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Does Anyone Still Cook Chips the Old Fashioned Way?

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Framilode Mon 17-Feb-20 16:17:07

When I was growing up nearly everyone had a chip pan filled with lard on the cooker all the time. The chips were delicious.

I was wondering if anyone still uses one or do we all use oven chips now? I used to have a deep fat fryer but it was messy and made the place smell. I wonder if in the 'olden days' all the kitchens smelt of chip fat.

janeainsworth Mon 17-Feb-20 16:22:35

I have a chip pan but I don’t use lard, I use sunflower oil.
I’ve got an extractor fan above my hob & it takes most of the smell away. By the next day it’s gone. We don’t have chips very often, once every 2 to 3 weeks maybe.

Callistemon Mon 17-Feb-20 16:24:15

DH has oven chips and I don't eat any unless I go to a pub which serves triple cooked chips!

GagaJo Mon 17-Feb-20 16:28:27

I have never owned a chip pan. If I do make them (the last time was well over 2 years ago) I do them in the biggest pan I've got in grape seed oil.

Marydoll Mon 17-Feb-20 16:30:19

We also have homemade chips, cooked in a chip pan and sunflower oil, once every two or three weeks. It's a special treat.
I too have an extractor above my cooker to take away most, but not all of the smells.
I then have to light a candle, which doesn't help my chest!! .

I also have a deep fat fryer, but it's such a hassle to use, so is in a cupboard out of sight, as I grill everything. No frying in our house . (Despite what DH would like. wink)

Daddima Mon 17-Feb-20 16:30:50

I still have a chip pan, and use beef dripping from the butcher and Golden Wonder or Cyprus potatoes to make chips.

Marydoll Mon 17-Feb-20 16:33:28

Sounds delicious, Daddima! Just like my mother did, you are not Scottish by any chance, are you? smile

tanith Mon 17-Feb-20 16:50:21

When DH was alive he would cook chips in an electric fryer they were delicious I did manage to stop him using lard and use oil though. I now use oven chips occasionally.

Yiayia4 Mon 17-Feb-20 16:50:30

Yes sometimes cooked in olive oil,reminds me of Greece.

M0nica Mon 17-Feb-20 17:00:59

Rarely had chips as a child, my mother did not like fried food of any kind, so everything was grilled or boiled.

I have never had a chip pan.if I want chips I shallow fry them or eat out.

Daddima Mon 17-Feb-20 17:07:34

Marydoll, got it in one!

rosenoir Mon 17-Feb-20 17:12:12

Oven chips here, would prefer homemade cooked in lard but seems a faff for one person.

Teetime Mon 17-Feb-20 17:13:47

Only potato wedges here - home made, sprayed with a little oil and oven baked.

Curlywhirly Mon 17-Feb-20 17:22:11

As my mother was not British (she was european) our chips were fried in oil, and my friends thought it was very weird. How times have changed eh?! She also used to make potato salad by tossing the warm sliced new potatoes in olive oil and add chopped spring onions and chopped parsley - it was lovely - but again friends though olive oil was just for putting in your ears!

I just use oven chips now, haven't had a chip pan for over 25 years, can't be doing with the smell.🙄

whywhywhy Mon 17-Feb-20 17:22:12

I still have a chip pan that I've had for years. I cook them in sunflower oil and we have them roughly once per month. My mam always cooked them in beef dripping mixed with lard. They were gorgeous. I sometimes make my own version of oven chips and they come out great.

kittylester Mon 17-Feb-20 17:29:57

I have a chip pan too. It gets used about once a month for chips with steak and garlic mushrooms. I use vegetable oil and light a chef's candle to get rid of the smell.

Keeleklogger Mon 17-Feb-20 17:33:49

Get yourself a tefal actifry, they only use 1 small spoon of oil, they are brilliant although a tad expensive

SalsaQueen Mon 17-Feb-20 17:58:53

I only ever buy oven chips, but I don't eat them - I simply don't like the bland taste of chips - . My husband has chips once every 3 weeks or so.

Xander Mon 17-Feb-20 18:37:43

Sunflower Oil in large heavy bottom pan, twice fried. Made them last night. Have them about once a month. Also make parsnip chips the same way YUM!

Auntieflo Mon 17-Feb-20 18:46:14

I now use an Airfryer, if and when we have chips.
Before that it was oven chips, but they just aren't the same, although they do work in the Airfryer.
In the early 1970's, we had a self catering holiday in Corfu, and the owners, who lived downstairs, gave us some olive oil and potatoes, to make chips. I think that was the first time I used olive oil for cooking.

ninathenana Mon 17-Feb-20 18:46:29

My boss' family (he was an architect) at the time of my wedding owned and ran 2 fish and chip shops. My boss bought us a deep fat fryer and a catering sized box of lard as a wedding present !
I used the fryer for many years but now we only eat oven chips.

Davidhs Mon 17-Feb-20 18:48:25

Only once a month, electric fryer, sunflower oil, correct variety of potatoes. Definitely not oven chips.

Harris27 Mon 17-Feb-20 18:51:20

My dad made lovely Chips and my boys still talk about them even now. Happy days when egg and chips was our treat of the week! Only eat oven chips now once a week.

Fennel Mon 17-Feb-20 19:13:08

I used to have a deepfryer, electric, and plugged it in outside because of the smell. It made good chips, sunflower oil.
I agree about the type of potato David. But can't remember which is best.
We don't eat much fried food now as husband has a dodgy stomach.

Annie26 Mon 17-Feb-20 19:24:38

As a child I always loved homemade chips cooked in lard. Unfortunately one day my Mother forgot the chip pan was on and the kitchen caught fire. Not surprisingly I only cook oven chips.