-Jan-20 07:12:39

Good Morning everyone and so sorry to read your news yesterday Oldgajin 💐

No change with the weather on Severnside. It’s still damp and dark.

I’m off to u3a later.

I hope you all have the best day you can 🌸

Yiayia4 Thu 16-Jan-20 07:14:40

Morning all still dark and rain forcast.
I will need to do something to distract my thoughts today, my DS after seeing GP on Tuesday has a rapid referral hospital appointment tomorrow,I will be counting the hours until then.
Love to Oldgajin and hope everyone has a good day.

Marydoll Thu 16-Jan-20 07:15:07

Good morning all from Glasgow, it's too dark to see the weather, but it's 9C.

Another day of looking after DGD, plans abandoned. We will just snuggle up together. She was very unwell yesterday, high temp and vomitting. (All over DH and I a number of times 🤢). As usual, she never complained, the wee lamb.
I cancelled the birthday lunch with SIL, as the wee one was too unwell and I was feeling pretty ropey too.

In between all of this, I was receiving a number of emails from from my prospective son in law, asking for my thoughts on the wording on the draft wedding RSVPs. I was trying to be so diplomatic, as they needed some amendments and DD was nipping my ear, but he was trying so hard and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
A busy day indeed! .

Scentia, DH has a family like that and there are eight siblings, so I know exactly what you are dealing with. I hope all goes well. flowers

I was upset to read of your news yesterday, oldaigin yesterday, so many of your friends on here thinking of you. 💐
Dragonfly, my very best wishes for your appointment today and dear Gilly, hope you are at least a teenie wee bit better and your DH feels some improvement.
To all those under the weather, get well soon and the rest of the Good morning crowd, have a good day!

BlueSapphire Thu 16-Jan-20 07:18:11

Good morning everyone from Northampton where it's too dark to see what the weather's like, but at least it's not raining. Although I believe it is forecast for this afternoon just when I have to pick up DGD from school.
Bad news yesterday; my DBil has been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus, such a shock. He is awaiting a treatment plan, but at least they have caught it early.
And then the bank would not let me make an on-line payment to my plumber for the new cloakroom, just in case I was being scammed. So now I have to write him a cheque. At least it means the Fraud Department is on their toes.
But then I had a pleasant evening at wine club.
Ballet class this afternoon and then the school run.
Thinking of oldgaigin and all who have worries.

NannyJan53 Thu 16-Jan-20 07:31:31

Good Morning from a dry and mild Black Country/

Off to Birmingham today, meeting friends. Was meeting up with Partner and his brothers at 5pm, but that has been called off for now!

SIL still in Hospital as still in a lot of pain. Hopefully he will be home today.

I was out most of yesterday, so read some of the posts last night. So upsetting to read Oldgajins post. I hope you have family and friends supporting you, this was on my mind all last night. Sending love to you flowers

Sorry you cannot be at the party Scentia but so lovely of you to help set it up.

So sorry to hear about your DBIL BlueSapphire and hopefully it has been caught early.

£100! Ginny that is very harsh for a quick stop!

Love to Dragonfly Marydoll and Gilly and anyone who is feeling unwell and facing challenging times.

Resurgam123 Thu 16-Jan-20 07:31:49

Good morning It is dark outside. I have no other information.
I have been advised that those who are trying to get me more, mobile more happy that I go to a course to improve myself.
The last one was at a gym, I have an old back problem that I have had for at almost 40 years and I know much I need to manage that, but I will try it.
I will see what happens.

Sark Thu 16-Jan-20 07:33:02

Morning Mick and all from here in Oxfordshire
Thinking of you sorry to read your news yesterday.
Looks like there are two Good Morning Thursday threads going!
Have a good day everyone

kittylester Thu 16-Jan-20 07:36:25

Morning all from our last morning on the Suffolk coast. We have had a lovely few days but it will be great to be home.

NanKate Thu 16-Jan-20 07:39:30

Morning Mick and All.

Dark and damp in South Bucks. Oh how I long for the lighter mornings.

Please come back today Oldgaijin you are amongst friends.

Sad news BlueSapphire.

Day doing paperwork, which I hate, but must be done.

Sorry to hear about your DGD Mary. In years to come she will remember all the happy times she had with you two keeping her happy and safe. Our asthmatic DGS is similar and just gets on with it with rarely a complaint. I wish I was as stoic.

MawB Thu 16-Jan-20 07:40:10

Good morning Mick and all.
Still very dark here but I hope it might not be raining.
Special thoughts to all with a hard day ahead, with worries or sorrows. You know who you are and I am thinking of you.

NanKate Thu 16-Jan-20 07:41:38

Safe journey home Kitty. I love being at the seaside.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 16-Jan-20 07:46:06

Good morning from east London, starting to get light outside, sky is clearer and no rain. Good trip to Chichester yesterday, got myself some very nice trainers in the Ecco sale; I just popped in on my way to the pub.... Balanced that as had a cheap lunch as the ‘managers offer’ for their fish and chips was £2.99. Off to Southend today to start clearing late BiL’s house, spoilt for choice in where we start. Choir tonight so I can practice the new songs while I work; nothing with a whistle in it tho. Have the best day you can.

Lins1066 Thu 16-Jan-20 08:01:16

Good Morning Mick and all. It is just getting light here on the S Welsh coast and the sky has a beautiful red glow to the east.

I also didn't read your post until last night * Oldgaijin* and I'm very sorry. My best wishes to you and 'the old mutt', as you say, life is a bugger sometimes.
I am thinking of all who have worries and pain 🌹

Bellasnana Thu 16-Jan-20 08:07:41

Good morning from Malta. I’m still in bed so can’t update you on the weather except to say it isn’t raining.

Well, like many others, I’m shocked and so sorry to have read your post of yesterday, oldgaijin. You have a very brave attitude in the face of what must be an extremely tough time for you. flowers

Marydoll, I’m sorry your little DGD had such a rough day yesterday. My DD3 is an acute asthmatic so we’ve had some worrying times and hospital stays over the years, but she’s 30 now and it is fairly well controlled unless she gets a chest infection. As she teaches infants, it is quite hard to avoid germs!

I do hope your DGD has a better day today. She’s lucky to have such loving grandparents looking after her.❤️

dragonfly best of luck with your appointment and chemo tomorrow.

Ginny that’s daylight robbery! What a costly mistake.

BlueSapphire, that’s awful news regarding your BiL. My DH had the same cancer, but unfortunately, his was not caught early. I do hope your BiL can be treated quickly.

Sending best wishes to anyone I’ve missed, but this is becoming a rather long post!

Wish I had a magic wand to wave over all these worries and sorrows that we all have to pass through, but as I can’t I will just send my very best wishes and hope the day will be as good as it can be for you all.sunshine

Nannytopsy Thu 16-Jan-20 08:14:36

Morning Mick and all his followers.
It’s a lovely morning here in Suffolk. We have had a bit of a lie in, as no builders today! It’s the village coffee morning today, so I shall wander up there in a while.
Best wishes to all who are ill or have worries.

NfkDumpling Thu 16-Jan-20 08:15:34

Morning All

A red sky has cleared to a wonderful sunrise here in Norfolk. It seems strange that we get light so much earlier than Lins in Wales. We’re more in line with France!

Off to the volunteers Panto at our local stately pile today. Should be good.

flowers for Oldgaijin, Gilly Dragonfly and all who’re going through sad times.

vena11 Thu 16-Jan-20 08:16:20

Good morning from a dry Bristol rain is forecasted for later .
Nothing much planned today a bit of house work and a food shop.
Oldgaijin you have been in my thoughts since yesterday, we are all here for you.
Dragonfly hope all goes well today and tomorrow.
Marydoll I hope your DGD if a bit better today. I had my DGS1 the last few days as he has that terrible cough and could not go to school.
Everyone else with troubles I hope you have a good day and things improve for you all.

Greyduster Thu 16-Jan-20 08:21:04

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dry for the moment in South Yorkshire but rain expected later. We had a good walk yesterday in the sunshine, but the wind was very cold. I have woken up with a cold this morning, which is very bad news. Hope your GD feels better soon, Mary - I had asthma as a small child. No fun. Have a good day folks.