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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 07-Mar-20 06:10:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just starting to get daylight here in Brackley , but its dry and cold out.
Today, bus trips as usual to Buckingham and Bicester, the planned televised cycle race has been cancelled due to other things.
But I plan to have a large all day breakfast later for a change, and hoping that the flea market is more than one stall in Buckingham today.

brook2704 Sat 07-Mar-20 06:23:25

Good morning mick and all who follow
I’m awake really early this morning so sat in bed with a cup of tea 😀
We’re having our kitchen floor repaired this morning but later I’m popping over to see DD2, DGS and DGD who live nearby.
I’ll probably be exhausted after that so a quiet Saturday night in later
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend especially those with worries and struggles , take care everyone 💐

Beechnut Sat 07-Mar-20 06:23:33

Good Morning everyone. It’s dry and getting light on Severnside.

I’ve a few errands to do this morning. I’m feeling a little anxious so if the rain keeps off I’d like to go out in the garden to cheer myself up. Nothing like a bit of snipping with my secateurs 😀

I hope you all have a good day especially the good morningers in the sick bay 💐

Sar53 Sat 07-Mar-20 06:45:53

Good morning everyone from a very bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
Awake early as is usual these days.
We are our later so I can purchase some supplies for my new hobby of quilting. I'm even looking at buying a sewing machine.
Rugby on later this afternoon, which DH will be watching.
I hope you all have as good a day as you can.

Kimlesleythomas Sat 07-Mar-20 07:04:31

Good morning. Lovely and bright here in Kent. No rain. Have a good Saturday everyone.

Megs36 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:07:35

Very early for us but both got drs appt s this morning! Will doze off again later I guess😴😴

Grammaretto Sat 07-Mar-20 07:07:38

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It was sunglasses weather yesterday in Melrose but the NT gardens aren't open till April.
A fundraising ceilidh tonight so I need to conserve energy. grin

Hope you all have a happy weekend without too many worries.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 07-Mar-20 07:14:15

Good morning from east London, dry, cool with a bit of cloud around. Just watching some tennis on replay to accompany my first cup of tea. Choir workshop later this morning as part of the preparation for a combined music event in July then some temporary furnishing (aka red plastic sacks full of books from the Southend house) to be rearranged this afternoon. Have a good day.

ninathenana Sat 07-Mar-20 07:16:53

Good morning, blue sky in Kent today which is good as SiL has a small job to do on my car.
Have a good day everyone.

DoraMarr Sat 07-Mar-20 07:23:43

Good morning from Birmingham, where it is a dry start to the day. It was gloriously sunny yesterday, which was nice because my daughter and I took three of the grandchildren out for the day in Birmingham. We started with a children’s concert by members of the CBSO, then went, via the new mirror pool and fountains, to the repertory theatre restaurant for lunch, and then the “secret garden” at the top of the library. Home via a tram and a bus. The children thought it was all a big adventure. I was exhausted!
I’m going to a course at the arts centre today, then dinner with my partner.
I hope everyone dealing with “buggerations” has a good day.

harrigran Sat 07-Mar-20 07:24:13

Good morning from an overcast and damp NE.
Nothing planned for today so will enjoy reading the newspapers and doing the crosswords.
Thinking of all those with troubles.

BlueSapphire Sat 07-Mar-20 07:27:01

Good morning everyone. Bit dull in Northampton today. Yesterday was lovely and sunny, so I spent the afternoon tidying up more of the garden, and managed to fill one of my brown bins.
Out early today for my trip to the Albert Hall to see the Mountbatten Festival of Music. I have been mithering about whether to go or not, but both DS and DD say that I should. I shall be very careful and will go loaded with hand wipes, tissues and gloves (and crossed fingers!). I believe that Harry and Meghan are going to the evening performance, so I shall miss them, as we are booked for the matinee.
Hope for a good day for everyone.

NfkDumpling Sat 07-Mar-20 07:27:24

Morning All

There was a frost last night! Quite a novelty in this part of the world this winter. And its still bright and clear and the birds seem to think spring is really here.

Farmers Market this morning and I’ve a friend popping in for coffee.

BlueBelle Sat 07-Mar-20 07:31:07

Good morning everyone
Off on my cycle today to get some shopping in (if there’s anything left on the shelves) I hope there is as I ve just noticed I ve only got three items in my fridge Half pound of butter some cheese and a 2 pint bottle of milk ohh-er (good job I m not lactose intolerant )
Looks a lovely bright day again in Sunny Suffolk
Have a great day everyone

Ginny42 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:32:33

Good morning Mick and all. I usually have a piece of toast for breakfast, but your all day meal has made me feel hungry! I hope you won't be disappointed with the flea market later.

Going on the GM weather reports the weather seems topsy- turvey these days. Glorious spring day yesterday in Cheshire but grey and uggh this morning. Baking this morning for a charity event this afternoon.

Warmest get well wishes to Gillybob and your DH. How you've struggled, but hopefully things are improving at last! Hope you're feeling better marydoll and that you are very much better dragonfly. EllenV I wish you strength for the coming weeks and months. So hard to see family suffering. flowers for all.

kittylester Sat 07-Mar-20 07:42:14

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

The decorators finished yesterday lunch time and have done a really good job. Today is a trail round the shops looking at carpets! I sometimes wish we'd gone on holiday instead!!

Thinking of everyone with buggerations especially gillybob, dragonfly, marydoll, ev.

Nortsat46 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:46:06

Good morning Mick and the GM team.
Sar your quilting plans sound lovely, I hope we see the results (or the progress along the way) on the GM thread.

I inadvertently got caught up in some unpleasantness on GN yesterday, but I intend to move on and not let it undermine my enjoyment of the positive threads (including this one).

Our newly adopted stray cat Ollie, was recently attacked by a big tom cat and sustained a nasty injury. He’s been to the vet twice this week and has to wear an Elizabethan collar. Poor boy, he’s much better and is very patient but it’s v tiresome for him ... here he is ...

Best wishes to all in sick bay and wishing everyone a good weekend.

Pantglas2 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:47:57

Morning everyone from a dry and bright north Wales where I’ve emptied the dishwasher, done my yoga and had my chamberpot of tea....phew, worn out already!

Not a lot planned except the rugby later - can’t see Wales winning at HQ! May potter in my newly de-cluttered kitchen - it feels lovely to be able to find stuff immediately when I open a door rather than scrabbling around!

Have a lovely weekend everyone especially those under par flowers x

Sark Sat 07-Mar-20 07:48:02

Good Morning everyone.
Lazy start for me and just having my 2nd chamberpot (as Pantglas says!) of builders tea.
Dusting, cleaning and hoovering sort of morning for me I think, and shopping later.

Best wishes to all.

Susan56 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:49:29

Good morning from Shropshire where it is dry but breezy.
We have had three days of workmen fitting new windows this week so a big clear up today and catching up with laundry.
Just the big bay window to be replaced on Monday then the decorating will begin.
Hope you are feeling better today Mary and dragonfly and gilly I hope your DH had a successful appointment yesterday.
Sending good wishes to all with sickness and worries.
Ellan,thinking of you and your family and like Ginny I wish you strength💐

NannyJan53 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:51:19

Good morning from a very cloudy Black Country. It was a lovely sunny day yesterday though.

I lost my bus pass a week ago, it also had with it my Senior railcard where you get 30% off rail travel. I was just thinking about ordering replacements, which of course you have to pay for. When a total stranger messaged me via FB to say my cards are in the local shop, which is just by the bus stop. I was just going to delete the message. So FB does have its uses!

Need to sort out clothes for packing, as we are going to Lanzarote on Wednesday, though I am still seriously considering if we should go. With his job my son goes every year to the South of France, for a big exhibition conference there. He was due to go Monday, but it has been cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Mommawolf and her family are still on my mind. I cannot imagine how her family are coping, so very, very sad and upsetting. Her posts were so lovely, a window into the world of farming.

Wishing you all a good day, especially all of you with problems and health worries.

Nanabanana1 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:54:41

Good morning everyone from a cloudy but dry Torbay, no rain at the moment hurrah!
Nothing planned for today so probably just housework and some baking later. What an exciting life I lead.
Hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

Brunette10 Sat 07-Mar-20 08:09:14

Good Morning from a wet Fife. Make the most of today as I think weather is to worsen tomorrow. Had a good day yesterday with DGS's. Got out to the beach and woods for a time while the sun was out. Today DH and I are off out for a day to ourselves not sure where we will go yet but feel the need for a wee day trip out. Thinking of everyone with problems I hope today is as good as we can all make it. Take care.

cornergran Sat 07-Mar-20 08:12:04

Morning Mick, morning All from a grey, cloudy corner of Somerset. We need to look at some legal stuff this morning, with luck one of us will understand it, then will wander out. No idea where. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone, especially anyone struggling with life.

Greyduster Sat 07-Mar-20 08:12:52

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Dull but dry in South Yorkshire. DS is coming down for lunch (steak and kidney pudding) and then he and DH will go to sit in a crowded football stadium. Mad! I will have a quiet afternoon pottering about. We had a nice walk in the sunshine yesterday. A bit too early to say spring has sprung though, I feel! Have the best day you can folks.