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Your favourite tips that you would like to pass on

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:43:27

Having run out of spectacle wipes yesterday, I decided to use washing detergent, well impressed if I say so myself

GagaJo Mon 24-Feb-20 09:51:53

Baby wipes are just as good as make-up wipes and MUCH cheaper.

Pick up/tidy up three things each time you're in a room. Makes the house much tidier if you stick to it.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:55:07

Ooh I like the pick up tidy up three things good idea Gagajo

Lona Mon 24-Feb-20 09:58:14

Vinegar in a spray bottle will clean your specs, mirrors and windows to a sparkle.

Sussexborn Mon 24-Feb-20 09:59:35

The only useful piece of advice given by a friend’s MIL
“Never buy a white toilet brush”.

H1954 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:59:36

👍All of the above.

Use a little milk on blood stains on clothing. Blood on carpet??? Use salt, leave for a while and it will draw up most of the blood, makes it far easier to clean.

Vinegar in the washing machine eliminates sour smell on face cloths.

Bicarbonate of soda and hot white vinegar unblock sinks.

White vinegar and washing up liquid sprayed on tiles and shower screens shifts the most stubborn soap marks, leave for around an hour and rinse off.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:00:25

I didn’t think about vinegar for specs, great idea

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:01:52

I hate toilet brushes full stop they are a big no no for me

H1954 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:02:18

I should add, I have a little book with loads of tips in. So, if anyone is stuck with a stubborn stain feel free to inbox me and I will consult the little book. 👍

HettyMaud Mon 24-Feb-20 10:04:27

My tip is: Buy cheap and you buy twice.

Missfoodlove Mon 24-Feb-20 10:06:55

Most child safety caps on tablets are now reversible.
The reverse side opens as a normal cap. Great if you’re arthritic.

Merelina Mon 24-Feb-20 10:07:51

My father used to say ‘Never lend a person more than you would be prepared to give them’

My mother’s tip was ‘once something’s said it can never be unsaid, however much you apologise.’

Lucca Mon 24-Feb-20 10:13:35

Can’t believe I’m going to mention this...but if toilet brushes are a no no please could you say what the alternative is......

JackyB Mon 24-Feb-20 10:21:01

I don't like them either. I just grab a handful of toilet paper and rub skid marks away then flush. Afterward I wash my hands (or more usually, gloves) thoroughly. The water in the loo is the same as the water you drink so I don't see a problem.

A toilet brush, once used, sits there with the gunge in it, dripping water into its holder or on to the floor, depending on its design.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:24:27

I use disposable gloves and toilet cleaner with cloth or scourer and clean that way and flush, never ever had a problem,

Missfoodlove Mon 24-Feb-20 10:41:18

I always disliked loo brushes until I found this one from Joseph Joseph.....almost life changing!

Hellsbelles Mon 24-Feb-20 10:52:18

For people that do use wipes, store them face down , that way you always get the wettest one.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 24-Feb-20 11:49:57

That’s a great tip Hellsbelles

Ohmother Mon 24-Feb-20 11:52:08

A regular one on here. When you buy kitchen foil or cling film and open it, push the ends of the box in and there are perforated tabs to hold on to the roll whilst you pull the material.

Ohmother Mon 24-Feb-20 11:53:48

My mum’s were

Never a lender or borrower be
A dog that will fetch will carry. 😉

Buffybee Mon 24-Feb-20 12:01:22

Advise from my Grandma when I had my first child:

When you say no, mean no.
Never tell a lie.
Never break a promise.

Missfoodlove Mon 24-Feb-20 12:09:27

Ohmother, I only discovered that recently!
Also the arrow by the petrol pump symbol on my dashboard display would have saved me a lot of hassle....if only I had known!

Nortsat46 Mon 24-Feb-20 12:10:28

Let go of anger and small slights.

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

Live and let live.

Be kind.


sodapop Mon 24-Feb-20 12:15:26

I agree Buffybee no should mean no, not maybe.

That toilet brush looks interesting Missfoodlove who would think we could wax lyrical about such a thing.

Missfoodlove Mon 24-Feb-20 13:33:00

Soda pop,
I’ve searched many years for the life changing toilet brush!!
The search for the life changing dress continues!