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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 23-Jan-20 06:14:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its Dark but a frosty start this morning in Brackley.
I am still suffering with a cold /Flu virus of sorts.
But will go out doing my usual thing on the buses , via Buckingham to Bicester and back.
One reason they are applying the top coat of paint to my front door today and its supposed to be a up to 8 hours drying.
so better of out the way.

Beechnut Thu 23-Jan-20 06:31:13

Good Morning Mick and all who follow. Wet on Severnside and dark.

Looking forward to going to my craft class this morning.

Take care with your ills everyone and have the best day you can 🌸

NannyJan53 Thu 23-Jan-20 06:52:40

Good Morning from another cold and damp Black Country.

Had a lovely lunch with my friend yesterday. There were only 6 of us eating there. Never known it so quiet. The we popped over to Mums and spent a couple of hours there. Mum hasn't seen my friend for quite a while.

Today my U3A walking group, has an urban walk along canals in Birmingham. So have to catch the train there this morning

Hope you feel better soon Mick , it took me over a week to shake mine off.

Wishing everyone a good day, with special thoughts to gilly, oldgaijin, Marydoll and dragonfly

cornergran Thu 23-Jan-20 06:53:17

Morning amici, morning All from a damp corner of Somerset. Looks wet outside but not currently raining. Dental checkup is today’s highlight, a little cleaning and that’s about it. Be careful with those germs mick, hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Scentia Thu 23-Jan-20 06:58:28

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It is looking wet here, yesterday’s rain never arrived here so whoever got that I don’t know!
Work day today then as it’s Thursday we are off to see FiL in his care home this evening. My DH is scared of the residents when he goes in as they descend on us as we come through the door😂 a couple of them do try to make good their escape but I am too fast with that door and they are no match for me. My DH will never go on his own in case he can’t shut the door quick enough😂😂
Feeling a lot better this morning but did wake up at 5am for some reason, maybe because I have had so much sleep over the last week with this cold!!
We have a Burns’ Night Supper on Saturday so I will be shopping at some point today to get the stuff for that.

Hope all of you have the best day you can.

NanKate Thu 23-Jan-20 07:04:06

Morning Mick and All.

Dull and grey in South Bucks.

Make sure you wrap up warmly Mick it will do you good to get out and away from the paint but make sure you take some rests along the way.

Think I have caught DH’s cold, drat it.

Have a great day on your canals trip NannyJ. I used to work in Ludgate Hill and our office overlooked the canal but it was totally derelict then.

Just some shopping, paperwork and watching the tennis from a sunny Melbourne for me today.

kittylester Thu 23-Jan-20 07:06:59

Morning all from a misty North Leicestershire.

Sainsbury's and the butcher's this morning to keep out of the cleaner's way and then brewcupcake with a friend if she has recovered from the awful cold she had.

Hoping everyone has as good a day as possible.

NanKate Thu 23-Jan-20 07:09:44

You spend a lot of your time at the butcher’s Kitty. Is he a Rufus Sewell lookalike ? 😉

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 23-Jan-20 07:12:33

Good morning from east London, dry but cloudy with temp. higher than earlier in the week. Lovely evening at DD’s yesterday, two of us supervised DP changing the baby and GD1 taught me the song she wrote for her little sister which we are due to perform next time we’re round. (Actually, I’m performing and she will help/conduct). Helping at foodbank this morning, annual dentist check this afternoon then choir this evening. Hope you have a good day.

kittylester Thu 23-Jan-20 07:21:05

Definitely not, kate!! grin

Grammaretto Thu 23-Jan-20 07:26:14

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Keep warm Mick . Enjoy your walk NannyJ . I've not been to Birmingham for years but lived there once.
I've been invited out to coffee to admire a friend's new kichen.
DS &DBiL arrive this afternoon for the weekend. Not much planned for them.
Hoping everyone has as good a day as possible.

Greyduster Thu 23-Jan-20 07:29:49

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Do take care if you’re going out, Mick; you can easily run out of steam if you are suffering from a bug. Last night’s thick fog has cleared this morning in South Yorkshire. I have a hospital appointment which will no doubt drag on. Hey ho. DH is tagging along to keep me company (not that I need it, but bless the man). Have a good one folks.

Sark Thu 23-Jan-20 07:31:26

Morning everyone
Also dull and grey here today. Off to work shortly.
Need to go to the sorting office and collect the post....we have a cat that hates the post man/lady/strangers! We had a letter from the post office to say they had carried out a full risk assessment and due to a vicious cat they are unable to deliver the post and please can I collect it!! He is a proper guard cat. I have apologised to all the post staff I see here...poor things were terrified!!
Hope all on the sick list feel better soon and wishing everyone a nice day

Alygran Thu 23-Jan-20 07:33:47

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s still dark but looks a bit misty across the field behind the house. Up early today to go to host a parents’ group for the charity where I am a trustee.
Had a nose bleed in the night that didn’t quite wake me. Bed stripped, washing on. TMI!
As ever sending good wishes to all in the sick bay or with struggles.
Hope today is kind to everyone.

Ginny42 Thu 23-Jan-20 07:36:46

Good morning Mick and everyone. It[s rained in the night here in Cheshire but it's mild and dry now. I'm going to painting group this morning, then back to a meeting of the charity group here. Had a mad cleaning session at 6.00 a.m.

You would have been proud of me yesterday Marydoll. Ages ago I saw lovely tops and dresses in a very nice fabric in a store, but they were ridiculously expensive. I found the one top left on the sale rack! Still a bit pricey, but it had my name on it.

Hope everyone is feeling better. Special get well wishes to the gillybobs. oldgaijin take good care of yourself. dragonfly I hope your pain is under control and that Marydoll is following Dr's orders.

Newquay Thu 23-Jan-20 07:46:57

Morning from a slightly foggy Staffs.
Ooh Mick do stay put if you’re still suffering-don’t spread your germs☹️
Have had cold/cough myself recently and stayed away from folk😇
Giving DGD2 a lift to Uni this morning for an exam. Don’t particularly enjoy driving; find it a chore but hey ho!

Mommawolf Thu 23-Jan-20 07:48:04

Goodmorning all from a wet foggy norfolk. Its market day in nearby town so will be plant buying later. Your post made me laugh SARK reminded me of a childhood cat who would lie in wait for the milkman poor man had wellies with claw marks on. Have a good day everyone

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Jan-20 08:06:20

Good morning Mick and all x

Grey sky here in SE Essex.

Taking my car in for service this morning, then Sainsbury’s and Laura Ashley Home Store as I intend to fancy up two of our bedrooms.

Wishing those Goodmorningers feeling poorly a better day.

Keep warm and safe folks.

MawB Thu 23-Jan-20 08:07:47

Very cosmopolitan Cornergran !
Good morning all from N Bucks where it is very still.
The comment about kittylester’s butcher and Rufus Sewell made me smile. We used to have a travelling butcher in the village who was a dead ringer for Omar Sharif! He came from Denton near Northampton and it was all very Dr Zhivago until he opened his mouth!
Off to visit the Brummie DGCs today , I will look out for walkers around Brindley Place and the canal basin.
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Pantglas2 Thu 23-Jan-20 08:10:39

Morning all from a dry and not so cold as Spain (dawn temperature) north Wales! Lovely to be back nesting and sorting stuff!

That puss sounds a proper menace Sark! And the last time I heard the words ‘drat it’ Nankate was my mother swearing at our cat who was always under her feet!

Off to Aldi for a replenishing of cupboards then back for a catch-up with neighbours etc. Roast chicken dinner this evening methinks then I’ll make some soup for the sick bay - get better or get fed folks - you’ve been warned! X

Pantglas2 Thu 23-Jan-20 08:14:15

Oh MawB I’ve just laughed out loud at your description of the travelling butcher! I used to have a thing about Omar sharif having seen him in Dr Zhivago as a teenager!

Resurgam123 Thu 23-Jan-20 08:22:13

Good morning All.
Yet another cold foggy morning here in Cheshire .
From my quick scan of the morning I seems like its in a lot of the country.
It is probably not every where but I wish it would clear and give us some sunshine.

harrigran Thu 23-Jan-20 08:25:02

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Can't remember the last time I was out so think we will have lunch out today.
You should stay indoors Mick, not fair to spread your germs to other bus travellers unless you wear a mask of course 😷
Thinking of gilly and others.

ninathenana Thu 23-Jan-20 08:28:42

Morning everyone from dull, damp, grey miserable Kent.

Not sure what's happening today. DD has to ring GP depends whether she can get an emergency appointment how the rest of the day pans out.
I hope you all have a good day.

cornergran Thu 23-Jan-20 08:33:57

Oops maw. Maybe I’ll proof read in future grin.