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Those golden oldie TV ads

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MawB Mon 17-Feb-20 12:14:38

Frankly admit I have pinched this from FB, but I enjoy reading the contributions!

Here is mine to start

“You gotta shake n vac to put the freshness back”

Mapleleaf Mon 17-Feb-20 12:27:10

"They peel them with their metal knives, then boil them for twenty of their minutes and then they mash them all to little bits"

The Cadbury smash advert - brilliant!

Greyduster Mon 17-Feb-20 14:08:32

I found myself singing “I’m going well, I’m going Shell; you can be sure of Shell” the other day! Good news knows where that came from!

Greyduster Mon 17-Feb-20 14:09:06

Goodness knows!!!!

pollyperkins Mon 17-Feb-20 14:10:44

Murray mints, Murray mints , too good to hurry mints!

25Avalon Mon 17-Feb-20 14:13:04

You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsadent

25Avalon Mon 17-Feb-20 14:14:54

Tick a tick a Timex tra la la

I remember from one Christmas many years ago

BlueSky Mon 17-Feb-20 14:18:09

'Avez vous un cuppa? ' the unforgettable PG tips chimps! [grin brew

EllanVannin Mon 17-Feb-20 14:24:06

Cadum for madam.

EllanVannin Mon 17-Feb-20 14:25:14

Persil washes not only white but brighter/est--------

EllanVannin Mon 17-Feb-20 14:26:55

What could be nicer than a Pendletons twicer.

ninathenana Mon 17-Feb-20 14:28:12

Only the crumbliest, flakeiest chocolate.....

pollyperkins Mon 17-Feb-20 14:29:43

Mazda lights stay brighter longer...

Urmstongran Mon 17-Feb-20 14:29:57

‘If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Club’

ninathenana Mon 17-Feb-20 14:30:27

EllanVannim I had to Google Cadum

SueDonim Mon 17-Feb-20 14:32:11

Don’t forget the Fruit Gums, mum!

A million housewives every day...etc.

SueDonim Mon 17-Feb-20 14:32:49

Opal Fruits, made to make your mouth water!

Manmar2 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:34:19

Just one cornetto give it to me delicious ice cream from Italy 🍦🍦🍦

Coolgran65 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:36:16

Bet you can't eat just one.............. Downtrend fruit pastills

Coolgran65 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:36:48

Downtrend = Rowntrees

SueDonim Mon 17-Feb-20 14:38:03

A 1001 cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown.

QuaintIrene Mon 17-Feb-20 14:44:26

John Collier John Collier the window to watch !

Urmstongran Mon 17-Feb-20 14:45:25

I like there’s more food than cleaning on here ha!

RD001 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:51:16

Boom Boom Boom Boom Esso Blue. (looks funny written down)

Septimia Mon 17-Feb-20 15:11:08

The Esso blee dooler (Esso blue paraffin again: Esso blue dealer)