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What's your favourite time of day?

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kaycee Tue 10-Mar-20 18:50:16

My favourite time. Dinner finished (early today) all cleared away and the dishwasher humming. I have retreated to my little study - topped up the Chardonnay (or grape juice if this is a non alcohol day). Checking emails and the few friends I have on Facebook, plus just looking stuff up on the Internet and I think that this is my favourite time of day. Will wander into the sitting room later when we watch something like Flesh & Blood or Liar. I remember back in the day when this was such a frantic time - checking homework - getting stuff ready for the next day etc. There is a benefit to retirement and just having time to do what we want. What is your favourite time of day?

Didolizzy Wed 11-Mar-20 21:00:25

Monday mornings in particular. The joy of not having to get up and go to work.

Jue1 Thu 12-Mar-20 09:48:09

I go to bed with a great book... and a lovely husband.
I wake up upbeat.
I have busy or lazy days depending how I feel.
I look after my a Grandson (4yrs) at weekends, tiring sometimes but lovely.
I love breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
I walk my dog Hattie the Pug.
I shop very carefully but enthusiastically.
In summary, I just don’t know which is my fave part of the day. 😉

Purplepixie Thu 12-Mar-20 10:24:29

I love early morning especially in the spring. Birds singing and going out for a walk before everyone has woke up. Just great!

jaylucy Thu 12-Mar-20 10:42:45

When I was at work, apart from having to be up at 5.30 to be able to get ready and make sure I ate breakfast, I really enjoyed my bus journey into work, especially in the summer when you could see the sun rise. I even spotted a muntjac deer having a stroll along our village High Street when I walking down to catch my bus!
Evenings are always good too - this time of year, it's nice after dinner, washing up done, curtains closed and tv on, getting nice and cosy before bedtime but in the summer if the weather is fine , it's lovely to sit out in the garden with my cup of tea , watching the birds getting ready to roost and the barn owls flying over the nearby river meadows.
Unfortunately, now have new neighbours that all smoke outside in their garden so for this coming summer I will have to move my chairs and table to another part of the garden.

travelsafar Thu 12-Mar-20 11:43:36

Defo the morings when i have the most energy. I try to do everything before lunch time which requires this. After lunch i prepare our evening meal, tidy up my kitchen and usually end up having to sit down by 3 pm for a rest, and usually a catnap. This then refreshes me for the evening, cooking the dinner, clearing away and finishing off anything that needs doing. Now the lighter evenings are on the way i will potter in the garden and greenhouse for an hour until i sit down for the evening.

moggie57 Thu 12-Mar-20 12:27:13

evenings i think. though listening to the birds in the morning is good...but i think evening though just as the birds are settling down for the night and dusk appears out of no where.and when its a clear night the stars arrive...and i say hello to the moon when i see it.

essjay Thu 12-Mar-20 12:45:00

definitely bedtime, to rest my aching body and feel the warmth of my electric blanket.

rayhansen60 Thu 12-Mar-20 21:12:52

Mistake should have been pm thanks x

Txquiltz Thu 12-Mar-20 21:26:13

Afternoon. Chores are done. Nothing interesting on tv. Quiet time. Hand sewing or perusing things on the iPad.

Artdecogran Thu 12-Mar-20 21:28:24

Bedtime so I can be unconscious and forget my life.

Lizbethann55 Fri 13-Mar-20 15:54:34

Artdecogran your post sounds so sad. I hope you are ok.

sodapop Fri 13-Mar-20 17:42:09

Yes are you ok Artdecogran thanks

That's ok rayhansen just thought you may be an early drinker smile

rayhansen60 Fri 13-Mar-20 19:13:38

Not an early drinker no

GagaJo Fri 13-Mar-20 20:47:53

I have two good times of day. I'm at my best in the morning, although I hate getting up. My mind is really sharp, up until 11am, then my concentration goes.

I also like early evening, particularly in the summer. When I lived in Spain, I'd often get home from work and wander to the town square for a drink. And after DGS was born, I'd walk him down there in his pram. My happiest time.

TerriBull Sat 14-Mar-20 08:17:14

I love the very early morning, especially those sun filled days. On waking I like to look out the back windows of our house and contemplate the communal gardens where I live, which are beyond our own patio one of 30 feet or so. Very close to our back fence we have a beautiful Horse Chestnut tree, bare at the moment, but glorious when the leaves begin to sprout and later on, for a while it has white candle like flowerings before it goes into full green mode. On such days, in the early morning everything looks brand new. On warmer days I will sit outside with an early morning coffee listening to the birdsong. The gardens roll down to the Thames and boat moorings and a couple of Edwardian boat houses are positioned at each end. In the summer I like to exit our back gate and wander down to a seat with a cup of coffee to just sit and look at the river, it's very tranquil, unless the geese are having one of their massive honking sessions which they are sometimes prone to in the early morning.

brown Sun 15-Mar-20 19:53:58

Knowing my family are all in from work in there own homes settled in.Im sitting in front of tele with a glass of red wine .