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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 03-Feb-20 06:15:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry here in Brackley at the present moment.
Today, I plan to book for a turkey & Tinsel , and pay off another short break this morning.
Otherwise a quiet day.

Beechnut Mon 03-Feb-20 06:28:48

Good Morning everyone from a dry Severnside.

Welcome to the new GM posters.
I spent a lot of time sorting stuff outside yesterday and will carry on today.
After my busy time I sat outside with a G&T, thought about the sadness in so many peoples lives and watched the birds swirling around in the sky.

So on that note I hope everyone has the best day possible 🌻

BlueSapphire Mon 03-Feb-20 06:40:41

Good morning from Northampton where, as far as I can see, it is dry. Up early this morning as it is yoga class at 9 am, and I do like to sit with my tea and kindle for a while before I start getting ready.
Had a quiet day yesterday, tidying up, watching rugby, and reading the weekend papers. Disappointed 😞 with England's performance, but France were the better team on the day.
Hoping to do a bit of gardening after lunch if the weather allows me. Need to prune a large shrub while it is devoid of leaves.
Again thinking of those with sadness and worries.

Scentia Mon 03-Feb-20 06:41:26

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire, dry and cold here.
Normal work day for me today, not busy at the moment so should get time to catch up on Call the Midwife at lunchtime.
Hope everyone has the best day they can given their individual circumstances.

vena11 Mon 03-Feb-20 06:41:34

Good morning Mick and all .
Monday again, up early for the school run.
So much sadness the last few days on GN so nothing really to say but I am think about everyone , I hope today is a bit kinder to all.

NanKate Mon 03-Feb-20 06:41:48

Morning Mick Beechnut and All.

You are well organised Mick. Yes Beechnut there has been a lot of reflection recently about our GM friends. Let us hope things improve for those going through difficulties in their lives. What a lovely idea sitting out in nature thinking about them all.

Off to Keep Fit for the first time since December. I am so grateful my pleurisy has left me. Then on to have my hair done.

Fingers crossed especially for the Gillybobs 💐

Sparkling Mon 03-Feb-20 06:42:21

Good Morning, from the West Midlands. Looking forward to the day ahead, meeting friends.
Hope you all have a good day.

vena11 Mon 03-Feb-20 06:42:40

Thinking that should be. x

NannyJan53 Mon 03-Feb-20 06:52:36

Good Morning from the Black Country. I have not looked outside yet.

Had a busy weekend, being with DD's two girls all day Saturday, then over to Lichfield to 'babysit' DS's two girls. I stayed overnight, then called into Mums on the way back. Brother and SIL were there so we had lunch.

This morning is my walking for Health walk

Thinking of all who are struggling with health and other worries, especially the gillybobs.

Bellasnana Mon 03-Feb-20 07:17:18

Good morning from Malta where I’m still in bed so can’t tell what the weather is doing.

Having my nails done this morning. My DGD in the US sends me a drawing of the design she wants me to have. Looks like I’m having hearts for Valentines! I don’t care as long as it makes her happy.😊

Special thoughts for those with troubles and worries. Let’s hope Monday will be kind to us.sunshine

kittylester Mon 03-Feb-20 07:19:15

Morning all from my bit of North Leicestershire. The sky is gradually getting lighter and it doesnt seem too cold.

A few bits of pootling and faffing this morning then collecting BiL from the station. He has been in the uk to attend his grandson's wedding and is staying here on his way home to Thailand. IYSWIM.

Sending support and love to all who need them but, as always, thinking about gilly and hoping for better news.

Urmstongran Mon 03-Feb-20 07:33:25

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry and the sky is getting light now. I can see the Pennines, the sky is pink there and a plane is on the descent, lights winking it’s way into Manchester airport.

We’ve beeb back from Spain 10 days now and although we’ve seen family I haven’t rung or met up with any friends yet. I think I must be in hibernate mode and ought to make some effort. It’s too easy at this time of year not to bother!

Hello to all the newbies this morning and thinking especially of all who are anxious or unwell.

Hope Monday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Pantglas2 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:37:12

Morning all from a dry but dark north Wales and a special good morning to newbies NumNum, Applegran and Grandmaof2 - apologies if I missed anyone but I don’t always post every day so some are under my radar!

This thread is lovely (even when it’s sad IYKWIM) as folks look out for one another and are ready with an uplifting comment.

Not a lot planned today so just wish everyone a better day than yesterday x

dragonfly46 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:39:27

Good morning it is still blustery here so need to get some washing out!

Will go and see my mum today.

Thinking of Gilly and hoping marydoll is feeling better.

NumNum Mon 03-Feb-20 07:40:41

Bonjour from a very grey, mild and damp France.

Enjoyed the rugby too BlueSapphire, but as you said, a disappointing result for England. The French team certainly turned up yesterday!!

Thinking of all those who are suffering and hope today is kind to everyone.

Brunette10 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:43:31

Good Morning from a cold and windy Fife, rain just starting too. Going to try and get docs appointment early today if I phone at 8. I have a small lump on my big toe with an abrasion on the side. Goodness knows what's causing it but I have to get it seen to. DD got on fine at hospital yesterday. Got medication to sort out his moles after he got 3 zapped. It's sad on GN at the moment but I hope support and comfort to those in need helps a bit. Thinking of everyone today. Take care.

NumNum Mon 03-Feb-20 07:44:34

Thank you Pantglas2 and Grandmaof2.

I wasn't sure if anybody had seen my message yesterday as it was posted a bit late - thought I'd sneak on here a little earlier today!!

Nannytopsy Mon 03-Feb-20 07:44:47

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It is a cloudless blue sky here in Suffolk and not as windy. Just heard the electric saw, so the landscapers are here already. Better get dressed then!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:46:26

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Blue sky here in SE Essex, only a slight breeze after a very windy night!

Off to the gym this morning, then I might tackle the ironing.

Thinking of The Goodmorningers with troubles.

Sark Mon 03-Feb-20 07:47:15

Good Morning everyone
Quite bright in Oxfordshire this morning.
Monday morning again... weekends go so quickly!
Hi NumNum we are going to S W France in the summer and I can't wait!
Thinking of all and wishing everyone as good a day as possible

Ginny42 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:53:33

Good morning Mick and all from Cheshire where it's dry. Phone says it's 8C out, but it feels a bit chill.

I'm a little envious of GNs who have lots of time with GC. I'm too far away to be involved in his daily life and now I'm putting off a flight because of this blinkin' disease. Saying that, I've just had a long conversation with my DD!

A walk in the woods at 9.00 this morning, then shopping as the cupboard is bare.

There has been a lot of sadness on GN in recent days, but the community feels it when a member is hurting, and I'm glad we care enough to show compassion towards those who're struggling.

On that note, special wishes to all with worries or feeling unwell today.

Susan56 Mon 03-Feb-20 07:54:36

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.A dry day forecast today.
I have the hairdressers this morning then meeting DH for lunch then a few things to do in town.
Thinking of all good morningers with illness and worries and wishing everyone the best day possible.
Thinking of you and DH gilly💐

Marydoll Mon 03-Feb-20 07:55:48

Good morning Mick and all from a windy Glasgow.
It's nice to see so many newbies on the thread.

Nothing planned today, apart from delivering a wedding invitation, DD forgot to post. If the wind dies down, I should be able to combine the delivery with my compulsory walk. My heart rate is too fast, so I have to try and get it down with gentle exercise.

Best wishes to all who are poorly and sad, there are so many on GN just now. flowers

AllotmentLil Mon 03-Feb-20 08:09:50

Good morning everybody from a dry and, so far, calm NE Scotland. It’s my first Good Morning and I wish everybody the best possible day. I know some of you are having a tough time so flowers for you.
Spoke too soon as I can see the trees are definitely picking up speed!! A wild and windy day ahead I think.

conor Mon 03-Feb-20 08:14:48

Good morning from a bright mild Essex. Was hoping for a dry day today for my dear friend's husbands funeral as rain just adds to the sorrow. I hope everything goes as well as can be on these occasions. Wishing everyone the best day they can and I do think sunshineis just around the corner. Xxx