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Good Morning Wenesday

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12Michael Wed 19-Feb-20 06:16:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start as usual, but looks dry here in Brackley.
Yesterday, was interesting as regards how things went, got into Banbury Hospital, Field Test then Glaucoma Monitor both eyes, not told when next appointment is but will get results in 2 weeks.
I then walked back to Banbury's bus station , where I caught a slightly earlier than planned bus home , I transferred on the direct bus to Bicester , did my normal thing, coffee etc, and came back via Buckingham, and also there had my usual coffee stop , before coming home a full day out.
Today, cycling on TV this afternoon , so arealaxing day.

Sparkling Wed 19-Feb-20 06:22:38

Good morning, It seems you and I Mike are early risers. I would love eight hours sleep.
The very icy start has not happened, just a cold damp start here in the West Midlands. 🙂

Beechnut Wed 19-Feb-20 06:27:06

Good Morning Mick and all who follow. Dark and still slightly damp surfaces by what I can see. No stars this morning 🙁
Belated birthday wishes Kalu. I didn’t come back to read the GM thread until late evening.

So many flooding photos and films on my FB page. My brother has some at the bottom of his garden. Things would be very serious if it got to his and his neighbours house level. Doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon.

With all the grim stuff let’s hope we find something cheerful and enjoyable to do today, maybe some more lambs from mommawolf 🐑

Beechnut Wed 19-Feb-20 06:27:37

Good Morning Sparkling

Scentia Wed 19-Feb-20 07:03:16

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Weather looks dryer and the flood defences at the bottom of our toad worked well yesterday. Can’t say the same for the other side of the river. 😩
Normal work day for me today, I overslept this morning. I am lucky that I work for my DH and it isn’t a problem if I am late!
DH and I ate off to DD for tea this evening, it is the only time my DH gets a decent meal he hasn’t cooked himself, I really cannot cook!!!!
Hope all our GM posters have stayed dry over the last few days and wish you all a good day😍

Ginny42 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:03:55

Good morning Mick and everyone. Well, that started the day off well - I wrote a message which then disappeared as if by magic. So here goes for a second time! It's still dark outside, but after experiencing snow and sleet with intermittent torrential rain in Wales yesterday, I'll settle for just dry in Cheshire today.

I have to miss my painting group this morning as I've arranged for help for my housebound friend to fill in a long and complex form. If it gets the job done that will be a relief.

Nothing planned after that as I need to come home and chill I think. As Beechnut says, so much grim stuff at the moment let's hope spring arrives soon and people coping with floods get some respite. Warm wishes to all recovering from sickness.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Mommawolf Wed 19-Feb-20 07:09:49

Goodmorning all from a dry sunny Norfolk. A busy night in the lambing shed so far all have arrived safely. Its health check day for the alpacas they get a full m.o.t.however I think they know we are coming. Zebedee has his catch me if you can look on his face and Soozie is trying to hide. Thinking of all who are unwell and struggling. Have a good day everyone.

Scentia Wed 19-Feb-20 07:13:35


Your posts are a delight to read in the mornings, those pictures have really made me smile❤️

Nannytopsy Wed 19-Feb-20 07:18:09

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Lovely photos of your alpacas Mommawolf. We have some in the village which you can go and meet - we may take the DGC in the summer.
Again, another lovely morning in Suffolk, although they all turn wet as the day goes on. Washing, cleaning, cooking today and garden club tonight.
I hope the day is kind to you all.

NannyJan53 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:23:44

Good Morning from a dry but icy Black Country. Had a lovely lunch with friends yesterday. Met up at 12.30 and we didn't leave until 3pm!

Off to DD's this morning. Then we are going ice skating with two DGD's.

I too love your posts Mommawolf your photo's this morning certainly bring a smile to my face.

All those suffering from flooding has been much on my mind. I really do feel for them. We don't live too far from Bridgnorth and Bewdley, both places I visit regularly.

Wishing you all a good day, with special thoughts for gilly dragonfly Marydoll and apologies for anyone I have missed

Sar53 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:25:39

Good morning everyone from a bright Essex by the sea.
What a day I had yesterday. Driving from Essex to Kent, a journey of less than 50 miles took about 2 hours, Dartford crossing shut for 50 minutes, gridlock. Coming home took 3 1/4 hours. I was shattered.
I did get to see both daughters and my 5 lovely granddaughters. We went out to a birthday lunch for the second eldest who will be 11 on Monday. I very rarely see them all together so it was very special.
I've just received a message saying my hospital volunteering is off today so what shall I do with myself, I'm sure I will find something.
Have a lovely day everyone and my thoughts are with anyone struggling for whatever reason.

Lins1066 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:35:22

Good Morning Mick and all from a dry S Welsh coast.

Lovely photos Mommawolf.

Having a cuppa in bed, didn't sleep much last night.
Nurse coming this morning so I had better get a move on.
Have a good day everyone.

Grammaretto Wed 19-Feb-20 07:36:19

Good morning all from Edinburgh. I am joining the commuters this morning. Drinking coffee at the station as I'm rediculously early for my train.
Going to try a ticketless journey.
Your beautiful alpacas Momma thanks.
Glad you had a successful day Mick
Hope we all enjoy the day ahead.

NanKate Wed 19-Feb-20 07:42:52

Morning Mick and All.

Just been looking at the dreadful flooding around the country today and I am grateful we live on a hill.

My visit to the Endocrinologist did not go how I had expected but the specialist was very thorough and helpful and amongst a number of things he is sending me to a Sleep Clinic, don’t fancy that.

Off to Rummykub today.

Love the animal stories Mommawolf, keep them coming.

Hope our poorly people today have some respite. 💐

Sark Wed 19-Feb-20 07:43:33

Good Morning everyone
Beautiful pink sky here this morning.
Nannyjan are you getting on the ice too?..if so I salute you!
Mommawolf lovely photos and glad all going well in the lambing shed.
Sar53 sounds like quite a day yesterday..enjoy your 'me time' today!
Work for me today.
Have a good day and thinking of all who may be struggling

Susan56 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:48:10

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.No rain at the moment but lots forecast for later which is a worry.A couple of the local villages are cut off by floodwater and one of the main roads also closed.
We have a busy day ahead.Meeting DD1 in town for DGD to go to the library for half term activities,yoga today.We will look after the baby while DD watches DGD.
After the library we are all going over to Cheshire to my mums house where we will meet DD2 and family to celebrate our grandsons 2nd birthday.
Our granddaughter will love the pictures of the alpacas.I asked her last week which animal she likes best and she said grandma,I love all animals.She is the only person I know who sees a cow and says how cute!althought they have 200 on their farm so she has grown up around them.
Sending get well wishes to all in the sick bay and gilly I really hope you are feeling better and also that you managed to get your husbands pre op appointment sorted.x

BlueSapphire Wed 19-Feb-20 07:48:38

Good morning all from Northampton; it's sunny at the moment, but doesn't look as though it will last.
Had a lovely lunch out with DS yesterday; we did indeed go to the new tapas restaurant and had a very good meal (
with a nice glass of wine).
DD is coming for tea today before we go to our wine tasting evening - I am thinking of making a moussaka. Will make enough for four, then the leftovers can go in the freezer.
What lovely alpacas Mommawolf!
Thinking of Luckygirl today.

Brunette10 Wed 19-Feb-20 07:48:42

Good Morning from a bright and frosty Fife. What a difference! Love the photos Mommawolf - so cute. Hope the weather is turning at long last. Have my Uncle through from the West today for lunch, looking forward to catch up. Have lunch to prepare beforehand. Hope everyone is feeling bit better today re the weather. Thinking of all those with ailments/worries. Keep your chin up. Take care.

Gingster Wed 19-Feb-20 07:51:12

Looking out over the sea with the sun shining. It does the soul good. Calm and peaceful day. Feeling so sorry for all the flooded people but hope things Improve soon. Going to see Little Women this evening. Has anyone seen it? Grammeretto - what is a ticketless train journey?

Urmstongran Wed 19-Feb-20 07:51:28

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s dry. We are picking my stepfather up late morning and all driving down to Birmingham to visit his brother who is a sprightly 93y old. Rain is forecast there around midday. We go out for lunch at a nearby restaurant and he drives us!

Great photos of the alpacas Mommawolf and glad to hear the new born lambs are healthy. So cute. It does make me feel guilty though that I like roast lamb....

We met up with a couple last night for drinks. We all liked the new bar and we had a great catch up. Old friends really are a treasure aren’t they?

Hope Wednesday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Curlywhirly Wed 19-Feb-20 07:58:21

Good morning all from a dry Cheshire. Oh, Mommawolf those gorgeous alpaca faces, how do keep your hands off them? I'd be cuddling them no end! And as for the new lambs, well I'd be mauling them to death! Good job I don't live on a farm, nothing would get done!

Need to get moving (am in bed with a cup of tea) as am off to my charity shop volunteering this morning. The DGC are skiing in France with their Mum and Dad at the moment, so it's a quiet week for me. Spent yesterday cleaning my ovens, a job I kept putting off. Feeling very virtuous now! Take care everyone and here's hoping those in flooded areas have no more rain.

Urmstongran Wed 19-Feb-20 08:00:23

I agree with you Gingster that looking at the sea and watching the waves is very calming. Which area are you posting from?

dragonfly46 Wed 19-Feb-20 08:01:25

Good morning from a bright Leicestershire after a little snow yesterday evening!

Taking the car for a service today but they give us coffee and cake while we wait so no hardship and at least the car gets cleaned.

A walk later with friends if it stays dry and if not more coffee and cake!

Love the photos Mammawolf. We have alpacas up the hill apparently the protect the cows and sheep which roam up there.

Hope your DH has a date for his pre- assessment gilly.

IrishGrannyAnne Wed 19-Feb-20 08:01:31

Good morning from Wexford Ireland. Are there Irish Grannys on this site,I just joined. Nice to hear from someone in Edinburgh, 3 of my children , 2 grandsons and 2 granddogs live there, I love Edinburgh! Living alone here, lovely to hear lots of 'good mornings'. Have a nice day.

Mommawolf Wed 19-Feb-20 08:02:21

Our lambs are safe URMSTONGRAM we raise them for their wool but I know what you mean I am fond of a lamb roast myself.