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Jane10 Sun 23-Feb-20 07:45:07

Apart from Rufus2 and myself, are there any other 'Oldie' readers on GN? This isn't a negative term for the older reader, by the way, but a monthly magazine. It always has interesting articles and features as well as reviews and terrific cartoons.
I'm not on commission. My Granny always said, 'I'd you know a good thing pass it on.'
Over to you Rufus2!

threexnanny Sun 23-Feb-20 17:30:06

Yes I read it and enjoy it. I think Rufus was suggesting a bulk purchase but not sure how that would work.

Jane10 Sun 23-Feb-20 18:05:29

I doubt that's possible. We could discuss articles or share cartoons?

oldgoat Sun 23-Feb-20 18:33:24

We were given a subscription to the Oldie magazine. I took them along to our doctor's surgery, thinking that they would make perfect reading material in a waiting room full of older people, and much more interesting than the pile of ancient Country life mags.and wedding brochures.
On presenting them to the receptionist, I was surprised when she said "Ooh! I don't think we can use those. We have to be very careful, you know".

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 19:29:21

Actually Jane10 I’d forgotten about this magazine. I used to read articles from it by Virginia Ironside and a couple of others. I might look into subscribing to it as I find most other magazines boring.

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 19:30:41

P.s. nice idea to have this thread for discussions on it!

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 19:33:41

From its website:

The Oldie is:

• A sanctuary for all who are irritated by our celebrity-obsessed culture

• A place where Britain's best writers express themselves freely and passionately

• A place where books and the arts are reviewed without mercy

• Packed full of cartoons

• Unpredictable and eclectic, celebrating the unusual and eccentric

Jane10 Sun 23-Feb-20 19:35:08

Sounds a bit like some of us!!

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 19:51:21


Littleannie Sun 23-Feb-20 20:01:07

If your library offers e-magazines, The Oldie is one of the magazines you can read for free.

Framilode Sun 23-Feb-20 20:03:28

I love the Oldie. When we moved into this house 2 years ago the Oldie started being delivered addressed to the previous owners. They had refused to give us any information about where they were going and had generally been very difficult, so I couldn't get in touch with them to tell them. It is still being delivered. I love it and love even more not having to pay for it.

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 20:30:47

So you’re not contacting the subscription department to cancel any time soon Framilode? They would be able to take your post code and explanation!

janeainsworth Sun 23-Feb-20 20:30:51

We have bought the Oldie from he very first issue, when Richard Ingrams was the editor.

In fact it was through the Oldie that I found out about Gransnet. The Oldie had its own forum within Gransnet, but it didn’t last.

chicken Mon 24-Feb-20 09:58:48

Yes, I love it. I turn some of the cartoons into greetings cards for friends. My latest favourite shows an elderly man sitting, in pyjamas, on the edge of the bed saying "just remind me, am I getting up or going to bed?"

Rufus2 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:09:22

Urmston My March copy No. 384 has just arrived, in Feb.!
A record!
An Ad. under "Care" caught my eye because as you see;
"Gentleman with comfy villa near Malaga Spain! Able to provide 24-hour long term care, washing and meals for two gents. Very reasonable terms. Please text or leave message. Phone xxx.
Does that sound fair dinkum, or has my recent brain scan done harm? confused
Btw, did you see my earlier post re; Catalans?

Rufus2 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:27:16

If your library offers e-magazines,
Oh no! It costs only £4.75 a hard copy that you can take and read "anywhere" and then you can laugh out loud without disturbing the tranquility of a library. hmm

suggesting a bulk purchase
That was probably at the back of my mind, but on reflection and noting how few of us there are, it wouldn't get off the ground. My copy obviously arrives in Melb. as part of a bulk mail consignment which is then home-delivered by the postman,

Jane10 Mon 24-Feb-20 13:52:57

My latest copy has disappeared. DH seems to have 'discovered' it and somehow thinks it's his!! I must commandeer some of his many car comics or magazines as he calls them and see how he likes that.

Namsnanny Mon 24-Feb-20 14:22:34

Rufus Converted!!
I've been meaning to get it delivered for ages, I'll sort it today!

soop Mon 24-Feb-20 14:27:57

I shall look out for it. Sounds right up my street.

Bubbe Mon 24-Feb-20 14:50:48

I have a subscription. Its my perfect read at bed-time.

In fact I've even bought a subscription for someone else as a birthday gift.

Framilode Mon 24-Feb-20 14:53:12

Urmstongran I could, and I probably should, but I won't.

shandi6570 Mon 24-Feb-20 17:02:49

Have just completed the form to subscribe. Jane10 I wonder how many converts you have made, better ask them for discount, or at least a free gift smile

Jane10 Mon 24-Feb-20 17:44:25

I'll discuss that possibility when I'm down at the Oldie lunch next month grin
Anyone can go. Any London Grans fancy it?

Littleannie Tue 25-Feb-20 08:57:00

Rufus 2
You download e-magazines to your computer or tablet and read them in the comfort of your home. Nothing to do with disturbing the tranquility of the library. Many libraries now offer a large choice.

Jane10 Tue 25-Feb-20 09:16:38

I read books on my kindle but find that I prefer an actual magazine or newspaper to an e-version. Something about the size I think.