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It's easy to panic buy...........

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kittylester Thu 05-Mar-20 13:14:56

when the supermarket shelves are almost empty!

I have bough extra tea as they were the last two packets, more loo rolls as there were no more on the shelf. Little stock of cat food available, etc

It's difficult to know whether the shelves were about to be refilled or not but they were definitely emptied than normal.

I'm sending dh to Aldi on a wine run later.

Anyone else felt the need to over buy?

TrendyNannie6 Thu 05-Mar-20 13:18:51

No I’m not over buying, just buy as normal shop

tanith Thu 05-Mar-20 13:23:40

My Tesco was filled as normal I’ve just done a normal shop I don’t feel the need to over buy.

SalsaQueen Thu 05-Mar-20 13:26:16

I can't understand why anyone would buy more. There's no crisis. I've got my usual Asda shopping arriving later.

westendgirl Thu 05-Mar-20 13:29:51

Only if the goods are on a really special offer can I be tempted.I dont have the room for a start and dont see the need.

ginny Thu 05-Mar-20 13:43:21

Not over buying. Nothing short in our local supermarkets and shops other than hand gel.

Yennifer Thu 05-Mar-20 13:50:48

I didn't panic buy but now I can't get things I need now! x

Missfoodlove Thu 05-Mar-20 15:21:58

Just bought a bit extra rice, pasta etc.
I get my fruit and veg weekly on the market and eggs from a farm shop, as long as we have some fresh stuff that’s fine.
It’s more about not going out unnecessarily where there are a lot of people.
I can buy loo roll etc online.

timetogo2016 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:25:14

Same as TrendyNannie 6.
I bet the supermarkets are loving this hype.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:26:38

I bet they are timetogo2016

quizqueen Thu 05-Mar-20 15:38:21

I bought extra cat food, that's all. I don't mind if I go hungry but it's not her fault if humans have been so stupid to stockpile. If you have enough for 2 weeks, what happens on the 3rd. If you buy enough for a month, then what happens the second month? You may as well just go without.

merlotgran Thu 05-Mar-20 15:45:29

We've just had a Tesco delivery and it was larger than normal because I've been staggering around with sciatica all week so want to make sure I don't have to venture out and push a trolley.

It was mostly all there. Just a few substitutions but the delivery man said there are definitely some shortages now. Loo roll, hand gel/soap and surface cleaner being top of the list.

I have stocked up with extra bird food though. I wonder if they'll be forgotten in all this?

Calendargirl Thu 05-Mar-20 15:47:43

Just been reading about how Australians are panic buying toilet rolls, showing trolleys absolutely loaded with loo paper.

Should we be hoarding old newspapers, ready to cut up into convenient squares if necessary? Will they block the drains?


jura2 Thu 05-Mar-20 15:50:37

No, this is ridiculous and so selfish, sorry to say.

sweetonion Thu 05-Mar-20 16:17:39

I’m embarrassed to say that panic buying is going on in the States, too. It’s crazy. Yes, incredibly selfish. Remember the panic that was created around Y2K? And how did that turn out? The only thing I fear here, is the fear itself!

Chestnut Thu 05-Mar-20 16:23:46

Exactly sweetonion. It's panic that creates a much worse problem than anything else. Don't panic buy!
I just had my normal home grocery delivery and no problem with anything I ordered. Unfortunately this is just the beginning, we haven't even started yet. What it will be like in three months I dread to think. Still shouldn't panic buy whatever happens. I hope the shops limit the number of purchases although that won't stop the crazy people shopping elsewhere.

Franbern Thu 05-Mar-20 16:26:45

Just doing my normal shop - am bewildered totally by the panic of less than a hundred people in UK becoming ill with a particular virus!!!!!
Never liked hand gel, never trust so-called anti virals, good old soap bar and hot water - was taught correct hand washing when I worked at hospital, and have always followed that.

Chestnut Thu 05-Mar-20 16:29:06

I think it's where this will lead Franbern because the virus is spreading like wildfire. May be less than 100 now but what will it be in two weeks time?

merlotgran Thu 05-Mar-20 16:58:39

It's 115 now.

HurdyGurdy Thu 05-Mar-20 17:07:25

Haven't got the storage space nor the spare finance to buy up an entire supermarket.

Plus I don't have that kind of selfish mentality

GrannyGravy13 Thu 05-Mar-20 17:13:46

I was in Sainsbury's yesterday, the shelves were definitely on the empty side.

Popped into M & S food dept. for some goodies today and it was well stocked, full shelves!

Juliet27 Thu 05-Mar-20 17:25:04

Just to add to australia’s panic, a lorry load of much needed toilet rolls caught fire! However, one of their newspapers has added pages of perforated toilet sheets!

Doodledog Thu 05-Mar-20 17:47:48

I don't think it is stupid or selfish to prepare for what may become a problem. If we can't get to the shops because we are ill or self-isolating, we will still need to eat, so it makes sense to have extra non-perishables in stock in case they are needed - how is that stupid?

Supermarkets work on a just-in-time basis, and deliveries are triggered by sales. If people buy more pasta, more pasta will be automatically ordered, so if I buy a couple of extra bags it won't mean that you will be short by a couple of bags - it doesn't work like that, so I can't see how it's selfish either.

As I said on another thread, I was brought up to believe that good housekeeping means being prepared for (unspecified) emergencies, and in the event of fire, flood or disease at least I won't be adding famine to the miseries of my family. It's not as though I would let things go to waste, either. If anything is not used it will go to the foodbank before it gets near its use-by date.

felice Thu 05-Mar-20 17:55:52

Mmmm I wonder what people used in the days before toilet paper and newspaper.
As we are all here I presume the human race survived.
1st world problem.

Vonners Fri 06-Mar-20 00:22:57

I regularly make my own bread and nearly finished my tin of dried yeast on Tuesday. Went to Tesco on Wednesday, shelf was bare. Maybe I'm naive but couldn't believe the flour shelves were virtually empty too. Went to the Co-Op straight away and none there either, advised there would be none until the weekend. Passing a farmshop today, popped in, they had loads. Does everyone who normally buys ready made bread think they'll have to start making their own? Or are the regular breadmakers just stock piling?? I'm perplexed.