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Pjs or nighties

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TrendyNannie6 Fri 07-Feb-20 23:43:38

Which do you prefer, for me it’s got to be nighties all the way lol

vampirequeen Fri 07-Feb-20 23:56:52

Erm….can I have a third choice please? Neither.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 08-Feb-20 00:05:19

Of course vampire queen, or in the altogether lol 😂

vampirequeen Sat 08-Feb-20 00:07:59

Then definitely the altogether grin

MissAdventure Sat 08-Feb-20 00:11:21

Nighties for me, all the way.

I find pyjamas give me wedgies during the night.

DillytheGardener Sat 08-Feb-20 00:30:46

PJs for me.

Poppyred Sat 08-Feb-20 01:40:06

Nightie for me. PJs only on very col nights!

Poppyred Sat 08-Feb-20 01:40:22

Cold nights

Evie64 Sat 08-Feb-20 02:25:04

Nighties every time, get way too hot in PJs

PageTurner Sat 08-Feb-20 04:38:02

Light weight pjs for me. I buy them a size larger than I normally wear so they are comfortable.

BlueBelle Sat 08-Feb-20 05:25:24

Pjs always, I don’t think I ve even worn a nighty except in hospital

suzette1613 Sat 08-Feb-20 06:40:58

Pyjamas! Cats can`t wriggle up them!

Oopsminty Sat 08-Feb-20 07:12:18


Like PageTurner I get a size too big

Nice and comfy

Willow500 Sat 08-Feb-20 07:30:14

Nothing to sleep in shock but put pjs on in the morning and before I go to bed. Nighties are too cold round the legs!

Hetty58 Sat 08-Feb-20 07:32:15

PJs for lounging in (usually in them by 6 pm if it's chilly and I'm not going out) but naked, nude, in the buff for sleeping.

Nortsat46 Sat 08-Feb-20 07:39:16


TerryM Sat 08-Feb-20 07:39:19

Another PJs vote here

tanith Sat 08-Feb-20 07:39:35

Same here pjs before and mornings but naked to sleep.

DanniRae Sat 08-Feb-20 08:21:44

I don't sleep in either - nor am I naked.
I just wear a t-shirt and knickers and then put on pj bottoms when I get up.

M0nica Sat 08-Feb-20 08:42:56

Night dresses, I am a restless sleeper and pyjama tops always got twisted round me and woke me up. Night dresses give you more space to be restless in.

As for nothing at all, I am far too chilly a mortal to manage that - it would mean leaving the heating on overnight, and, day or night, I prefer extra layers to extra heating.

Franbern Sat 08-Feb-20 08:47:30

Nighties, only time I wore PJ' was back in the 1960's when the house we lived in had no central heating. Do have both long-sleeved winter nighties, but since moving into a flat, have not needed these, my short-sleeved cotton ones are all required. Do like these to be long, calf or ankle length.,,In the very hot weather I wear sleeveless cotton short nighties. Find it increasingly difficult to purchase these in shops these days (No, BHS, or M&S, Etc), and have now resorted to purchasing on-line.

louisehatt78 Sat 08-Feb-20 08:49:47

Nighties for me, so comfy

harrigran Sat 08-Feb-20 08:59:52

Pyjamas, keep everything nicely tucked in. I often spend time out of bed during the night so my legs are nice and warm.

lemongrove Sat 08-Feb-20 09:26:36

From Spring to Autumn.....just as nature intended, but move to a short fitted tee and matching pants when colder weather arrives.Pj’s to put on when I get up in the morning for breakfast.I do have a couple of nighties kept for hospital stays.

BlueSky Sat 08-Feb-20 09:27:21

Always sleeveless nighties one size up at least for comfort. But don't they make sleepwear and underwear smaller these days? A 12/14 used to be a decent size! Or have I just simply put weight on?