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Remember yoghurt in the old days?

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Artdecogran Fri 14-Feb-20 18:42:56

I was just watching the new muller yoghurt advert where it seems to be more sugary toppings than yoghurt. It led me to remember my first yoghurt experience. It was 1968 and I had just come back to England from Singapore and I had never had yoghurt before. My mum wouldn’t let me have one but my grandma hid one in the pantry for me. It was raspberry and very sour so I only sneaked one finger full at a time. I remember it vividly. Do any of you have similar memories?

pensionpat Fri 14-Feb-20 18:45:24

What happened to Ski yoghurts! I don’t even look at the yoghurts now. They’re all puddings.

midgey Fri 14-Feb-20 18:45:55

Yes! I remember how sour the blueberry yoghurt used to be. Absolutely nothing like so many modern offerings.

Luckygirl Fri 14-Feb-20 18:46:29

I vividly remember at the age of about 4 - so we're talking 1953, we had a German girl at our school and she used to bring yoghurt in her lunch box - we were all intrigued and thought it tasted revolting - I think we have a lot more sugar in it now.

H1954 Fri 14-Feb-20 18:46:43

Yes, Artdecogran, it obviously tastes like the real stuff! The yoghurts we get these days are generally over sweet. I only ever buy plain Greek style, no fancy additives either but it still doesn't taste like the yoghurt in Greece!

watermeadow Fri 14-Feb-20 18:48:42

I remember my first pot of yogurt, in 1964. It was Ski brand and fruity, I don't think you could buy plain yogurt unless seriously arty, vegetarian and eating in Crank’s.

Nortsat46 Fri 14-Feb-20 18:55:26

I remember Ski in orange and raspberry flavours. It was quite sour tasting.
I agree today’s yoghurts are like puddings with all sorts of chocolate-y and biscuit-ty things to mix in.
I now prefer low fat plain yoghurt and mix in my own fresh fruit.

JuliaM Fri 14-Feb-20 19:00:52

I begged my Mum to buy me a yoghurt to take on a Picnic to Cherry Gardens at Burton on Trent when l was about 6yrs old.
Pubs didn’t sell hot food back then, and as long as you bought drinks from them they were happy for you to sit outside and enjoy your own food. My Grandad was with us at the time, and when l tried the Yoghurt and didn’t like it, he decided to feed it to the Pubs resident Monkey instead, who immediately spat it out all down its front!
Out comes Pub landlord collecting all the used beer glasses, and spots Monkey in this pink mess, he then shouts for his wife to call the vet, saying that his dearly loved Monkey was ill and had been very sick!
My Grandad quickly finished his pint and we all climbed back in the car, Mum said we had to go as we didn’t want to catch the Monkeys Cold, grabbing the offending Yogurt pot and hiding it in her handbag as we left!

craftyone Fri 14-Feb-20 19:01:39

hazelnut, yummy, will never forget hazelnut yoghurt

MamaCaz Fri 14-Feb-20 19:04:52

My first taste of yoghurt would have been in about '67 or '68, when I was about 7.
My aunt had bought one, and we all had a tiny taste. If I remember rightly, it was Ski, and strawberry flavour.
I can't have thought much of it as I don't think I had another yoghurt until I was in my early teens and discovered Longley Farm yoghurts, made locally - the lemon being my all-time favourite.

Last week I was back up in Yorkshire visiting my mum, and for the first time in years ((I always look for it when up there) actually found lemon Longley Farm yoghurt in the local Morissons. Delicious. Every bit as good as I remembered, and reading the small print I discovered that they are both live and free of artificial flavourings, so about as healthy a yoghurt as you can get. Very on-trend!

If only I could buy them down here in this part of Northamptonshire!

Gaunt47 Fri 14-Feb-20 19:05:04

Oh yes, mid-60s Ski yogurt! Mine was the hazelnut flavour.
When I had storage heaters I used to make my own yogurt, and delicious it was too. Watermeadow does that make me arty, vegetarian and eating in Cranks smile (I used to love their food actually!)

Callistemon Fri 14-Feb-20 19:08:40

It must have been about 1963 or 64 when an older woman I knew told me about yogurt, she thought it was wonderful. I did find some but thought it was very sour and wasn't keen. 'It'll never become popular', I thought.

Who'd have thought it would take off and become the staple that it is today, I like yogurt but not with chocolate or cereals.

Treebee Fri 14-Feb-20 19:14:11

I too remember Ski yogurts in the 60s. Mum and I loved the coffee flavour, wish I could buy it now.
These days Longley Farm make my favourites too, though I’ve never seen the lemon ones. Hazelnut ones are the best.

MamaCaz Fri 14-Feb-20 19:15:24

I should add that Longley Farm yoghurts still have that lovely natural sour taste.

I don't work for them, honest - but I wouldn't say no to a free box of their lemon yoghurts if they feel like sending some my way grin

BlueSky Fri 14-Feb-20 19:22:06

I remember my first plain yougurt which I used to eat for breakfast without any sugar or honey as I was always 'slimming'! And how nice the first fruity ones tasted! Nowadays I agree most are just sweet puddings.

ExperiencedNotOld Fri 14-Feb-20 19:48:48

craftyone hazelnut was my very first yogurt, from Ski in a churn shaped waxed cardboard pot. My mother and I shared it and didn’t really know what to make of it. We probably would have been better choosing a fruit version. But 50 years later I eat yogurt at least once daily, preferably Greek, and can’t imagine life without it.

ExperiencedNotOld Fri 14-Feb-20 19:50:41

Treebee I had a coffee yogurt recently but can’t remember where from or the make. It was unsweetened and definitely ‘interesting’. I wouldn’t rush to have it again.

QuaintIrene Fri 14-Feb-20 19:54:11

Ski yoghurts were sour.
I worked at Longley Farm for a couple of summers. It’s good stuff, not full of sugar.
My sister ate lots of Ski yoghurts, she was always dieting. An Ayd, a yoghurt and an Energen roll for dinner.

Pantglas2 Fri 14-Feb-20 20:03:43

My first was a ski strawberry flavour which I thought very posh for north Wales! Nowadays I just buy ordinary Greek full fat and add a teaspoon of my own jam or proper maple syrup/local honey drizzled over.

mrswoo Fri 14-Feb-20 20:08:28

I remember sometime in the mid sixties my mother coming home with a Ski yogurt each for me and my sister. I took a small spoonful and decided I didn’t like it. My sister aged about 8 or 9 went into raptures about hers and decided she would like to try every flavour as she loved it so much! The next day mum asked her which flavour she would like to try next .She replied that she thought maybe she’d wait until she was a bit older as she felt that perhaps she didn’t love it quite as much as she thought she did.

BradfordLass73 Fri 14-Feb-20 20:16:20

I was grown up before I knew yoghurt existed.

I bought one, plain pot from a farm in Cornwall and thereafter made my own.

I'd heat the milk until it fizzed around the edges, leave it until nearly cold, add the yoghurt 'mother' then stand the whole thing in the airing cupboard covered with muslin smile

I don't make my own now but today's yoghurt, even the plain ones, don't compare with that gorgeous creamy concoction.

I'm told the stuff in supermarkets is not, strictly, yoghurt at all but 'dairy food'.

Maggiemaybe Fri 14-Feb-20 20:23:18

My mum bought me a single pot of strawberry yoghurt after I’d nagged and nagged her for one. I was 6 or 7, so around 1961. I have no idea how I came to hear about them, but the more she assured me I wouldn’t like it, the more I wanted one.

I hated it. It had a thick crust on top you’d to break with a spoon and it somehow managed to be both sour and really sickly at the same time.

I love yoghurt now, but usually stick to plain. Longley Farm are so good though - I’m surprised they’re not available everywhere, but glad we have them here. smile

Urmstongran Fri 14-Feb-20 20:24:40

Another fan here of Yorkshire ‘s Longley Farm yoghurts. My favourites are hazelnut (obv), rhubarb and the vanilla. Not expensive. Thick enough to stand your spoon up in - not like some of the thin ‘sweet’ ones!

In 1966 one of the girls at our grammar school brought one in as part of her packed lunch. Think it must have been ‘Ski’. Gosh it was tarty. It was new! Exotic!

This from the same girl who brought a green pepper to our domestic science lesson. Wow! I remember the teacher brought us to her table to watch it being sliced, de-seeded and added to the chicken on the hob ....

Which 13y olds cook like that in lessons these days?

Washerwoman Fri 14-Feb-20 20:24:50

I never buy anything but a large container of plain yoghurt now and add my own fruit or chopped banana,nuts etc.Frozen berries defrosted.So much nicer.And cheaper.The only ones i like otherwise are Longley Farm and they are local to us.I do remember goinng to the indoor market with mum and buying Ski raspberry yoghurt in large waxed containers.It seemed wildly exotic !

Urmstongran Fri 14-Feb-20 20:26:49

I think Longley Farm are from Holmfirth. ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ territory.