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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 13-Mar-20 06:17:46

Good Morning Everyone,
I have woken up to dry but not cloudy conditions here in Brackley this morning.
Plus its also the morning after the night before, having travelled by coach to London to see Mary Poppins , getting back around 1220 after much delayed departure due to coned off area on western avenue ,and later on M40.
The show , mind blowing with effects etc , Pet Clark was on stage doing the Bird woman role , but was in both acts ,and not just doing the related song.
Had a few beers some pubs appeared to be low in numbers based on past visits to those pubs.
There was a Wetherspoons pub called the Montegu Pyke on Charing X road near theatre, it was originally used as music venue in 80`and 90`s for the Marque Club.

Beechnut Fri 13-Mar-20 06:27:46

Good Morning everyone from a light and mostly dry Severnside.
I’m glad you enjoyed the show Mick and you’re still up early.

I’ve just had breakfast in bed this morning as I am going shopping a little earlier today. I want to fit in a haircut before my tip run. I didn’t manage to get to the tip yesterday as I spent too long sorting things out.

I hope you all have the best day you can 🌺

ninathenana Fri 13-Mar-20 06:31:20

Good morning Mick and everyone.

Looks like it will be a sunny day in Kent.
Food shopping and coffee out as is usual for us on a Friday.
Some admin to do this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone. Best wishes to those that need them.

cornergran Fri 13-Mar-20 06:31:51

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s a dry and finally less windy start in our corner of Somerset. The sea front has taken quite a battering, an amazing number of tree branches washed on to the promenade. It sounds as if you enjoyed your evening mick. Off to our friends funeral so a bit subdued this morning. Hope Friday is kind to everyone especially those with health or other worries.

NanKate Fri 13-Mar-20 06:48:13

Morning Mick and All.

Grey day here in `South Bucks leaving for home after having worn ourselves out looking after the grandsons. We are then going to stay close to base recovering and avoiding the virus.

Youngest DGS came into the bedroom and woke us at 6.20 😳 asking where I had put some of his Lego. He is now happily playing in his bedroom whilst I wake up properly with a cuppa.

Sark Fri 13-Mar-20 06:49:29

Good Morning everyone
Looking like a nice morning in Oxfordshire.
Usual work day for me but hoping to go to little GS school assembly this afternoon.
Hope the funeral goes as well as can be cornergran
Best wishes to all

Marydoll Fri 13-Mar-20 06:50:36

Good morning all from a cold, but dry Glasgow.

I'm off very early to take my car in for a service. The dealership company I have been using for over twenty years has been taken over by another company and the service has been nothing short of awful.
I now have to bring proof that I have a prepaid service plan, as the new company's sytems are not compatible with the old ones, otherwise I will have to pay for the service. 😡
I have had three emails saying I haven't booked it in and three reminding me of my appointment. [Exasperated icon!]

I went to meet my friend for coffee yesterday and we ended up chatting for three hours. It was lovely to catch up. Her other son is on holiday in Japan and is flying home to Australia today to try and get a flight to the UK in time for the funeral. We are not sure he will make it. As if her sadness isn't enough already. sad

We have taken the decision to cancel my daughter's wedding, afternoon tea on Sunday, as we don't want to put people at risk. There are a number of pregnant women and vulnerable adults in the party, so it is the best thing to do.
I'm actually quite relieved.

I hope everyone has a good day.

Brunette10 Fri 13-Mar-20 06:55:00

Good Morning from a bright Fife, it's to be a nice sunny day I believe. Have DGS's today so will make the most of the weather. Other than that that's it for today. Thinking of everyone with worries and anxieties and I feel it's just about to get worse for all of us. Our situation worlwide just now is not a good one sad. Take care everyone.

kittylester Fri 13-Mar-20 06:56:07

Morning all from an overcast North Leicestershire.

Little bit of shopping this morning before we are descended upon.

Glad you enjoyed Mary Poppins, mick. I wonder if you will get to any more shows for a while?

Hope everyone has a good day.

grandMattie Fri 13-Mar-20 06:59:18

Morning everyone, hope this finds you well and happy.
Wise decision Marydoll, although sad for your DD. Perhaps in the future people will laugh about it, "We had to cancel celebrations due to ..."
Glorious morning again in E Kent. Yippeee, getting my car back after a fortnight of lending it to my poor boy, whose car broke down.
A recent dcision to spend money on myself - a manicure today!

brook2704 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:03:53

Good morning all from a dry and frosty Inverness
Nothing much planned for me today , I was thinking about going to the gym but not sure now given that gyms have now been declared as high risk locations ! 😟
Marydoll hope you get your car serviced ok
cornergran hope everyone gets through the funeral as best they can
Take care everyone 💐

Ginny42 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:05:48

Good morning to you Mick and what a great day you had yesterday! Pet Clark? Wow! So glad you had such a good time. Have a rest today!

Well it's raining here in Cheshire and I should have been going to sunny Spain today, but I've cancelled after considering the health issues which may arise in a city about to go on lockdown. Decision taken and I'm happy with that. A little bit of humour - I had given food from my fridge to a neighbour and when I'd decided not to go I called her and said, 'Stop eating my food! Put down that forkful of cabbage! We did laugh. So it's shopping for me this morning, but first a walk in the woods.

Warm wishes to everyone. Take good care of yourselves. flowers

BlueBelle Fri 13-Mar-20 07:09:20

Morning Mick and all that followed Looks a bright sunny morning here in Suffolk sounds very windy still and I m sure it’s cold though I haven’t been outside yet
Your trip to the show sounds wonderful How ever old is Pet Clarke I didn’t realise she was still going strong
I hope your friends son makes it home marydoll it’s really difficult to judge big gatherings at the moment isn’t it .

Off to the town to do some shopping to day our shops still seem as busy but I m afraid it’s only a matter of time before we are all confined to barracks

Scentia Fri 13-Mar-20 07:15:49

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire.
Looks nice out there today, if a little overcast.
Off work today and off to meet up with my sister as we are going to the Van Gough Exhibition in Leicester. I nearly cancelled but glad I didn’t as my cold seems to have gone. I will go armed with my tissues and sanitizer as we are going on the train.
I hope that everyone has the best day possible today.

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:21:52

Good morning, it’s a beautiful day in Oxfordshire, but cold and getting breezy.

Not much to do today, we should have been in sunny Canaries as well Ginny DD was going to house sit, so all the food was stillin place, House was shiny clean , all beds had been changed, all washing and ironing done!
I’ve just finished unpacking our suitcases, so I might get a jigsaw or my sewing machine out.Calendar was clear for 3 weeks so no plans in place yet.
DD is self isolating as she started a cold yesterday.
Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.

Sar53 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:22:16

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea.
We are off to Wales today to watch the rugby tomorrow. This has been booked for months and it appears the game is going ahead. DH won the tickets in an auction.
We are staying in Newport in a lovely hotel and going by train into Cardiff (all precautions will be taken).
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone.

NfkDumpling Fri 13-Mar-20 07:22:35

A beautiful sunny spring morning in the northern bit of Norfolk.

A pleasantly busy day today. Art class followed by a shiatsu(?) session with a friend who needs someone to practice on. No idea what it entails but I trust her. Then I'm meeting a couple of friends for coffee.

Nortsat Fri 13-Mar-20 07:23:54

Good morning Mick and the GM team, from a bright and sunny East London.
Had a busy day yesterday and we went out for lunch, which was nice.
Then in the evening, we went out for supper and to listen to a jazz quartet, which was fun.
Twice in one day is unusual for us.

Our little cat is still unwell, so back to the vet today ...
Best wishes to all in the Sick Bay today and to those facing challenges. 💐

Kalu Fri 13-Mar-20 07:28:43

Good morning from a bright and frosty Glasgow.

Had a FaceTime call from DD2 and SiL in Australia yesterday. After a chat about their trip over to us during the summer, we all came to the same conclusion that booking expensive flights and the unknown situation re CV, the decision was made they would not be coming this year😰. I kept my chin up during the call but the reality that I won’t be seeing her soon turned to tears.

Sorry to hear your pre wedding tea had to be cancelled Marydoll but taking any risk in the present climate is just not worth it.

Once the frost clears I shall wrap up and do some pottering in the garden to get some fresh air if nothing else.

Best wishes to all for a pleasant day.

Pantglas2 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:29:36

Morning all from a dry and bright north Wales after some horribly noisy hail last night!

Out for a meal at friends tonight, if it still goes ahead, but nothing much planned for the whole weekend - almost having a trial run for the next stages of this dreadful virus!

Hope those with not so nice stuff to do today stay safe and t’others get better soon x

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 13-Mar-20 07:30:51

Good morning from east London, bright and sunny. If it’s like yesterday, there’ll be switches of weather going on between sun, rain and hail. I have declared my intention to go to coach and play tennis this morning although it could be a very small group based on the responses so far. Otherwise a quiet day. Have a good one.

mancgirl Fri 13-Mar-20 07:35:52

Good morning from Costa Blanca north. Very overcast just now, forecast says sun and cloud so hoping the sun makes an appearance soon! Going to lunch with neighbours in a lovely, rustic, mountain restaurant today, always fun. Unlimited wine and a trio of musicians, very Spanish. Hoping everyone has a good day, hugs to those who need one. Good job they are virtual!

harrigran Fri 13-Mar-20 07:37:45

Good morning from a cool NE where the wind appears to have died down.
DH went shopping before nine yesterday morning and found shelves well stocked. He was just buying meat and vegetables so he could batch cook.
Nothing planned for today.
Thinking of all with health problems.

dragonfly46 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:47:12

Good morning, think it is going to be a nice day in Leicestershire.

Staying at home today, a rare treat after 3 hospital visits last week!

Sorry to hear about your DD’s trip Kalu it must be so disappointing.
It is my DGS’s birthday on 23rd but cannot see them as I have my last chemo on the 20th! Then it will be hunkering down and hiding from the virus.

Susan56 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:49:38

Good morning from the Shropshire borders where it is dry and bright.
Out with DD today leaving grandpa to do the school runs.
Sending good wishes to all in the sick bay and all with other trials and worries.