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chicken Sat 08-Feb-20 15:49:24

What two things in your house would you like your children to cherish after you die?

I was looking around and thinking that my children will probably put most of my stuff on (A) Freecycle, (B) a bonfire or (C) the tip, but there are a few things that I hope they will treasure.

The first is a big, beautiful cherrywood rocking horse. An aunt left me a small legacy and, rather than fritter it away, I bought Arabella. The GSs rode it, some timidly, one to the point where the stand left the ground. The GDs spent hours braiding the mane and tail and decorating them with ribbons and hair bobbles. I hope that one of them will cherish her and pass her down the family.

The other is a Minton china magpie on a tree stump, beak and wingtip broken and inexpertly mended, not because it has any cash value but because it carries so many memories of my Mother's early life. She was brought up in an orphanage, put into domestic service against her will and, because her hand had been damaged in the orphanage leaving it clumsy, she broke the ornament belonging to her employer when she was dusting. He was furious and ordered her to throw it away, but she sneaked it up to her room, glued it together and treasured it all her life, as do I. I hope one of my children will pass the story on with the magpie.

AGAA4 Sat 08-Feb-20 15:58:42

I would like my children to keep a clock that my husband bought for me on our last weeding anniversary before he died.
It sits in my living room now and I hope one of them will keep it

AGAA4 Sat 08-Feb-20 15:59:15


Baggs Sat 08-Feb-20 16:01:41

That's a lovely story about your mother's magpie, chicken.

chicken Sat 08-Feb-20 16:09:21

Thanks,*Baggs*. Mum had a tough early life and this, her first job, was a stinker, working from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., half of Sunday afternoon off , half starved, running a large house single handed and her wage was 10 shillings a month!

shysal Sat 08-Feb-20 16:49:17

I have nothing of value to them, but I would like them to cherish my two cats!

SirChenjin Sat 08-Feb-20 16:55:25

1st thing- I will inherit a writ g bureau when my dad dies - it was a handmade wedding present from my great uncle to my grandparents and my mum inherited it. I just love it and I hope one of the DCs want it.
2nd thing - an Art Deco statue of a woman dancing that my mum gave me. I was supposed to get a little statue from my grandparents house that Id always loved (my grandfather promised it to me) but there was a bit of an argument about it between my mum and one of my aunts and so my mum said she could have it and bought me another statue. I was quite disappointed with it at the time if I’m honest but I know it came with much love.

Chewbacca Sat 08-Feb-20 16:56:48

When my son was small we bought a little wooden windmill clock; a bit like a cuckoo clock but it has a little old man and a little old woman who go round and pop out, on the hour. My DS was transfixed with it as a small child, as are my GC now. I'd like to think that it will still be loved and enjoyed by future GGC.

Grammaretto Sat 08-Feb-20 17:00:53

Such a sad and poignant story of the magpie chicken. I am sure your family will treasure it.

It is hard sometimes to know what to do with all the odd things we inherit.

We have an old sewing box which I don't care for but it means something to DH.

We may just have to hope the DC find something which means a lot to them.
When DM died my DD wanted her grandma's desk. I never knew it had any importance for her. She has it.

kittylester Sat 08-Feb-20 17:04:09

We have a grandmother clock from about 1920. It was grannies, then my parents had it and my mother told me that I had to have it as it would only suit my house. I was livid but love it now and can't imagine our house without the tick and chime.

We recently had it cleaned and bits replaced. It cost £500 and when I asked the clock man how much it was worth, he said 'Oh, about £500!'

The other thing I would like them to cherish is a bronze that dh bought me of a couple hand in hand, with umbrellas, walking away from the viewer. Their arms and the umbrellas form a heart from certain angles.

NotTooOld Sat 08-Feb-20 17:07:28

Only one - my DH!

Greenfinch Sat 08-Feb-20 17:17:17

All my copious notes about family history.I have a very interesting background on my father's side going back to a ship's carpenter from the Aaland Isles who was shipwrecked off the coast of North Uist and married a girl from the McDougall clan in the late eighteenth century.

A notebook containing anecdotes of my twin grandchildren from their early days when they were living with us.

BBbevan Sat 08-Feb-20 19:46:43

We have quite a few original paintings. Each has the name of the recipient on the back.We thought long and hard which to give to each AC and DGDs. Hope they will cherish them

paddyanne Sat 08-Feb-20 19:57:53

family photographs going right back to when photography was new .there are beautiful sepia shots of 2, 3 and 4xgreat GP's I know my daughter will have them as she loves them .Anything else they can do what they want with,though my 3 GD's have earmarked jewellery that they want ,GD 4 is too wee to have played with my jewellery box yet so I dare say they'll have to share with her when the time comes

MissAdventure Sat 08-Feb-20 20:04:20

I'm not bothered.
It would be my grandsons who will have the dubious pleasure of sorting out, I presume, and I doubt I have anything that would interest them.

Its just stuff.

phoenix Sat 08-Feb-20 20:09:38

Bearing in mind the state of family relationships here, there is nothing.

annodomini Sat 08-Feb-20 21:23:16

My granny's engagement ring, dated May 1904. Just a row of small diamonds and not very valuable in monetary terms, but of great value to family - I think it would best fit my younger granddaughter.

Esspee Sat 08-Feb-20 21:29:28

I hope they would keep historical documents but otherwise it will all go to charity or the skip.
Won't bother me - I'll be dead.

Grandmaof2 Sat 08-Feb-20 21:35:28

I have my GGF rocking chair and also a display cabinet that my GF made in early 1940's. I hope that they will get a good home and stay in the family. My daughter may keep the chair but she is not too keen on the cabinet. Just have to hope my son will take it over.

callgirl1 Sat 08-Feb-20 23:37:27

I hope they will keep all the photo albums, and many others not in albums, as to me they show our family story.

Como2020 Sat 08-Feb-20 23:46:17

Having moved house and radically downsized, my two sons choaenwhat they wanted. Each item represented memories of how their viewed their family’s history.
The rest was dispersed in various ways.
I am content.

Como2020 Sat 08-Feb-20 23:48:01

“Chose” and “they”!

whywhywhy Sun 09-Feb-20 00:08:07

I hope my family keep my watercolour paintings that I did and also my first Teddy bear. I can still remember my dad bringing Teddy into hospital when I got my tonsils out at the age of 7. He's small, threadbare but I love him.

DillytheGardener Sun 09-Feb-20 00:18:54

That is a bittersweet story. I hope your mother found happiness chicken and was able to enjoy her GC and the family she built.

grannyactivist Sun 09-Feb-20 00:20:09

I can't think of any 'thing' in my house that I currently cherish myself, but I do have one ring that has sentimental value and two daughters who would like to have it when I'm gone. I recently got a quote to have a replica made and it was quite reasonable, but they're pretty close as sisters go so maybe I'll tell them to share it and each have custody on an annual basis. grin