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Who will take up the slack now Harry’s gone.

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Artdecogran Sat 18-Jan-20 21:56:45

This evening’s announcement has made me think of who will take up the slack for the RF now. Prince Charles is elderly and is already busy taking over from his mother and his own duties. William and Catherine are busy as well as having a young family and maybe having other children in the future. Something would have to give so presumably it would be the number of visits to open hospitals or meet and greets. The military positions that Harry holds would have to go to William I presume. Slimming down the RF is all very well when you have the number of family members to carry the duties but now Harry has gone and Andrew is in disgrace is there enough RF left to carry on as before. I feel very sorry for William in particular that he has to carry more duties than before. I think that the RF’s modernisation has come much sooner than anyone expected, it will be very interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 22:07:30

A great loss to charities in this country . 3 family members
short . Harry has only recently taken over Captain General of
The Royal Marines from his Grandfather, who can take this on?

Harry is giving up his love of country sports, his blood family ,
his close friends . He will have Megan’s friends. The red carpet
in place of the British countryside.

lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 22:19:33

The RF always has a couple of black sheep in it, Andrew and Harry both like actresses, celebs and the high life.
Charles and William will have to rely on each other now.

merlotgran Sat 18-Jan-20 22:28:10

Two senior members of the RF who place wreaths at the Cenotaph will be missing from this year's service of remembrance. One has been disgraced and the other has turned his back on his country.

I'm ashamed of them both.

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 22:44:14

The Queens father. He had three brothers, one abdicated, one died in a plane crash, he did have one brother who remained

I agree merlot so many have given their lives for their country , he has betrayed many,

starbird Sat 18-Jan-20 22:53:50

I suppose there is Edward and Sophie to take up some of the slack.
But it is just as well that William doesn’t believe that his right to ‘thrive’ as opposed to survive, comes before duty. That was the danger with marrying an American, perhaps why royals traditionally married other royals (from other countries. Luckily there are many areas of service - firemen, health workers, chaity workers, thousands of unpaid charity volunteers etc, who find that in putting aside their own wishes in order to help humanity, they achieve real happiness and do actually thrive ( as long as they are not overworked), This is my concern for Harry - he is conflicted between duty and choice, and in giving up duty he may, one day, find that life is empty. I hope he finds opportunities for hands on help to others rather than just photo opportunities for publicity on a website.

Maybe now is the time to drop the Commonwealth connection and for the royal family to become more like the other European royals. William and Kate could cope with that. Coming after Brexit I see Britain sinking fast in International status,but that is not a bad thing. I think individual countries need to be left to steer their own path, but be protected from take overs and manipulation from others and receive help when needed, from a much strengthened and more universally representative, United Nations. ( with no right of veto). There should also be a mechanism for an International body to step in to prevent internal conflict and persecution of minorities. Sorry this is way off the point but I am making the case for dropping the Commonwealth without abandoning poor countries to their fate and vulnerable to take over by the big guys.

Callistemon Sat 18-Jan-20 23:01:50

We cannot just abandon the Commonwealth. More and more countries apply to join.

HM has managed to combine being Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth, albeit with practical help from younger members of her family as she travelled less.

BlueBelle Sun 19-Jan-20 04:55:13

I m proud of Harry for making a decision to do what he wants and not what is right for a country that has given him nothing but earache lately He was never cut out to be part of this stuffy set the ‘spare’ never is William seems to love it and is good at it and has chosen the perfect wife for it so let it continue down his line and let Harry enjoy a proper life away from all the pomp and circumstance
Good luck to him he’s let no one down it’s his life to choose how to spend it why should he be stuck in a rut just because of his birth Spread your wings Harry and do what you want you aren’t being paid to be a Royal any more you’re just plain old Harry now enjoy your life

vegansrock Sun 19-Jan-20 06:52:41

The whole notion of hereditary principle is archaic and has run its course. It can’t be justified in the 21st century that because of some ancient ancestor winning a battle or murdering his opponents you’ve got to spend your entire life opening hospitals and posing for the camera, plus getting your love life picked over by all and sundry. Sorry but all this “I’m so disappointed, he’s let the queen down” hand wringing is ridiculous when you think logically. Man meets woman from a different country. She doesn’t get on with in laws. He fancies a change of job. They both decide to go and live in her country for a better life. Happens all the time. I don’t wish ill to any of them but the sooner we get rid of the whole institution the better.

Calendargirl Sun 19-Jan-20 07:51:51

He’s not really ‘plain old Harry’ though is he? Otherwise he would be Mr. Mountbatten Windsor, and she would be Mrs. Still being bankrolled by the Bank of Dad also.

Daisymae Sun 19-Jan-20 08:38:39

I imagine that William is feeling let down. Rather than strengthen the family and providing support the marriage has weakened it. It's the eternal striving for happiness, maybe it's the right decision for them, as a family. At least Archie will be out of it. Hopefully he will be brought up to have a proper job. The writing is on the wall for the rest of them too.

JenniferEccles Sun 19-Jan-20 08:38:56

If he had been plain old Harry Meghan Markle wouldn’t have looked twice at him.

A friend was quoted as saying she always wanted to marry a rich English man.

sodapop Sun 19-Jan-20 09:06:09

Sophie Wessex seems to be a favourite of the Queen so maybe she and Edward will take on more duties. I think Edward is in line to become Duke of Edinburgh when Prince Philip dies.

Anniebach Sun 19-Jan-20 09:10:19

Edward will be Duke of Edinburgh, this is why he wasn’t given the title Duke when he married. He has taken on the
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

quizqueen Sun 19-Jan-20 09:18:01

I hope the York sisters don't try and get in on the act now and want money from the taxpayer for doing royal duties!

Anniebach Sun 19-Jan-20 09:19:12

What has the York sisters done wrong ?

Dottynan Sun 19-Jan-20 09:21:30

Edward and Sophie appear to have a happy stable family, which is very much needed at this time. I think they will be seen more and more supporting the Queen and Prince of Wales

Kittye Sun 19-Jan-20 09:21:40

vegansrock I agree with most of your views but think having a Royal family is good for tourism.
I don’t think the royals are any better than the rest of us and certainly wouldn’t want to bow and scrape to them.
They are a “ business “ though and if anyone wants to leave, good luck to them. I couldn’t think of a worse job to have.

merlotgran Sun 19-Jan-20 09:29:19

The Wessexes will be the ones to take up the slack because when Edward becomes DofE, his son James will take the Earl of Wessex title and so on. Lady Louise is occasionally seen accompanying her mother to low key events.

They already live in a stately pile.


Craicon Sun 19-Jan-20 09:48:31

When the Queen dies, they should abandon the whole institution of monarchy. It’s completely unnecessary in the 21st Century.

Convert the properties into retirement villages instead. grin

Callistemon Sun 19-Jan-20 09:58:19

Theynare not our properties.

Should the State come for yours too Craicon?
And where will The President live and entertain other world leaders?

eazybee Sun 19-Jan-20 10:09:54

Actually, I think Harry will have a lovely life in Canada; plenty of outdoor activities such as swimming, sailing, skiing and riding, and lots of opportunities for killing things. Very few responsibilities and a wife who will (have to) be the wage earner. And a President who understand because he too had a deeply embarrassing mother.

Anniebach Sun 19-Jan-20 10:10:33

The many tourists who visit the properties will pay to look
around retirement villages ?

Kittye Sun 19-Jan-20 10:11:09

Callstemon the President could have a base here and a base in the US. ( like M & H) 😉

Anniebach Sun 19-Jan-20 10:13:47

eazybee yes a very happy life and retiring at 35 😀