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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 10-Mar-20 06:06:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its just day light but looks grey outside as well here in Brackley.
Today, bus journeys, to my usual venues for coffees etc.
Plus Housework continues this morning as well.

Scentia Tue 10-Mar-20 06:16:53

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Still dark here, I have an early start at work today so I will be off in a while. Had my first dose of ‘Golden Paste’ this morning in a smoothie. Going back to running tonight, there may be more walking than running as I haven’t ran since November.
I keep booking a yoga class then cancelling it as I am scared to go! I have never been scared to go anywhere before, but I am worried that I may get into a position and not be able to get out of it😂
I do hope that we all have the best day possible and I will let you all know if this magical Turmeric Paste eases my pain (I suppose I should give it a week or so!)

BlueBelle Tue 10-Mar-20 06:23:23

Good morning Mick and scentia
Well you got further than me with the paste hope it helps
Don’t worry about the yoga they won’t expect you to get into difficult positions My 83 year old friend has just started chair yoga she loved it and said it was more of a stretchy workout than she expected it to be
I ve heard it raining in the night and it’s not very bright yet
Off to work at 8 look forward to it so much
Have a great day everyone x

Sar53 Tue 10-Mar-20 06:28:14

Good morning everyone from a grey looking Essex by the sea.
Up early as I have to take my car in for a service and MOT. I'll get the bus or train home then return this afternoon to pick it up.
I don't think I will have much time to do anything else today apart from buying a few things I need in town.
Have a lovely day everyone.

Beechnut Tue 10-Mar-20 06:46:25

Good Morning everyone from a Severnside with a grey sky.

Homework it day today and I am going to give swimming a miss this week. Will try to do extra on my exercise bike.

Take care all and hope you have a pleasant day 🌼

Susan56 Tue 10-Mar-20 06:53:35

Good morning from the Shropshire borders.It has been raining all night and still raining now🙄
I went to the opticians yesterday and my swollen eye is a cyst.The ointment he prescribed is not available anywhere so will carry on with the compresses as they seem to be working.
The new windows are finally all done and everything back where it should be🎉
We are off to Stafford today to see our younger daughter and grandson and will stay to look after him as there are a couple of hours today between DD going to work and SIL coming home.
Have a good day all and hope Mary,dragonfly and all in the GM sick bay are feeling better today.
Special thoughts as well to Ellan and gilly and her DH.x

Mythbirtthedragon Tue 10-Mar-20 06:54:30

Good morning from east London, grey and damp outside. Off to Kew today with a friend, leaving DP to go to Southend on his own to see the next estate agent. Have a good day.

Pantglas2 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:02:33

Morning all from a dry north Wales where I’ve come back to bed after doing my yoga and am enjoying my chamberpot of tea! Didn’t post yesterday as all I did was housework and no one’s interested in their own, let alone someone else’s!

Appointment with solicitor to amend our wills now that we have another grandchild- she’s nearly two, where did that time go? It’s Free Wills month so a donation to charity will cover it then lunch out followed by a mammogram for me - deep joy!

Don’t like the thought of DH coming into contact with heeby-jeebies so soon after his op but will be undertaking the hand washing/gel routine at every turn - stay safe everyone x

Sark Tue 10-Mar-20 07:22:35

Good Morning everyone from a grey Oxfordshire.
Also having my second of many 'chamberpots ' of tea Pantglas2
Always think of you as my fellow tea drinker!
Thank you Ginny42 we did have lots of laughs and reminiscing yesterday when I met up with an old school friend. Can't believe how time flies!
Back to work today.
Have a good day and best wishes to all

dragonfly46 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:22:57

Good morning, raining here in Leicestershire.

Taking DH to local hospital for a scan while my 2 cleaners work their magic!

Hope that cyst clears up Susan.

Thinking of all others who are ailing.

brook2704 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:30:10

Good morning everyone from a wet morning in Inverness
Hope your eye gets better soon Susan56 and good luck with the running Scentia!
Having a catch up and coffee with a good friend at lunchtime and then the dreaded dentist later 😟
Hope everyone has the best day possible especially those with worries and struggles - take care everyone 💐

Urmstongran Tue 10-Mar-20 07:32:43

Good morning everyone from a gloriously sunny Malaga. Not a puff cloud anywhere not even when I peeped out the front door at the mountains. Just a cobalt blue sky and no wind as the palm trees are still. It’s 8:15am here now.

We need to stock up on glassware as we have a right motley selection in the cupboard! We’ve invited some of the neighbours over for drinks on Thursday afternoon so we will walk up to the huge Carrefour later to buy some - then treat ourselves to cafe sombra and apple cake after our shop at the La Canasta chain cafe there.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all whether we have plans or none. x

Nortsat46 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:32:49

Good morning Mick and the GM team, from grey east London.
Well our ex-stray cat had his Elizabethan collar removed at the Vets yesterday. That’s a relief for him and he can now go outside and doesn’t need a litter tray (hurrah).

We found we had no newspapers to line the cat tray, so had to go and buy a couple - the Sun was the cheapest so my partner bought three copies. The woman in the shop gave him a very peculiar look, until he explained they were for the cat tray ...

Out for lunch with a friend today...

Good thoughts to all, especially the ones in sick bay and those facing challenges. 💐

GrannyGravy13 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:33:54

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It's grey here in S E Essex.

On Granny duty this morning, then picking up a different GC from school for their weekly sleepover.

susan I hope your eye is less painful.

Keep safe and dry folks x

Gingster Tue 10-Mar-20 07:41:59

Good morning all. Terrible weather last night on the Suffolk coast. Strong winds and pelting rain. It’s eased off a bit now but not looking too positive . Just had a chat over the fence with my neighbour in the garden looking out to sea, both in our pj’s and drinking our cuppas. 🤣😂. Arranged a trip to the cinema with her tomorrow, watching Military Wives. Has anyone seen it yet? We’ll take our sanitisers and hope for the best. 🤞. Have a ‘kind ‘ day.

Brunette10 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:42:07

Good Morning from a very windy and wet Fife. Not a good day at all. Out this morning for coffee/catch up with friend and may be on call for DGS's - will wait and see. Other than that not a lot on for this afternoon. Thoughts go out to everyone in the sick bay today and anyone with worries an anxieties. Hope today is as good as it can be - chin up!

Funnygran Tue 10-Mar-20 07:47:34

Good morning from a wet and windy South Yorkshire. Although it appears to be mild having opened the door to let the dog out. I have my first - or maybe only NHS physio appointment this morning to try to treat a knee problem without resorting to surgery. Of course it’s not been too bad over the last couple of days but if I cancel the appointment it would probably flare up again. After that, the day will be noisy and dusty. DH has been laying a wooden floor in our dining room and today he will be sanding it before applying the final seal. I think I’ll stay out!

Lins1066 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:48:33

Good Morning Mick and all from a very wet S Welsh coast. It has been raining since yesterday lunchtime.
Mobile hairdresser coming this morning, she trims DH's eyebrows too, think Denis Healey!
Hope everyone will have a good day. Best wishes to Susan with her bad eye, dragonfly, Marydoll and the gillys.

vena11 Tue 10-Mar-20 07:48:42

Good morning ,the wind last night kept me awake so not much sleep was had.
Hairdresser today , Everyone take care.

BlueSapphire Tue 10-Mar-20 07:50:10

Good morning everyone from Northampton where we have had a lot of rain, but is dry now and brightening up.

Don't be scared of yoga Scentia - you will not be expected to do anything you don't think you can do. Our teacher lets us adapt to our capabilities; for instance I just cannot do 'downward facing dog', so she says to go on all fours instead. We sometimes have a session of chair yoga for a change, which I really enjoy.

Into town later to meet a friend for lunch - we taught at the same school in the early seventies and it is so nice to have a catch-up.

No travel at all to Italy now till April 3rd - but my holiday to the lakes is not till later in the month, and according to the tour company is still going ahead. So shall have to wait and see if the FCO extend the ban. If I cancel I shall lose my money if the ban is lifted, so shall just have to sit tight. But I don't really want to go now anyway.

Thoughts for people with worries and troubles, and hoping we have the best day possible.

kittylester Tue 10-Mar-20 07:50:19

Morning all from my bit of North Leicestershire where the rain has stopped!

Carer's course this morning and yet more carpet hunting this afternoon.

DS2 has been texting me to tell us to stay home and safe from Corona virus. I didnt know he cared!! grin

cornergran Tue 10-Mar-20 07:51:29

Morning Mick, morning All. Pouring and windy in our corner of Somerset. Nothing new there. Cooking and cleaning for me today. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

DoraMarr Tue 10-Mar-20 07:52:30

Good morning from Birmingham, where it has been raining during the night, but is dry and fairly mild now. I’m expecting my three year old grandaughter to be dropped off while her mummy goes to court. I expect she will want to do some cooking, and I have some little plants from M&S for her to start off . I’m going to a concert at Symphony Hall later with my partner, and we will eat in town beforehand.
I hope everyone has a good day.

harrigran Tue 10-Mar-20 07:59:28

Good morning from a bright but damp NE.
Windy night but wore earplugs so slept quite well.
No plans for today.
Thinking of all the poorly people.

Marydoll Tue 10-Mar-20 08:00:21

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow, it's 9C.

I managed to get a bits and pieces done for the wedding yesterday, baskets of toiletries for guests in the bathrooms to freshen up etc. However, I can't get sanitiser. sad

I also managed to get lovely personalised gifts bags order for the matron of honour, flowergirl etc. In the good old days, when my hands were good, I would have made them myself. I'm dreading this month's credit card bill!

I have a GP appointment today, called in by him to discuss new heart meds to try and get me on track for the wedding, so fingers crossed.
We are supposed to pick DGD up from the nursery at the same time, so I shall head in one direction and DH in another! It's hard work being a grandparent! grin

Susan, many years ago my husband was sent to the eye infirmary from A&E with a cyst in his eye. It was driving him mad.
The scary, night matron (think Hattie Jacques in full uniform) instructed him to wrap a wooden spoon in cotton wool, dip the spoon in boiling water and then hold it as close to the eye as possible (without burning himself). Do this a number of times a day, until it bursts. Well it worked and the cyst burst. You then have to a bathe the eye in salt and cooled boiled water, as it is a bit messy. I hope it clears up soon.

Hoping everyone has a pleasant day and hugs to all the patients. 💐