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IWD 2020 - which woman do you most admire?

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NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 05-Mar-20 11:04:55

This Sunday is International Women's Day so to celebrate we're asking you which woman you most admire and why? flowers

Leave your comments below grin

Galaxy Thu 05-Mar-20 11:07:58

Julie Bindel. Campaigns against prostitution and violence against women. She is brave.

grannyactivist Thu 05-Mar-20 16:09:59

My mother-in-law.

She's maintained a successful career in music for more than sixty years, whilst raising both her biological and foster children. She was instrumental in setting up one of the first support groups for foster carers and also for carers of people with mental health problems. She supported her husband when, in his fifties, he gave up his career to work on behalf of carers full time.

She is warm, loving, caring, thoughtful, compassionate and an inspiration to me and to many others. I have been blessed to have her in my life.

phoenix Thu 05-Mar-20 18:09:57

In some ways I must admit to admiring Melania Trump!

She seems to mainly conduct herself with quiet dignity whilst remaining married to that dreadful narcissistic, self confessed sex pest, attention span of a goldfish excuse for a man.

phoenix Thu 05-Mar-20 18:11:33

ga that's lovely, she sounds a truly wonderful and inspirational woman.

Nortsat46 Thu 05-Mar-20 18:32:46

Michelle Obama for her dignity, intelligence, commitment to the causes of women, girls and health and for enhancing the dignity of the White House and it’s functions.

Meryl Streep
Judi Dench
Hillary Clinton
Ella Fitzgerald
Joni Mitchell
Helena Kennedy (barrister)
Gareth Pierce (lawyer)
Albertina Sisulu (ANC Women’s Movt)
Millicent Fawcett (suffragette)
Sylvia Pankhurst (suffragette and anti-fascist)
Malala Yousafzai (anti Taliban activist)

Ooh ... I can think of quite a lot more ...

janeainsworth Thu 05-Mar-20 18:39:35

Nancy Pelosi for standing up to Trump.

GagaJo Thu 05-Mar-20 18:41:56

Margaret Atwood
Toni Morrison
Elizabeth 1st
An old head of department of mine. V clever. Great boss.
Chinese friend. Came from poor family. Did v well in national exams. Now outearns everyone in her family, including all the men.
Diane Abbott
Jane Austin

phoenix Thu 05-Mar-20 19:02:57

GagaJo can't read Diane Abbots name without hearing *Diane Abbott!*As said by the person impersonating Andrew Neil on Dead Ringers!

Also, really can't see what's to admire about her, sorry, she showed herself to be ill prepared over some statistics that she should have had at her fingertips. Didn't inspire confidence that she would have made a good Home Secretary!

Doodle Thu 05-Mar-20 19:07:20

The Queen for doing what she thinks is right against all the odds. Always doing her duty to this country and any woman of 94 who can wear dresses with heeled shoes day in and day out when I slob around in joggers 20 years younger, deserves a medal in my opinion.

TerriBull Thu 05-Mar-20 19:18:21

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Somali born Dutch American activist feminist, author, scholar - An advocate for the rights and self determination of Muslim women, actively opposing forced marriage, honour killings, child marriage, female genital mutilation, a procedure she had inflicted on her when she was 5 years old.

The Queen, I didn't grow up a royalist I was indifferent to the whole lot of them for years, but I've come to appreciate her of late, she's been the backdrop of my life. Tirelessly performing duties for a life she didn't choose but she gets on with it and is still working into her 90s, without all that "no one asks how I am" malarkey.

phoenix Thu 05-Mar-20 19:40:16

Agree with those who have mentioned the Queen, whether Royalist or not, she does deserve recognition for the way she has carried out her role.

MerylStreep Thu 05-Mar-20 20:04:34

I think it would have to be our Queen.
Many brave, inspirational, inspiring woman have been mentioned but I don't 'know' them. Those that are dead, I only have historians opinions of what they were like ( and yes, historical facts)
Some will say I don't 'know' the Queen, very true, but I've grown up watching, listening to her forming my own opinions, not others.

GagaJo Thu 05-Mar-20 22:13:41

Phoenix, whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant. I admire DA.

I'm sure some on YOUR list wouldn't appeal to me. Each to their own.

Anniebach Thu 05-Mar-20 22:21:38

The Queen , she made a promise age 21 and is still keeping to her promise at 93

Pantglas2 Fri 06-Mar-20 07:01:55

I’d go along with the Queen - can’t think of anyone who’s done a better job for as long as she’s done it.

Calendargirl Fri 06-Mar-20 07:20:00

The Queen definitely.

Expect someone will nominate Greta T.

BlueSky Fri 06-Mar-20 07:56:59

Sadly no famous name comes to mind. But I propose the ordinary women who every day, do their utmost in whichever capacity.

loopyloo Fri 06-Mar-20 08:16:50

With you there, Blue sky.

silverspoon125 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:01:53

Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) just so sensible.

Shortlegs Fri 06-Mar-20 11:04:56

My partner for putting up with me.

polnan Fri 06-Mar-20 11:15:24

public figure

The Queen

I admire many women that I come into contact with most days..

not one for so called celebrities...

Sashabel Fri 06-Mar-20 11:20:19

Obviously, the Queen for doing such a wonderful job for the last 70+ years and still doing it. All of us would have been happily retired decades ago. But also I admire Kate Windsor enormously. She has married into a life not many could endure with its rules and lack of freedom and doesn't seem to put a foot wrong. She is a credit to our Royal Family and will make a great queen.

Pix5 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:22:29

Karen Blixen. She went to Africa and treated the local community with dignity and respect. She tried to help them and was opposed greatly from British Colonials. Her family also saved Jews during the war.

Pix5 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:25:40

Also Princess Alice of Greece. She also helped Jews during the war. Not forgetting our lovely Queen.