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soop Sat 01-Feb-20 15:03:09

Here we are again. Happy as can be...all good pals and jolly good company.

Whatever we need to share...feel free to join in. cupcake wine brew flowers smile sunshine

MawB Mon 17-Feb-20 04:06:47

About 18 months ago I “treated” myself to a session with Ovenu and it was worth every penny.
How the ovens have got into the state they are again is beyond me as I do relatively little baking or roasting.
But a clean cooker and ovens plus doing it yourself, well 👏👏😇😇😇😇

kittylester Mon 17-Feb-20 07:19:42

I also treat myself to Ovenu about once a year and I agree, maw, it is well worth it! I feel smug for you grannysomerset - reflected glory!

DGS is unscathed by his 'adventure' and is sending spectacular photos of snowy slopes. His parents are rather traumatised and concerned about his return journey. The rest of the family are in Edinburgh seeing all things Harry Potter related for his sister - much more sensible!

Back later!

soop Mon 17-Feb-20 17:23:44

We stayed over an extra night. It was a lovely weekend. Pics to follow. We've been home just a short time and I've to unpack etc.

Tomorrow will be my catch-up with all the goings on in the kitchen in my absence.

It's good to be back with you all. Away to attend to the necessary tidying away. Back with you in the morning. smile moon

GrannySomerset Mon 17-Feb-20 19:26:41

Have enjoyed lovely visit from young relatives - secondary school teacher and paramedic - full of excitement about the house they are slowly and painfully renovating. An injection of youthful vitality has really lifted my spirits (and the newly cleaned oven produced an excellent lunch).

dragonfly46 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:00:43

I am feeling sad tonight. A friend of mine built a house boat with her husband at a nearby marina. It was a beautiful compact lovely home and of course unique. I have just heard they have lost everything in the flood. All they have are the clothes they stand up in. I feel so helpless.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:18:14

Oh Dragonfly that is so sad, I understand why you feel so helpless.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:19:57

Ovenu are my best “kitchen friends”

kittylester Mon 17-Feb-20 20:48:41

Oh no, dragonfly that awful. I'm hoping that they get something sorted. Were they insured? I'm also hoping your brook behaved.

I'm pleased to say that, in all this rain, none has landed in my hall.

soop glad you are back safe - look forward to seeing the pictures.

DH and his niece went to her marital home and were surprised to discover that they could get in without resorting to breaking and entering. They came away with her car and both cars packed to the gunnels with her possessions. She was upset to discover that her husband had opened all her post.

Anyway, peace reigns, for now, in the Lester household.

Charleygirl5 Mon 17-Feb-20 22:26:22

Dragonfly so sorry to hear that has happened. Words cannot express how they are feeling.

soop so pleased to hear you are both home safe and sound and that you had an enjoyable time.

I have had a lovely meal out with friends and neighbours. Tar came home about 3 hours early so I was able to go out knowing she was safe and sound. She as usual is waiting for me to go upstairs with her.

callgirl1 Tue 18-Feb-20 00:18:32

So sorry for your friends Dragonfly, they must be devastated.
Lovely to see you back safe and sound Soop.
Kitty, shades of The Italian Job, I hope they didn`t "blow the bloody doors off"!
Tried to book hospital transport to take Lynne to the fracture clinic tomorrow, hopefully saving the £13 to £14 taxi fare. All was going well, until I mentioned that I was going with her. "Why?" "Well, for one, to push the wheelchair", but apparently that`s not a medical reason for my going with her, so I was told I`d have to make my own way to the hospital and meet Lynne there! So I thought if I`m paying for a taxi anyway, we might as well both use it, so I cancelled the hospital transport.

Nannytopsy Tue 18-Feb-20 07:08:03

Callgirl you couldn’t make it up could you? What jobsworth thought that was a sensible plan? PALS again?

Bellanonna Tue 18-Feb-20 09:55:30

Oh how awful Callgirl. Yes, do try PALS.

dragonfly46 Tue 18-Feb-20 09:58:28

My goodness Callgirl that is shocking. Definitely try PALs although these days it seems that any excuse thought up to save money.

Charleygirl5 Tue 18-Feb-20 11:01:04

callgirl that feeble excuse is not acceptable and I personally feel that after all that has gone on with Lynne you need to take matters higher up the food chain. They should be grateful that somebody is with Lynne in case she needs any help. That is a lot of money for a taxi considering it is the hospital's fault she is returning so soon. Would you like me as your spokesperson?!!!

annsixty Tue 18-Feb-20 12:09:22

I am in “words fail me” mode as it seems so many of our kitcheners are.
Yesterday my neighbour took me to Stockport to make an adjustment to our travel passes.
This should have been online but the forms were not possible to fill in, everyone but the people responsible knew that.
However while on the way P was telling me about a problem she was having with a prescription.
I realised my scrip was way overdue for delivery.
I always have spares in .
I have just rung the Pharmacy to be told it was delivered on or about the 10th of Jan.
Oh no it wasn’t says I.
Dosy assistant came back and actually tittered.
“Some silly person put it on the shelf instead of out for delivery”.
How could someone not notice that it was still there 5 weeks later.?
In 3 weeks would they have put the next one on with it?
Small problem I do know but the inefficiency drives me mad.

soop Tue 18-Feb-20 13:21:54

Daisyboots, I am wishing you the best possible treatment and outcome for your latest trials and tribulations.

callgirl1 You also deserve oodles of TLC. I am so sorry to hear the latest news regarding your son. Thank goodness for your GP. His "rocket" appears to have hit it's target.

dragonfly Buggerations, yet again. Perhaps your GP could use the "rocket" tactic to restore some sense of order.

Izabella Hearing that you have had a topple or two, is very concerning. Why not mention it to your GP. We want to know that you are safe. Falls can be both unnerving and dangerous, especially when a bone is fractured.

Urmstongran Lucky you. I can think of few things nicer than a lengthy cuddling of a new grandchild. The chance of a nap will have been a blessing for your daughter. Well done.

Lovely photos, granniequeenie My favourite is the one of the pebbles and shell. Very artistic.

anno The weather in Edinburgh was mostly bright albeit very windy. Glasow was wet, wet, wet when we left. It was wet,wet, wet when we returned. Today, the sun is shinining but the wind remains fierce.

Well, you lot, I didn't wear that outfit I had described to you in minute detail. Don't ask! It's a me thing.

The weekend was extended by one extra night. It seemed churlish not to make the most of a good thing. My son's lady friend/partner is utterly delightful. It was a treat to share time in their company. They have their own flats within walking distance of each other. They hope, in time, to share a property. I shall share a photo with you that MacSporran took in a fabulous, antiquated bar/restaurant. Neither of us has seen anything quite like it.

soop Tue 18-Feb-20 13:31:09

dragonfly I feel so sad for people like your friends who, through no fault of their own, have had their loves turned upside down in the floods. It must be heartbreaking to see all that you've built together ruined by adverse weather conditions. It's marvellous that people pull together and offer whatever assistance they can.

callgirl1 and annsixty Stupid!!!! Barmey!!!! Buggerations!!!! Whatever happened to common sense?

Lins1066 Tue 18-Feb-20 15:32:58

What an awful thing to happen to your friends dragonfly, the flooding has caused so much misery.
It has begun to rain heavily once again with us.

There was little common sense involved in organising the hospital transport for your daughter callgirl, you can do without that. I hope that everything goes well at the fracture clinic tomorrow.

soop it was lovely to hear that you both had a good time with your DS and his partner. That's a lovely photo, your son is very like you.
It is now absolutely pouring down once again and so windy, this weather is really relentless. Take care everyone.

soop Tue 18-Feb-20 15:35:27

Thank you, Lins1066 our weekend with them has boosted my spirits no end.

Feelingmyage55 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:35:59

soop you can just feel the happiness emanating from that photo. Happiness is as good as medicine and I hope the feel good factor is lasting since you have so much to contend with. Common sense seems to be on ration in some places. I could not collect my prescription (which I MUST take daily) because I had not been called for a review. There were no appointments for three weeks. The condition is lifelong and I had to speak to the practice manager and then go in and argue in person at the desk in order to collect the meds, which cannot be ordered until the last seven doses. Two days for the prescription and up to five days for it to arrive, sometimes longer; why can the IT system not cope as my case is not unusual? Words did not fail me. What do folk do who are not well enough to combat the issues. Whew, got that off my chest. Is there cake and wine to calm me down? I shall leave a large batch of cherry Madeira mini loaves. Help yourselves. The cherries have not dropped to the bottom for once! TOYA

dragonfly46 Tue 18-Feb-20 16:43:26

That is a lovely picture soop spending time with your favourite people always give a boost.

A good friend has just been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration. I have offered to drive her to her hospital appointment next week as her DH has dementia. It will mean 4 visits to the hospital next week but I think the car can drive itself!

Thank you feeling my age I love Madeira cake!


soop Tue 18-Feb-20 17:04:59

Feelingmyage You have made me smile. Yes, the photo alone makes me feel incredibly happy.
I am astonished to hear of the problem you've had with your prescription. Words fail me. Our surgery is quite the opposite. Nothing is too much trouble. I am very angry on your behalf. doesn't matter a jot if the cherries have dropped to the bottom of your Madeira mini loaves. Us lot can't wait to sample them. I shall make a brew for us all.

dragonfly I've been reading a lot regarding macular degeneration recently. You are a good friend. We all need someone like you from time to time.

chicken (hugs) What news of our boy Baker? Is he continuing to make progress. I sincerely hope so.

MacSporran had to leave the car in the garage for repairs yet again. Potholes have contributed to a fault with the steering. He's in Campbeltown right now and hoping that the bill isn't too eye watering.

I shall be ironing for my friend tomorrow. She mentions having "rather a lot waiting for my attention". wink

soop Tue 18-Feb-20 17:05:27

TOYA smile moon

Charleygirl5 Tue 18-Feb-20 18:18:27

soop where on earth does your friend find all of that ironing for you to do? May I be rude and ask if she had half as much if she had to do it herself? I can't remember the last time I ironed anything- at least 3 years ago. I have not taken the covering off my "new" ironing board.

I loved your photos as usual and the three of you were so happy. Lovely memories for you.

Tara appeared at 4 pm yesterday but was less than impressed to see me go out at 6.30 pm. Naturally no sign of her this cold, wet evening.

cornergran Tue 18-Feb-20 19:39:07

Evening All. Thank you for sharing that so happy photo soop. Wonderful memories last forever.

There’s a definite lack of common sense in matters medical being reported here, just not needed that’s for sure.

Our young friend sent a message early this morning to say her much loved husband had died. His illness was very short, less than two months, a blessing in some ways perhaps but at the moment there is much shock. I’m not sure what I feel just now.

We’re very lucky, our little river is behaving well at the moment, The images of the flooded areas are heartbreaking,


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